Nanoprost - a device for the health of the genitourinary system

Treating delicate problems often takes a long time and requires a long list of drugs. The insidiousness of these diseases lies in the fact that they sneak up unnoticed, and then strive to return at the first opportunity. It is much easier and more effective to prevent their development by taking preventive measures. The unique physiotherapy apparatus "Nanoprost" will help not only maintain health, but also significantly accelerate recovery in a number of diseases of the genitourinary sphere in men and women.

Nanoprost device for the treatment of prostatitis

The principle of operation of the device Nanoprost

The effectiveness of physiotherapy has long been known and is widely used in restorative practice. As a rule, one type is used, and the scope of application is limited. The uniqueness of the "Nanoprost" apparatus lies in the combined combination of 2 directions at once: vibratory massage and magnetic vibrations of certain frequencies. The result is a powerful effect, the state of health improves after the first session. At the same time, the device is compact, fits in a small suitcase, operates on a network and does not require special skills to use.

Vibrating massage has a tonic effect. With fluctuations up to 50 hertz, blood flow accelerates, vascular tone increases, which leads to the elimination of congestion, restoration of fluid circulation and the removal of pain. The work of nerve endings is gradually normalized, oxygen supply at the cellular level is improved, muscle tension is reduced and metabolism is accelerated.

The magnetic resonance effect does not bring negative sensations, an even pleasant warmth is felt. Magnetotherapy has anti-inflammatory, restorative, hypotensive, anti-edematous therapeutic effect, improves the level of permeability of the vascular wall and cell membranes, which is especially important in complex therapy. Thinning blood improves blood circulation and reduces the risk of blood clots. Antibacterial properties help to reduce the intensity of inflammation and prevent its recurrence. The combination of these effective interventions produces long-term and sustainable results.

Nanoprost device for physical therapy at home

Advantages over the Soyuz-Apollo device

There are quite a few devices on the market, for example Soyuz-Apollo, the action of which is based on vibration or magnetic effect, but even with such a variety, the Nanoprost device is unique. Is he:

  • compact;
  • easy to use;
  • recommended for a wide range of applications.

And most importantly, its effectiveness, which is ensured by the precise selection of magnetic and vibration effects.

Vibrating for the treatment of prostatitis "Nanoprost"

Properties of the apparatus for vibrating prostate massage

"Nanoprost" becomes an irreplaceable assistant in the fight against male and female ailments of the genitourinary sphere. It restores the functions of the internal organs of the small pelvis, relieves inflammation and eliminates pain. It has proven itself as part of complex therapy. By increasing the permeability of cell membranes, the device accelerates the absorption of drugs, which significantly reduces the treatment time. Later, a regular course of physiotherapy at home has an excellent preventive effect, giving no chance to diseases.

Indications for use

Physiotherapy device will help to solve many problems without the use of drugs, only by activating the processes occurring in the body.

A decrease in the proportion of physical exertion, office work and a large amount of time that representatives of the stronger sex spend behind the wheel, leads to a weakening of erectile function, a decrease in the activity of germ cells, and the appearance of congestion in the pelvic area. Men, as a rule, do not want to go to a doctor with these problems. But inaction only makes the situation worse.

The Nanoprost device becomes the optimal solution to most problems. It is easy to use, does not cause negative emotions, moral and physical discomfort. It can be used on the job by simply placing it on a chair or computer chair.

Improvement occurs after 1-2 sessions. Indications for use are:

  • hemorrhoids;
  • problems with potency;
  • involuntary urination;
  • weakening of the pelvic floor muscles;
  • stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs;
  • inflammatory processes;
  • prostatitis;
  • spasms of blood vessels;
  • decreased testosterone production;
  • chronic edema of the lower extremities.

Vibration massage and alternating magnetic field are excellent helpers in the fight against chronic prostatitis and an effective method to restore health and joy of intimate life.

Women's health with the device Nanoprost

The device "Nanoprost" is also effective for the treatment of the female genitourinary system. Many, with the appearance of urinary incontinence, pain in the lower abdomen or regular constipation, do not dare to share with loved ones, postpone a visit to the doctor, as a result, getting an advanced form of the disease and the development of complications. With the Nanoprost apparatus, everything becomes much easier. There is no need to stand in long queues at the gynecologist's and urologist's office, take a gallery of tests and receive a prescription for a handful of pills with a whole list of side effects.

