Bolotov Balm for the treatment of diseases and slow aging

Bolotov Balm is a legendary remedy that effectively cleanses the human body of harmful substances and slows down its aging. This drug has long received the glory of an excellent mechanism that gives vigor, activity, longevity!

The value of Bolotov Balm is especially difficult to overestimate in modern conditions of human life, when various preservatives, nitrates contribute to the accelerated aging of the body. Reception of this amazing remedy practically eliminates the manifestation of such negative and dangerous diseases as heart attack, stroke, oncology, which is confirmed by the results of numerous studies. External use of the balm helps to reduce joint pain, rejuvenate the skin. The composition of the product includes a grape component, which:

  • effective to speed up metabolism;
  • provides energy to the body;
  • increases the level of performance;
  • normalizes sugar levels.

Succinic acid increases the effect of taking the drug, which contributes to the rapid delivery of food in every cell of the body.

The legendary Bolotov Balm

Where to buy Bolotov's balm

You can buy the famous Bolotov balm on the official website of the manufacturer, and its cost is 1250 in Russian rubles, in Ukraine it can be bought at the price of 460 hryvnia per bottle. To order the product, you must go to the manufacturer’s website and fill out the proposed order form. After that, the operator will contact the buyer to clarify the details of the order and answer all your questions. Based on the results of the coordination of all the nuances, the order is delivered to your address within 3-5 days.

Buy Bolotov Balm cheap

The principle of the balm

According to the results of the study, only 1% of gastric juice is spent on the breakdown of incoming food. The remaining fluid circulates throughout the body and dissolves the old cells, making room for new ones. Gradually, against the background of malnutrition and lifestyle, the volume of produced gastric juice decreases and it becomes insufficient. This becomes the reason that the body begins to gradually slag, get sick, fill up with old cells. The developer of a unique means of dealing with such consequences, Boris Vasilievich Bolotov, took this into account and created a composition formula that exactly repeats the content of gastric juice.

Taking a balm twice a day on a teaspoon allows you to quickly restore normal acid-base balance, due to which the body is not exposed to negative effects. As a rule, the first results appear already on 2 - 3 day - the heaviness in the stomach disappears, heartburn goes away, digestion improves significantly. According to the results of taking the course of taking 2 - 3 balm for a month, various diseases go away, a feeling of lightness comes, the working capacity is significantly increased and overall health is improved.

Excellent results bring the balm in case of heaviness in the stomach and overeating. After taking a spoonful of funds, these sensations disappear after half an hour. None of the funds advertised today is able to provide such a quick result.

As practice shows, the main problems of people today are heart attacks, strokes and oncology. To combat these ailments, balm can be considered an indispensable weapon. The constant use of this balm throughout life in small doses eliminates the likelihood of heart attacks and strokes.

In addition, the balm effectively fights against various other diseases. For example, nitrates and preservatives used with food are no longer so dangerous. With today's quality of products, unfavorable environmental conditions, especially in large metropolitan areas, Bolotov's balm is becoming increasingly important for human health. An inexpensive and affordable tool is a real tool to protect yourself from negative consequences.

After 40 years, the human body especially needs help, since it is no longer able to cope with aging on its own. This help can be provided by Bolotov's balm, which in small doses will slow down the aging of the body and provide a good mood. Speaking about the many beneficial properties of the balm, it is necessary to focus on several components of the effect.

  1. Plant food. Modern society is already accustomed to the cult of plant foods, which, according to many, is an element of proper and healthy nutrition. In turn, food of animal origin is perceived as an instrument of negative effects on the body. Women exclude fats in their diet, succumbing to public opinion. In fact, people simply have not been explained that they are getting fat from plant foods, not from animals. Not for nothing that professional doctors and nutritionists recommend maintaining a balance between products of plant and animal origin.
  2. Water. Carbonated water is recommended to be taken only for problems of gastric acid secretion, when carbon dioxide activates this function due to irritation of the walls of the mucous membrane. In this case, for the normal allocation of high-quality gastric juice, it is necessary to dissolve sea salt together with sparkling water. The intake of mineral water should be prescribed exclusively by a gastroenterologist. Such water is very useful for people with low blood pressure and hemoglobin, weak blood flow, hypertension. All of these recommendations, of course, look ridiculous when mentioning the living conditions of 100 and more than years ago. In those days, people drank plain water and felt great. The secret lies in something else? The fact is that with smaller volumes of water used, diseases associated with excretory systems are practically excluded. The body produces exactly as much water as it needs. But this principle only applies if healthy and healthy nutrition is needed, which is why big problems arise today.
  3. Acid-base balance. The body must be filled with strong acids and alkalis. The brain is responsible for this "balance". With a weakened function of the secretion of gastric juice, controlled by the brain, lethargy also appears in alkaline secrets. The brain is trying to restore balance. For normal health and good health, both alkaline and acidic processes should be equally strong. If alkalis are useful due to their work on building the body, then acids are effective in cleansing it, making room for new cells to appear. For this reason, Bolotov's balm is of great importance for maintaining the health of the human body at the cellular level.
  4. Ulcers. Bolotov Balm gives an excellent effect in applications. If there are any contraindications to internal use, for example, due to acute ulcers, it can be launched in the form of applications without loss of effectiveness.
  5. Varicose veins and thrombophlebitis. The balm is effective in the fight against these ailments. In this case, its external use is recommended. With the onset of diabetes, balm acts as an excellent prophylaxis for limb damage. When taking the drug in the initial stages, the intervention of the surgeon is not required.
  6. Diabetes. The balm actively breaks down sugar, freeing the body from the need to take insulin. The effect of the product is confirmed by many years of experience in use. According to customer reviews, Bolotov balm is much more effective than the drug Dyfort.

