EffectEro - strong erection and elimination of sexual problems

EffectEro eliminates the lack of erection, prevents the development of prostatitis and the formation of malignant tumors in the organs of the genitourinary system. The medicine restores the reproductive functions of a man, stabilizes the work of the pelvic organs. Customers who have purchased this product report the “stone erection” effect 20 minutes after consuming one capsule.

This medicine is used as a prophylaxis of diseases of the genitourinary system, and also effectively improves the quality of sexual life, regardless of age, helps men to remain energetic and resilient. The famous director of erotic films Seymour Butts told about this in an interview for Men's Health magazine. He stated that actors in porn films use drugs Adamour, Amarok, EffectEro to prolong sexual intercourse. At the same time, attention was focused on the fact that female actors of "adult films" do not enjoy sex with men whose erection lasts for several hours in a row.

But anyway, capsules EffectEro it is a drug that helps men improve the quality of their sex life. The appearance of these capsules on the drug market was a special event in the world of "sex pharmacy". The company that developed this drug is an association of sexologists and pharmacologists. The manufacturer has been developing the formula for "men's well-being" for 7 years. For this, experts were involved. As a result, thanks to the selection and combination of natural components, an effective formula was found that has no analogues.

EffectEro - capsules for a strong erection

You can order an original, certified product only on the seller's official website. Other marketplaces that distribute the drug sell counterfeit. Editorial office Obzoroff.info I have been collecting information about this drug for almost 4 months and now I have prepared a detailed description of a fast-acting product for improving erection in men, in which you can find answers to most of the questions related to EffectEro capsules.

Clinical studies of the effectiveness of the drug

EffectEro does not have a direct relaxing effect on the isolated corpus cavernosum, but with sexual stimulation enhances the relaxing effect of nitric oxide by inhibiting phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE-5), which is responsible for the breakdown of cyclic adenosine monophosphate in the cavernous body of the penis. The consequence of this is the relaxation of the smooth muscles of the arteries and the flow of blood to the tissues of the penis, which causes an erection. The drug has no effect in the absence of sexual stimulation.

The composition of the capsules EffectEro improves erection and the possibility of successful intercourse. The drug has an optimal duration of action - up to 24 hours. The effect is manifested within 20-30 minutes after taking the drug in the presence of sufficient sexual arousal.

The drug in physically healthy men does not cause changes in systolic and diastolic pressure compared to placebo in the supine or standing position (the average maximum decrease is: 1.6 / 0.8 mm Hg and 0.2 / 4.6 mm Hg, respectively).

EffectEro does not cause changes in color recognition (blue / green), which is explained by its low similarity with PDE-6. The drug does not affect visual acuity quality, electroretinogram, intraocular pressure and pupil size.

When studying the composition of capsules in men, no clinically significant effect of the drug on the number and concentration of sperm, motility and morphology of spermatozoa was revealed.

Before the start of sales, the capsules were tested for efficacy and safety. The experiment was carried out with the participation of volunteers. The subjects took the pills, and the doctors observed the effect of the medicine. After the completion of scientific testing and clinical studies, the following conclusions were made:

  • the substances that make up the tablets allowed men to control ejaculation;
  • the capsules increased the sexual desire of the subjects;
  • according to the reviews of men who participated in the experiment, they were able to get more vivid sensations during intercourse, the fear of failure disappeared, and confidence in their abilities appeared.

After testing, the substances included in the composition were investigated and their 100% effectiveness was proved. This was confirmed by the subjects who left positive feedback on EffectEro.

Why does the quality of erection deteriorate in men?

The male penis is the main organ of the reproductive system. This anatomical design of the delicate tissue of the penis combines the features of the urinary and reproductive functions of the male body. During intercourse, the corpus cavernosum of the penis is overflowing with blood, which leads to the enlargement and straightening of the male organ. On the dorsum of the penis is a spongy physique, through which the urethra passes, which is necessary for the circulation of urine and ejaculation during intercourse.