It is enough to give yourself 15-20 minutes a day and sit on a comfortable pillow, enjoying the pleasant sensations. This is how a unique modern device works. It helps relieve acute symptoms in:

  • urinary incontinence;
  • inflammation of the appendages;
  • cystitis;
  • hemorrhoids;
  • pelvic dysfunction;
  • problems with conception;
  • age-related changes;
  • severe climacteric syndrome;
  • painful periods.

The device allows you to recover faster after childbirth, increase sexual desire and intimate muscle tone, which will provide brighter sensations. After a course of procedures, you can forget about awkward situations and the constant fear of not reaching the toilet. Nothing stands in the way of enjoying life and being active.

How to use the device for the treatment of prostatitis and other diseases

There is nothing difficult about this. The uniqueness of the device lies in the fact that it is completely safe for home use and does not require special education. It is enough to read the instructions and clearly follow them, relying on personal feelings during the session. The remote control makes it possible to change the intensity of the impact, gradually increasing it as the course progresses. The first improvements come after 1-2 procedures; to consolidate the effect, it is recommended to go through 10-20 sessions.

Algorithm of actions:

  • take out "Nanoprost" from the cover;
  • put the pillow of the apparatus under the buttocks so that it fits snugly to the perineum;
  • select the operating mode;
  • Devote 15 minutes to your health and enjoy the feeling of relaxation.

Contraindications and side effects

The list of restrictions is very short and includes:

  • the presence of a pacemaker, in which magnetic exposure is contraindicated;
  • pregnancy;
  • the acute phase of any inflammation;
  • moment of heart attack, stroke and fever;
  • tumors and fistulas in the colon and perineum;
  • oncology.

At the same time, there is no age limit in use, the apparatus has a beneficial effect on the pelvic organs and on the body as a whole.

Reviews of doctors and customers

Real customer reviews are filled with warmth and gratitude. They especially emphasize a neat, almost imperceptible effect, the absence of pain and uncomfortable sensations, a rapid improvement in well-being. A good effect was also noted when using the Nanoprost apparatus for prostatitis.

There are also negative reviews. They are associated with the acquisition of fakes from third parties if you want to save money.

Alina Aleksandrovna, gynecologist, work experience 18 years

According to my observations, the use of the device in combination with a medication course gives higher and more stable results in the treatment of cystitis, chronic inflammation of the appendages and painful periods.

Sergey Vladimirovich, urologist, 26 years of experience

Excellent results in relieving pain symptoms were given by a course using the Nanoprost device. Observed 3 patients undergoing trial sessions. Improvement occurs in 2-3 procedures. I conclude that the device is effective, it is best to take the course, combining it with traditional treatment.

Vera, 47 years old:

Constantly on the run, no time for myself. I brought it to the point that you can't laugh again, you have to run to the toilet right away, your stomach constantly pulls, no joy from communicating with your husband. I did not feel like drinking the pills, I began to look for an alternative. I liked Nanoprost as soon as I read the information about it. I have never regretted the purchase, I can no longer imagine my life without this neat pillow, which supports my health. I said goodbye to cystitis, hemorrhoids and urinary incontinence and is very happy about that.

Sergey, 56 years:

There is a sad tendency in the family to acquire prostatitis closer to retirement. Already resigned to the inevitable, but heard from a friend the name of the device. He did not expand on this topic, he had to look for it on his own. I ordered Nanoprost on the official website, I didn't want to risk it. I have been using it for six months already, I'm completely satisfied. I feel better, I approach my wife more often, hemorrhoids have ceased to bother me. I hope the prostatitis won't get attached either.

How to buy a Nanoprost device at a discount

To buy Nanoprost, you need to complete 2 steps:

  • go to the manufacturer’s website;
  • write your phone number and name on the order form.

Experts will contact you to clarify all the details, as well as answer all your questions.

Buy "Nanoprost" on the manufacturer's website

Physiotherapy apparatus "Nanoprost" is an ideal option for a therapeutic course of vibration at home. Make an order for the "Nanoprost" device and give your body health and the joy of active movement.

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