Mask, massage and exercises for rejuvenating facial skin from wrinkles

This article will discuss ways to rejuvenate facial skin from wrinkles at home. This will take a little time and patience if you do not want to resort to expensive procedures in beauty salons.

quick rejuvenation

Everyone knows that sports give youth. You can rejuvenate not only by resorting to plastic surgery and new-fangled, expensive drugs. Fitness, as always, will come to the rescue. And if cosmetic procedures affect a certain part of the body, then fitness has a rejuvenating effect on the whole body. Tightened skin, anti-stress and help in a variety of health problems are the result of excellent fitness. It remains only to determine the type of occupation:

Rejuvenation of the whole body. If the goal is to rejuvenate the whole body, it is worth resorting to strength training. With sufficient physical exertion, the right amount of endorphins, serotonin and growth hormone is released, which trigger the rejuvenation process. At the head of the rejuvenation army is growth hormone, which is precisely responsible for tissue regeneration. By about 30, the body ceases to produce enough of this hormone, so you have to get it artificially:

  • Increase stamina, strengthen the heart. When the main goal of training is to strengthen the heart muscle and endurance, the emphasis should be on running and athletic walking. Such loads are both intense and uniform. And the main result is the strengthening of the cardiovascular system. An important fact is that walking and running have a beneficial effect on the work of joints, almost all muscle groups, and improve metabolism. With a large excess of body weight, preference is given to walking, because running is a serious burden on the heart. And while jogging, you should pay great attention to breathing.
  • Skin condition. Swimming is an ideal sport. It has a beneficial effect on many muscles, the spine, helps fight cellulite and improves blood circulation. Training in water helps improve skin elasticity. Swimming strengthens the pectoral muscle, which will help to maintain an excellent bust for a long time.
  • Fight against wrinkles. An excellent option for fighting wrinkles is Facebook, the so-called face gymnastics. Proper relaxation and training of facial muscles will help to maintain youthful skin for a long time. The main thing, as in any training, is not to forget about regularity. And in no case should you forget about water, it is it that contributes to the elasticity of the skin of the face.

Warming face mask

When caring for facial skin, an important role is played by anti-aging masks for facial skin, for example Biorecin to eliminate wrinkles. One of the most effective masks is a mask with a warming effect. Let's see what it is for.

A face mask with a warming effect is used to deeply cleanse the skin. These masks can be used by women at any age. The best result for people with problem skin. Such a mask enhances blood circulation of the skin of the face, promotes rejuvenation, cleanses and opens pores well and effectively. Promotes the penetration of nutrients into the layers of the epidermis. The following processes occur with the skin when applying this mask: the skin tone increases, the intercellular metabolism accelerates, the sebaceous glands return to normal, the scaly tissues soften.

Warming masks act on the skin more gently than steaming and cleansing the face with a scrub. An advantage for people who have thin and delicate skin. Such masks act very carefully and gently. Masks have effects such as thermal and greenhouse. Burns of the skin can not be afraid. The vessels of the face open during the procedure, blood flow increases, the pores expand, skin cells are saturated with oxygen, which helps to improve complexion. The skin becomes supple and smooth. The active substances of the mask penetrate deep into the pores of the face and push out all the impurities from the pores.

There are a lot of advantages of this mask and the effect is amazing, but you need to know how to use its code. This mask should be done no more than once every 10 days. The time for holding the mask from 10 to 20 minutes is no more. You can not apply the mask after the procedure of steaming the face, otherwise you can get heat stroke on the cells. It is possible to do scrubbing after such a mask, the skin has already been cleaned and steamed, in a very gentle way and scrubbing will enhance the cleansing effect. Caution should be given to this mask for people with high blood pressure.

For the best effect when applying the mask, you need to cover it with an ordinary paper towel, this will create a greenhouse effect. After the mask, it is best to apply a nourishing cream to the skin. With periodic use of this mask, you can achieve amazing skin effects. The mask fights against problems such as oily skin, signs of aging, inflammation, skin clogging, peeling and sebaceous secretions.

The conclusion is only one to use such a mask is. There are a lot of advantages from it, it is not recommended only to people with certain problems, it suits almost everyone.

Many beauticians recommend using special oil. Kum Kumadi Strength for skin rejuvenation, which consists of many valuable components for the human body. The saffron that is part of KumKumadi is extracted from the flowers of Crocus growing in India, which in Ayurveda has been known for many centuries for its beneficial properties for eliminating wrinkles.

Kumkumadi oil for rejuvenation

Facial massage for rejuvenation

Every person looking in the mirror wants to see at least an ageless face, at the most - a younger one. One way to keep your face toned is massage.
A rejuvenating facial massage at home is one of the easiest ways to keep your face young. No cash costs are required. But the result will be impressive. As a result, the wrinkled groove will decrease, the facial muscles will strengthen, and the muscles of the face will relax.

It’s never too late to start facial massage. Through massage, the face, neck and shoulders are strengthened and relaxed. The improvement in complexion occurs due to blood, which not only brings healing substances to the skin, but also helps detoxification.

Starting to massage, first they warm their hands, clapping their hands. A pause for a short time is needed to shake the hands in order to discharge negative energy. Activation of energy enhances blood circulation in the fingers.

On the face are 10 massage points, which are massaged alternately. Enough 6-9 minutes 2 once a week (preferably in the morning) to achieve the desired result:

  • First point: located at the outer corner of the eye. It is enough to smoothly press the point, then 5 of circular motions alternately in different directions. It guarantees intellectual activity and has a positive effect on vision.
  • The second point: located in the middle, between the eyebrows. Massage with a ring finger according to the same system as the first point. Calming nerves comes.
  • The third point is at the beginning of the eyebrow. We gently massage both points with the middle fingers.
  • The fourth point is located above the arches of the eyebrows. Massaging is done intermittently, on the eyebrow, pressing lightly at the end.
  • The location of the fifth point is the inner corners of the eyes, on either side of the bridge of the nose. Their massage relieves headaches, eye strain, and has a good effect on the stomach.
  • There are two sixth points. They are located at the very beginning of the temporal hair. Massage is done with simultaneous pressing and circular motion.
  • The seventh point requires tenfold pressing along with massage. Located at the corners of the mouth.
  • The center of the chin has an eighth point. Massaging is performed with the middle finger 5 times, swirling in circular movements in different directions. At the end, a smooth transition to the seventh point and a slight press 9 times.
  • The ninth point is located under the nose, which must be lightly pressed 9 times.
  • From point ten, which is located below the chin, you need to massage from the chin to the cheekbones and ears. Gently stroking this line, try not to stretch the skin.

To strengthen the effect of the massage, you will need several ice cubes, which you need to smoothly move along all the bends and wrinkles. The blood flow will improve. The culmination is the application of a cream suitable for the given face skin.

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