Usually erectile dysfunction is a polyetiological situation. The underlying disease will be natural or practical, but usually the pathology is aggravated by psychological elements. If the cause of impotence cannot be immediately detected with the help of signs and specific examinations, doctors should immediately assess the condition of a number of methods that can damage the male reproductive organs.

The main natural causes of impotence are:

  1. Pathologies of the cardiovascular system, causing circulatory disorders in the penis. This can be myocardial infarction, vascular irritation, atherosclerosis, or injury. You should also remember about abnormalities in the structure of the vessels of the pelvic cavity.
  2. Disruption of the nervous system. Impotence can simultaneously be associated with dysfunction of the central and peripheral nervous system due to the fact that signals about erection for the penis are controlled by different areas of the brain. We often talk about stroke, epilepsy, spinal cord injury, or sclerosis.
  3. Respiratory problems, along with obstructive pulmonary disease and breath holding during sleep.
  4. Systemic problems that simultaneously disrupt the operation of a number of regulatory elements. In this case, the cause of impotence could also be liver damage, metabolic disorders, or a disease of delicate tissues.
  5. Diseases of the main units of energy exchange regulation. Thus, dysfunction of the thyroid gland, which controls the functioning of most organs and technology, can lead to impotence.
  6. Accidents due to failed surgery. People who have undergone surgery on the pelvic organs are in danger.

The natural etiology of erectile dysfunction cannot always be eliminated with the help of EffectEro tablets, since irreversible dysfunctions of the penis most often result from pathology of the nervous system.

effectero 5 - 13

Every man faces sexual impotence. The causes of impotence are often:

  1. A negative emotional state, that is, chronic stress, depression, neurosis. This leads to the fact that the man experiences depression, feels inferior.
  2. Bad habits, diabetes, low metabolism. This affects the tissue, the arch, which is responsible for erection.
  3. Hormonal disbalance.
  4. Postponed injuries, pathologies, dysfunctions of the brain and spinal cord. Dysfunction of the "effective erection" is also the first sign of epilepsy and Parkinson's disease.
  5. Vascular ailments lead to the fact that blood flow to the genitals is impaired. As a result, potency deteriorates or disappears altogether.
  6. Taking antidepressants, tranquilizers, neuroleptics. As a result, you can "get" real health problems, which are manifested by a deterioration in potency, erection.
  7. Serious pathologies that develop due to inflammation of the prostate gland and organs of the genitourinary system.

Chronic diseases, disorders, stress negatively affect the male body. Therefore, watch your health, lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Otherwise, the risk of "getting" pathologies that will lead to a deterioration in potency, erection, increases.

effectero 9 - 15

Impact EffectEro on male sexual function

EffectEro is a complex remedy that eliminates the causes of sexual impotence. The natural composition gently restores the body. Also tablets:

  • stabilize hormones;
  • eliminate disorders of the genitourinary system and sexual dysfunction;
  • normalize urination, reproductive function;
  • increase the duration of intercourse;
  • prevent the formation of malignant tumors;
  • remove inflammatory processes in the prostate gland.

The drug creates conditions for an erection associated with the release of nitric oxide in the corpora cavernosa of the penis during the period of his arousal. This, in turn, leads to a rapid increase in the level of cyclic guanosine monophosphate and the subsequent relaxation of the smooth muscle tissue of the corpus cavernosum of the penis and an increase in blood flow to the head of the penis.

Buyers who purchased EffectEro and underwent a course of impotence therapy, an improvement in the quality of male potency is noted, and erectile function is restored within 20 minutes after taking the pills. According to real reviews, sex life improves, vivid emotions appear during intercourse, libido increases.

Advice! To obtain a long-term effect, follow the instructions for use and take the recommended course of therapy. Buy the original drug, not the fake one. Taking into account these subtleties, sex life will improve, and impotence will go away forever. This is confirmed by real customer reviews.

The main advantages of the drug over other drugs

EffectEro consists of natural ingredients. Such a composition has a beneficial effect on the body, gently eliminates inflammatory, infectious processes. Thanks to natural substances, the tablets have no side effects. Contraindications that relate to taking capsules are associated with age and individual intolerance to the components.

