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A review of drugs to improve male potency, treat erectile dysfunction and restore erection.
Potency is important for every man, both physiologically and psychologically. The basis of potency are two indicators - sexual desire and erection. Both of these desires are interconnected, so drugs for potency ideally affect both of these indicators. Violation of potency requires a timely reaction and the use of special tools. A man experiencing problems with potency needs to be checked by a specialist as soon as possible to exclude serious pathologies. And to solve problems of an intimate nature, you can use special tools.

There are many varieties of drugs to increase potency with a different principle of action. Some drugs affect the penis, others increase sexual desire, others act in a complex.
The most common drugs that work by inhibiting phosphodiesterase. Such drugs enhance the effects of nitric oxide, which relaxes the muscles of the penis. Thanks to this, the blood rushes better to the cavernous bodies and provides a high-quality, long-lasting erection.
A common substance with a similar effect is sildenafil. An important condition for the action of drugs based on it is the presence of sexual stimulation. This provides ease of use of the drug. An erection occurs after administration only in the situation in which it will be appropriate. Such drugs act very quickly, but the effect may be delayed when taking alcohol or fatty foods.
Such remedies are intended for the treatment of sexual problems in which an erection is unstable or short-lived, which does not allow for a normal duration of sexual intercourse. It is worth noting that it is better to use drugs to increase potency after consulting a doctor. It is also forbidden to take several different drugs at once or to exceed the dose, combine such drugs with other medications.
Drugs to improve potency should be taken only in cases where an erection for sexual intercourse is not enough. If an erection occurs completely, the drugs will not be able to enhance the effect - this is a common misconception. Phosphodiesterase inhibitors are particularly affected. Uncontrolled intake and excess dosage of drugs can lead to problems with potency, if previously they were absent.
Most drugs to improve erection and libido are quite safe and do not have side effects if taken according to the instructions. Particular care should be taken when choosing drugs to improve potency, in the presence of serious diseases of the heart and blood vessels, liver, endocrine system. In this case, it is better to choose the drug with your doctor.