System White Light for teeth whitening with UV lamp and other methods

Product Overview White Light for self-whitening teeth at home: Composition, equipment, instructions, reviews, price of the kit, the official website where you can buy the White Light system, useful information on the use of teeth whitener, and of course a video review.

The surrounding reality of modernity makes a person meet certain requirements. In particular, it is fashionable, prestigious and in some cases vital to have a snow-white smile. Most want this, but not everyone can achieve what they want.

An obstacle in this case is that a visit to the dentist is necessary to whiten tooth enamel. At the same time, the cost of such a procedure is not affordable for everyone, but meanwhile there is a budget option for achieving this kind of goal. It’s enough to become the owner of a device called White Lightto whiten teeth at home for affordable money.

Real system reviews White Light can be read on the forum of the First Channel of Russia.White Light for teeth whitening

Briefly consider the system White Light, then we can say that it includes a gel, which under the influence of light emitted by a special lamp, whitens the tooth enamel. The gel contains carbamide peroxide, which emits the so-called atomic oxygen. The same substance is found in preparations used for a similar procedure in dental clinics.

The whitening process itself consists in acting on the active oxygen, which is a component of the gel, which is achieved by the light received from the lamp. As a result, the pigment is destroyed, due to which the teeth take a yellow tint.

Where can I buy White Light and price in Russia

Compared to visiting the dentist, the proposed system has a lower cost - from 1100 rubles, for other countries the current price can be found on the website. The exact price depends on the region where the system is sold, which is to the same extent determined by the availability of shares and discounts at a specific point of sale White Light.

If you want to order White Light, it’s worth visiting the official distributor resource on the Web to avoid possible misunderstandings in the event of contacting “dishonest” sellers.

Official site white light where can I buy

Engaged in self-whitening teeth, it should be understood that this process involves a number of limitations. Therefore, you must first make a trip to the dentist, who could evaluate your enamel for the admissibility of procedures for bleaching it.

It is advisable to exclude enamel whitening procedures if you have sensitive teeth, a gum disease is present or there is a suspicion of the presence of this disease, and the oral cavity is not sanitized.

In this case, it is necessary to understand the measure in such actions, that is, it is impossible to carry out bleaching too often and the gel should not be applied for a long time, since it contains potent substances. If this is not observed, enamel can be damaged so much that it cannot be restored.

Typically, homes use teeth whitening, according to some, proven methods that are far from safe:

  1. Baking soda. It is believed that the use of baking soda for teeth whitening is an effective way to achieve your goal without harming your health. In practice, soda is used as tooth powder, that is, it is applied to the brush and rubbed. There is also a method characterized by a milder effect, which involves the use of a soda solution. In any case, the use of baking soda as a tooth whitener is not a completely safe way, so do not get involved in this activity.
  2. Hydrogen peroxide. The use of this fluid leads to a good result. At the same time, it must be understood that when exposed to hydrogen peroxide on tooth enamel, a chemical process is launched, which is based on oxidation. That is, enamel bleaching in this way can be accompanied by its destruction.
  3. Whitening strips. This tool is a small width strip for applying gel, the manufacture of which is an elastic material. They are applied in such a way that the gel is on the surface of the teeth. A procedure of this kind can be carried out up to two times a day, but not more often, because otherwise there will be unpleasant sensations, as well as increased sensitivity of the teeth. The achieved effect lasts for a month.
  4. Whitening gel. The procedure for using this gel may have differences, which is associated with what specific agent is used. Regardless of this, the mandatory subject of this procedure will be the mouthpiece, which acts as a gel container, then put on the teeth.

Whatever tool you use to whiten tooth enamel at home, you should understand the certain danger of such procedures. Frequent and incorrect handling of any of the methods described above can result in serious damage to the enamel.

Where the best solution is to use White Light. The use of this tool allows you to most conveniently and effectively whiten your teeth without any harm to the enamel, if you follow the instructions. The proposed system is designed to operate at home, so it is ideal for conducting independent teeth whitening procedures.

Description of the advantages of the system White Light

The highlight of the system White Light is that this tool is completely harmless to teeth. In this case, preservation of the integrity of the teeth without any damage to the enamel, which takes a snow-white appearance, remaining so long. Otherwise, you can list the following advantages of the system:

  • achieving an effect commensurate with what can be achieved as a result of a trip to the dentist;
  • the duration of the effect achieved up to 15 months, regardless of the type of food used in food;
  • safety as a result of the absence of potent substances in the gels, in particular, bleaching is ensured by oxygen particles released as a result of exposure to light, which starts the bleaching process directly;
  • availability, that is, the system can be used when it is convenient.

Instructions for use White Light

The basis of the system under consideration is the use of a gel of two components containing carbamide peroxide, which is also present in professional dental products. When bleaching, the gel is applied to the mouthpiece, then put on the teeth with a tight grip. After that, the LED installed in the front of the device comes into effect White Light.

The desired result is achieved by exposing the gel to light, which provides the release of so-called active oxygen, which provides the desired effect. Such bleaching can be described as mild, due to the absence of negative effects on the teeth.

One procedure takes from 10 to 30 minutes. At the end of the set time, the lamp turns off automatically. The maximum possible frequency of procedures should not be more than three per day, and provided that the total time does not exceed 30 minutes. It is allowed to use the system for 5 days with the possibility of repeating the course after a week.