Uniqueness EffectEro also that the tool:

  • combined with alcohol and other medications;
  • does not contain synthetic additives;
  • Scientist tested on male volunteers
  • used by men from 18 to 75 years old;
  • reliably strengthens the cardiovascular system, thanks to herbal ingredients.

These qualities are inherent only in the original drug, that is, purchased on the official website of the seller. If you compare this product with the drug Adamour, then it should be noted that EffectEro has a longer lasting erection effect. In this case, the capsules Adamour have the advantage that it is fast: an erection occurs within 10 minutes after using the drug.

Capsule comparison EffectEro with pills Adamour

What sexual problems can EffectEro help eliminate?

EffectEro it is a quality drug designed to help men cope with sexual dysfunction. Capsules eliminate health problems such as:

  • unstable, weak erection;
  • the presence of inflammatory and infectious processes;
  • lack of sexual desire;
  • low quality of intimate life, inability to control ejaculation during intercourse;
  • lesions of the genitourinary system.

Taking a course of treatment EffectEro leads to an improvement in the quality of intimate life, self-confidence, increased libido. Customer reviews confirm that the drug really changed their sex life, it has improved significantly.

Even after the end of the treatment for impotence, the pills do not stop working. Erection and "powerful potency" continue to delight sexual partners, and diseases recede into the background. But these properties are characteristic only for a real drug, and not for a dummy sold by scammers.

The real effect of using EffectEro

EffectEro - helps to eliminate problems with potency, improve the quality of intimate life. The drug is natural, there are no synthetic additives in the composition. Due to the natural components, the capsules are safe, that is, they have no contraindications (except for age and allergies to substances), side effects.

Composition and instructions for use of the preparation EffectEro

The problem of the development of prostatitis, sexual impotence affects every man over the years, and treatment does not bring improvement. EffectEro, which is a natural formulation, addresses these issues. The remedy will not only improve erection, increase potency, but also eliminate the root of the problem. Instructions for the use of capsules EffectEro simple and does not have a complex scheme of drug use. Due to this, the tool is popular among a large number of men around the world. The positive effect is noticeable very quickly, after about 20-25 minutes.

The description of the drug says that one course of taking EffectEro capsules:

  • will give a man a stable, powerful erection;
  • restore libido and potency;
  • improve the quality of sexual life;
  • will allow you to control ejaculation;
  • prevent the development of prostatitis.

Next, we suggest studying the list of active ingredients that make up the capsules EffectEro and their action:

  • Maca root extract peruvian improves the reproductive system by increasing libido and sexual stamina.
  • Ginseng Root: This herb has been used for a long time for the production of vitality, stamina and immunity. Improves memory and concentration.
  • Plant extract "Palmetto" - this active ingredient has a beneficial effect on the male and genitourinary system. It is also beneficial for prostate health.
  • Enriched Selenium: More than vital for the normal functioning of the male body. It provides vitality and helps build muscle at a faster rate.
  • Shiitake mushroom extract saturates a man's body with an abundant vitamin complex and a sufficient amount of zinc, which provide an opportunity to really improve male potency and sexual stamina in bed. It also helps to improve prostate health by acting prophylactically against the occurrence of adenoma and relieving diuretic properties.
  • Rosehip fruits enrich the body with ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and special ingredients that improve libido and the quality of mutual pleasure during sex.

effectero 2 - 17

Recommendations for the use of capsules to improve erection

The medicine is intended to solve the problems of male impotence:

  • frequent urinationaccompanied by pain, cramps in the abdomen;
  • inflammatory processes in the genitourinary system;
  • problems with potency caused by psychological or physiological reasons.
  • unstable erection (in some cases - complete absence).

The manufacturer positions the product as a quick recovery from the causes of prostatitis. The action of the capsules gives the following results:

  • normalizes urination;
  • the duration of sexual intercourse increases;
  • eliminates inflammation of the prostate;
  • preventing the degeneration of prostate tissue into malignant tumors.