The balm contains a set of substances in which the human body often feels the need.

Research results

Bolotov balm was invented more than 40 years ago, but access to it was opened only now. This is due to the fact that new developments are not always immediately released to the masses due to the lack of official permission. Until recently, only patients of the author of the invention and people close to him could use the tool.

Not so long ago, according to the results of research in relation to Bolotov balm, an official permit was issued for production and sale. Thanks to this, today everyone got the opportunity to get a balm and significantly improve their health.

Certificate Bolotov Balm

For clinical trials of balm, a group of 300 people from different social groups having different weight and height was assembled. The balm was taken by test participants for 15 days. As a result of the studies, it turned out that the tool is absolutely safe for the digestive system, stomach and other organs and body functions. The ability to quickly cleanse the body determines the effectiveness of the balm in the fight against extra pounds.

So the following results were noted:

  • improving overall well-being and weight loss - in all participants in the tests;
  • normalization of stool, elimination of pain in the stomach - in all;
  • digestion normalization - in 98%;
  • increased performance and a feeling of lightness - in 95%;
  • reduction in abdominal volume.

Mode of application

It is necessary to take the balm in a somewhat non-standard way. To exclude the destructive effect of the liquid on the tooth enamel, the diluted balm is taken through a straw.

For each disease, its own dosage is recommended:

  • cardiomyopathy, ischemic heart disease - three times a day according to 1 tsp on 100 column any fluid;
  • diabetes - the same dosage after a meal. The duration of the course is at least 6 months with breaks every 2 months for 1 - 3 weeks;
  • gastritis, stomach ulcer - 1 tsp per 100 g. liquids when eating (lunch, dinner). Half an hour before breakfast, you need to take a meal (more on this is written in the book of the balm developer "Treatment of the gastrointestinal tract"). Course duration - at least 2 months;
  • oncological diseases - course up to 1 of the year, 3 times a day for 2 - 5 tsp on 100 column liquids after eating. Additional reception - 5 tsp on 100 column fluids before bedtime;
  • for the prevention of aging, in order to increase immunity and other ailments - 1-3 times a day for 1 tsp on 100 column liquids after eating. Course - every six months on 2 - 3 months.

For children, a different dosage is recommended:

  • At the age from 3 to 5 years - on 100 gr. liquids by 1 drop;
  • 6 - 8 years - 20% of the adult dose;
  • 9 - 13 years old - ½ adult dose.


Bolotov Balm is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • artificial organs;
  • acute gastrointestinal diseases;
  • pregnancy, breastfeeding;
  • individual intolerance.

Subject to dosage, no side effects have been identified. Various allergic reactions to components and additives of plant origin are allowed. In case of overdose, diarrhea and a state of excessive drowsiness are possible.

Storage conditions for balm

It is recommended to store the balm out of the reach of children, in a dry, dark place in unopened packaging. Subject to storage rules, the shelf life is 24 months.

Answers to the most popular questions are given by Academician Bolotov

Is balm harmful to health?

- The balm is absolutely harmless to health. The balm supplements the existing gastric juice and normalizes the digestive system.

For what reasons is gastric juice insufficient?

- The presence of chemical elements in food, its cleaning and heat treatment cause a situation when the stomach stops producing the required volumes of juice. In this case, it becomes necessary to help him, which is what the balm does.

With constant use of balm, will the stomach stop producing juice at all?

- Such consequences are impossible even for physiological reasons. The addition of gastric juice makes it possible to completely digest food, dilute the blood. Diluted blood saturated with useful elements is much more effective in cleansing blood vessels and the entire body as a whole


Is Bolotov's balm a salvation from all troubles?

- Of course, the balm cannot completely protect the body from all diseases and effects. Any organism grows old, depleted, but the balm acts as a significant assistant on the way to health and good mood. A person must help himself - eat right, monitor health, including with the help of this unique means.

Why should you choose Bolotov's balm for acidification? Surely there are other means?

- Of the natural oxidants, citric acid, vinegar, spicy dishes can be called, but the balm copes with these tasks much more efficiently due to the exact composition of the composition of the gastric juice formula.

Can I take balm for heartburn?

- Not just possible, but necessary. Heartburn is a consequence of insufficient gastric juice in the body, since in this case food is very poorly digested. The balm will help solve this problem.

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