Instructions for use of the complex White Light

Starting to whiten teeth, you should read the instructions for White Light, which includes the following procedure:

  1. Pre-brush your teeth.
  2. Prepare gel tubes for use.
  3. First apply one gel, and then another, on each of the surfaces of the mouthpiece.
  4. Fasten the mouthpiece to the teeth with the outer rim.
  5. Turn on the device and start using it.
  6. Wait for automatic shutdown after the set time - 10 minutes.
  7. Remove device.

Instructions for use White Light

To reuse the system, just press the device’s start button again. The contract is allowed to carry out no more than three sessions.

To maintain the whitening effect for a long time, it is necessary to abandon products that are characterized as coloring, correlating this with appropriate oral care in terms of hygiene. Also, do not forget about regular cleaning of the device itself if you want it to work long enough.

Contraindications for use

Any device must be used, observing certain rules for its use, which fully applies to White Light. In particular, it is necessary to consider the following contraindications, which exclude the possibility of teeth whitening in this way:

  1. You can not use the system for pregnant women and mothers who are nursing.
  2. In case of gum disease, you should first consult the appropriate doctor and only after that, if permission is obtained, use White Light.
  3. Until the age of sixteen, any teeth whitening procedures are strictly prohibited.
  4. The system is not designed to work with artificial teeth, which eliminates the possibility of bleaching, for example, crowns.
  5. During orthodontic treatment, you should forget about the use of the system.

To exclude the possibility of tooth damage, follow the instructions and observe the operating and safety rules regarding White Light:

  • the system must be stored in a place to which children and animals do not have access, and the temperature background does not exceed 25 degrees;
  • it is necessary to exclude contact of the gel with eyes, skin and clothing.

What does a real white light look like?

If you want to achieve a snow-white smile, then this is quite feasible as a result of several sessions of application White Light. This will eliminate uncertainty, since an open smile, when there is no constraint associated with the condition of the teeth, contributes to a positive perception of life.

Also, with the help of the considered system, significant cost savings are available. Compared to going to the dental clinic, such savings can amount to several thousand rubles on an annualized basis. Besides, White Light definitely wins against the background of other methods of teeth whitening at home in terms of efficiency and harmlessness, as evidenced by numerous reviews and comments on the forums.

Buying White Light is an economical, gentle and effective way to get a snow-white smile!

Not everyone has the opportunity to see a dentist to whiten their teeth. In this case, you can apply folk methods. One of them, the simplest and safest, is bleaching with activated carbon.

Teeth change color, as they are exposed to dyes found in many foods. Some diseases and medications also cause discoloration. Most often, teeth darken among lovers of black coffee and strong tea, among smokers.

Older people also have a yellowish color of teeth, this is inevitable. Dyes are deposited on the surface of the teeth, or penetrate into hard tissues.

Teeth whitening procedure

  1. Put one charcoal tablet in a glass, add a little water to make it wet.
  2. Crush the coal until a homogeneous mass without leaving lumps.
  3. Put the mass on the brush and brush your teeth, then rinse your mouth. Then brush your teeth again.

Do not abuse teeth whitening! Repeat the procedure after ten days, not earlier.

This method of whitening at home is one of the safest. For example, hydrogen peroxide thins enamel and irritates the gums, it is allergic to it. Coal acts more gently. When it enters the stomach, it does not cause unpleasant consequences.

The effect of tooth whitening does not last long. It depends on how often you consume foods and drinks that contain dyes, such as tea and coffee. After darkening the teeth, the procedure will have to be carried out again using the mouthpiece and the ultraviolet lamp included in the system White Light.

Side effects

  1. Remember that coal powder is an abrasive that erases not only a yellowish coating on the teeth, but also a layer of enamel.
  2. If the enamel layer on your teeth is too thin, avoid eating too cold and hot food, otherwise painful sensations will appear. Sources of pain can be berries, sour fruits, seeds and nuts.
  3. After bleaching, coal particles remain between the teeth and are difficult to remove.

Remember that all teeth whitening methods are unsafe. So consider dentists. Before proceeding to the whitening procedure with White Light, it is better to carefully weigh the pros and cons.

Today, there are many different ways to whiten teeth. Moreover, it is possible to do this at home, but if you are interested in a more effective result, it is better to contact a dental clinic.

There is also a medical complex HiSmile, allowing you to whiten tooth enamel at home, which contains peroxide. This component thoroughly whitens the tooth without harming the enamel. To do this, gently rotate the pencil so that the gel protrudes. Apply the gel very carefully on each tooth. The mixture begins to foam - this is normal. The peroxide will react with oxygen and the bleaching process will begin. Keep this compound on your teeth for about 10 minutes. By the way, while the gel is working, you can’t relax your lips and close your mouth.

After the procedure, it is forbidden to drink and eat for about an hour. The set offers rulers that will help to compare the achieved result and the initial color of the teeth. It is worth recalling that the result will be noticeable only if you give up tea, coffee and smoking for the period of the whitening course.

The clinic can offer you laser whitening. This technique is most effective, and the whiteness of the teeth remains for a long time. Before the procedure, caries and tartar are removed and only after that they are bleached with a laser. After such an “operation” you should not smoke or drink drinks with dye for about a week.

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