Taking pills is accompanied by the following stages of the therapeutic effect:

  • The drug stimulates the natural production of testosterone, thereby stabilizing the hormonal background.
  • The normal erection is restored.
  • The work of the reproductive system is normalized.
  • Pain, cramps during urination go away.
  • The complex is a multifunctional natural remedy that has no side effects and contraindications.

Recommendation! Take capsules regularly, otherwise the desired effect will not show the desired quality. It is equally important to purchase the original product on the manufacturer's website. Otherwise, there is a risk of running into scammers. A fake will not have any positive effect on the male body.

How to use EffectEro capsules correctly?

To achieve an improvement in potency, you need to adhere to the recommended course of treatment. Scheme of capsules EffectEro indicated in the instructions:

  • The daily dose is equal to two capsules (morning and evening);
  • The drug is taken at the same time;
  • The capsule is washed down with plenty of water to accelerate dissolution in the stomach.

The indications for the use of the medicine are strictly observed, otherwise the treatment will not bring the desired result.

The course of therapy is designed for 1 month. During this time, the sexual health of a man is restored, and the biological processes in the body are stabilized. If necessary, repeat the course after 30 days. When asked how many packs are needed per month, the manufacturer notes that 2 packs will be enough.

Contraindications and side effects that may result from therapy

EffectEro has no obvious contraindications and side effects. This is due to the natural composition of the capsules. In addition, the drug can be considered unique, since it:

  • Combines with alcohol and other drugs to improve erection;
  • It is used by men from 18 to 75 years old;
  • Effective, as proven by clinical studies of the drug;
  • Keeps the heart muscle in good shape and maintains a safe level of blood pressure;

The way of using the drug is individual. The main thing is to follow the recommended dosage and drink plenty of water. The hours of taking the drug are not strictly fixed. The main thing is that the time of application coincides daily.

effectero 4 - 19

Attention! The effect of the remedy in men is noted in different ways. Some note a lightning-fast effect, while others notice a gradual improvement in their condition.

Despite the absence of contraindications, the capsules will not bring any result to women, people with allergies (we are talking about the intolerance of individual components of the complex).

The manufacturer also recommends adhering to the following tips when undergoing a course of therapy with EffectEro capsules:

  • observe the correct food intake;
  • avoid stress and stress on the nervous system;
  • exercise regularly (if possible);
  • consume the necessary vitamins (especially zinc and vitamin D);
  • reduce sugar and glucose intake;
  • give up bad habits, such as frequent cigarette smoking.

Recommendations are not binding, but following these tips will help enhance the effect of the drug.

Results of using EffectEro

Appearance EffectEro the drug market made a splash. Some considered the drug to be another useless drug that had no effect. But research has proven that the drug works correctly.

Before the sale of the product for men, capsules EffectEro tested on a group of volunteers under the strict supervision of doctors. After completion of the test and diagnostic studies, the following results were obtained:

  • 95% of men solved the problem of premature ejaculation;
  • 96% of the subjects noted an increase in libido;
  • 99% of test participants noted stability and duration of erectile function;
  • 98% of men felt strong and resilient, got rid of psycho-emotional stress, stress and fear of failure;
  • 89% of the volunteers noted that as a result of using the drug, sex life improved due to the brightness of sensations and increased endurance.

Thus, the study showed and proved the effectiveness of the drug. Subjects gave positive feedback about EffectEro, adding that they are ready to repeat the course of therapy if necessary.

Buyers who are unhappy with the effect of the drug claim that the drug is another divorce. In response, the manufacturer decided to collect some of the negative reviews and analyze the reasons. Most of them were written by people who purchased a fake or did not follow the rules of the instruction. Also, some of the negative reviews turned out to be the intrigues of competitors who ordered negative comments and posted them on forums and social networks.

