Basic rules for body skin care

It often happens that a woman pays a lot of attention to the skin of her face and completely does not pay attention to the skin of the body. And why? The answer is simple: what is hidden under clothes, according to many, can do without due attention. But after all, every woman is a goddess, you just need to feel yourself to her. And here you already have to be perfect from the skin of the face to the skin of the heels. In this article, we will cover the basic rules for body skin care.

Hygiene is the first guarantee of beauty and health. You need to wash your hands, brush your teeth, etc. All this we still went through in the garden. Regular showering helps maintain the beauty of the skin and maintain health. But the main thing here is not to overdo it. Even such a good thing as hygiene can cause some problems:

  • Dryness, tightness of the skin. It turns out that very frequent showering can lead to undesirable consequences. Or rather, not the adoption of the soul itself, but the use of detergents.

Excessive cleanliness leads to the fact that we wash off the protective lipid layer of the skin, which moisturizes and protects our skin. The best way to avoid this is to reduce the use of detergents. Especially if you wash several times a day. Try to take just an ordinary shower, better contrast, which will be much more useful, especially in the morning: at this time the skin is most able to absorb moisture, and a change in water temperature will give the skin elasticity.

  • Itching, redness, rash. It can become nothing more than a manifestation of an allergic reaction to the composition of the same means for the shower. After all, how many are there: parabens, glycols and many other chemical components. Here you definitely need to choose something not so aggressive. In addition, there are many lines of medical cosmetics that can easily cope with similar problems. One has only to search, and everyone will find something that suits him.

Basic rules for body skin care

Essential Body Skin Care Procedures

  1. Dryness. If your skin is already dry, without the intervention of detergents, here are a few home recipes:
  • Nutritious scrubs. Such a scrub can be prepared always, almost everywhere and it will cost you nothing at all. The main components of the scrub: abrasive and base. Abrasive is what we “scratch” ourselves, so to speak. For example, coffee, sugar (brown is better, but regular sugar can also do), oatmeal. The nutritional basis can be honey, sour cream, oils (you can use any that are at home, even sunflower, but olive, almond or peach can be the best in this matter). We mix any two components and massage ourselves with neat circular movements.
  • Masks, bathtubs: To make the skin velvety, you can use the following recipe: in a jar of cold water, stir 500 g of starch, pour into a warm bath and soak for 20-30 minutes. After adoption, we wipe ourselves with neat, soaking movements and apply body cream.

Any nutritious base that was mentioned in the scrub recipe can be used as a mask: honey, sour cream, etc. We put on the body, carefully put on clothes that are not afraid to get dirty, wrap ourselves and wait for 30 minutes. Or you can wrap it with polyethylene. Take a single ingredient or mix several.

  1. Stretch marks - a very ugly defect that spoils the appearance. It can occur after pregnancy, and with sudden weight loss. In such cases, self-massage, physical activity, stimulating blood flow and thereby increasing skin elasticity can help. There are various cosmetics to prevent this problem. Do not forget about proper nutrition, which also plays an important role.
  2. Lethargy of the skin. Constant stress, fatigue can adversely affect the condition of the skin. Relaxing baths can have a resuscitating effect.

Beneficial effect on the skin of the bath with a decoction of herbs. It can be linden, chamomile, sage, a collection of rosehip or jasmine petals or any other herbs and fees that can be purchased at any pharmacy. In any case, such a bath will help relieve stress, fatigue, and will contribute to a quiet sleep.

No grass at hand? Essential oils, which also have a huge selection in pharmacies, can replace them. But here it is worth remembering one nuance: essential oils, like any other, do not dissolve in water, and just adding them to the bath you will not get the desired result, but burns. To avoid this, you need to drip 5-6 drops into a glass of milk and pour this glass into the bath. Now you can safely relax!

  1. Dark spots. For some, summer is a bright sunny time, and for some, it is time to fight pigmentation and freckles. In this case, do not abuse the sunbathing. As protection, you need to use sunscreens, various whitening cosmetics, the most effective is considered Cream Miracle Glow for whitening the skin from age spots and freckles, which has all the necessary properties to lighten the skin. You can try to deal with this problem at home. For example, a cucumber has an excellent bleaching agent. Grind the cucumber in a blender or on a fine grater and use this pulp as a compress. If you strain, you get a whitening and refreshing lotion that will be perfectly stored in the refrigerator.
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