Expected result of using EffectEro capsules

Real drug reviews EffectEro to restore potency

EffectEro - helps men to restore the work of the erection function. The medicine is a natural complex. Customer reviews vary. Some people argue that this is a deception for the gullible, but most clients praise this complex for restoring an erection. The question arises - EffectEro does it help or not? To dispel the doubts of buyers, the manufacturer collected some of the negative reviews and named the reasons for the spread of such comments:

  • Buying fake pills. People decide to save money, so they buy counterfeit products. But this is dangerous to health. Fake does not cure, as it is devoid of useful properties. Only a real drug ordered on the manufacturer's website will give a result.
  • Failure to follow instructions for use. To get the result, the capsules should be taken at the same time on an empty stomach 2 times a day with plenty of water. Only if the rules of admission are followed will an erection improve, and sexual dysfunctions will go away forever. Otherwise, there is no point in buying the medicine, since the capsules will not work.
  • “War of competitors”. In order for buyers to begin to doubt the properties of the plant complex, competitors order and place negative reviews on forums and websites.

Only real reviews are posted on the official portal of the manufacturer.

Important! Research results have proven that the drug works 100%. This was also noted by the men who volunteered for testing. The subjects took the medication for two weeks. During this period, the sex life of the volunteers became brighter, and impotence was gone forever.

The opinion of doctors about the clinical properties of the drug

When asked whether the information about the properties of EffectEro is true or false, doctors answer that it is a real drug for the treatment of sexual dysfunction. Here's what the doctors write:

Urologist, 28 years of experience:

“Erectile dysfunction occurs at any age, even in the youngest patients. The reasons are different - both physiological and psychological. But no matter what caused the pathology, EffectEro will help to restore an erection as soon as possible. Importantly, the capsules are not addictive, they have no contraindications, side effects, and the prices are affordable. The tool gives tangibly real results: libido and normal erection are restored, intimate life is improved. "

Doctor urologist, sex therapist, 17 years of experience:

«EffectEro - a modern medicinal complex that eliminates the problem of sexual impotence. Sold in pill form, so it is easy to take. The drug simultaneously fights prostatitis, which subsequently, if avoided, forms a malignant tumor. It is indicated for men of all ages, does not cause side effects, strengthens the cardiovascular system, stabilizes blood pressure and eliminates sexual dysfunctions. Don't expect prostatitis or impotence to go away on its own. For this, they take proven medicines, among which EffectEro takes the first place in terms of quality. "

Doctors agree that the medication is an effective remedy that helps men forget about health problems and regain full sexual sensations.

Doctors' opinion on EffectEro capsules

How to distinguish the original from a fake?

The number of fraudsters trying to sell a fake is increasing every day. They are trying to counterfeit this drug by all possible manufacturing methods. Some people manage to copy packaging, design and even instructions. When asked what a fake heals, unknown people write fables.

To protect against fraudsters, the order is placed only on the official website of the seller. It is also important to know what the original drug looks like:

  1. The medicine is sold in branded cardboard packaging.
  2. White capsules are placed on a standard blister in the amount of 15 pieces.
  3. The packaging design comes in two colors: red and black.
  4. The name of the drug is written in bold centered in English.
  5. Each package contains detailed instructions for use.

Important! Medication EffectEro Sold in capsule form only. Drops, ointments with the same name are fake. It is not recommended to buy such medicines.

Where can I buy EffectEro with discount?

People often ask the question of where to buy EffectEro because they are wondering what the real price of this drug is on Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and AliExpress. The drug is often counterfeited by Indian pharmacists and is sold cheaper than on the official website. But such a "dummy" is useless, since it has 10-20% useful properties compared to the original product. A fake does not show a significant effect on the male body. Therefore, it is recommended to buy the medicine only from the manufacturer.

The original and certified product can only be purchased on the official website. The benefits of buying from the manufacturer are obvious:

  • quality assurance;
  • round-the-clock consultation of buyers, registration of purchase orders;
  • delivery is carried out throughout Europe.
  • payment is made upon receipt of the goods by the buyer.

Buy EffectEro in the pharmacy will not work. The manufacturer wants to protect buyers from purchasing fakes that do not have any useful effect. Therefore, you should not look for the drug in pharmacy chains. To order capsules EffectEro on the manufacturer's official website, you must:

  1. Fill out the order form, indicating your name and phone number;
  2. Press the "Order" button;
  3. Wait for the call of the manager-consultant, discuss with him convenient terms of delivery and payment.

Official website of the manufacturer Effectero

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