Magnetic Mask - Magnetic acne mask

Review Magnetic Mask will tell you about the composition of a magnetic mask for the care of problem skin of the face, about its beneficial properties aimed at deep cleansing from acne, acne and comedones, and the instructions for using the magnetic mask will tell you how to use it correctly based on the positive reviews of cosmetologists and doctors. One of the most common cosmetic problems is comedones (black spots on the skin). Their appearance is associated with the accumulation of grease and dust, which gradually clog the pores, oxidize under the influence of oxygen and begin to darken.

Many women do not want to put up with this situation and periodically squeeze comedones. But unprofessional facial cleansing can be very harmful to the skin, since there is a high probability of getting an infection, and regular procedures in beauty salons are very expensive. Therefore, today cosmetic products are gaining popularity that can be used at home, but at the same time provide maximum results and do not harm health.

So, to get rid of black dots, experts recommend using a magnetic mask Magnetic Mask, since it very quickly eliminates comedones and cleanses the skin without causing irritation.

A magnetic mask was developed in the Skolkovo science city by the best scientists and cosmetologists in Russia, and you can read a lot of positive reviews of real people with photos Before and After applying its effectiveness Magnetic Mask. Magnetic mask Magnetic Mask description

More recently, it was possible to improve the condition of problem skin only with the help of expensive procedures in beauty salons. Today, everything is much simpler - after all, the latest developments of leading cosmetologists are available for free sale.

At an affordable price you can buy tools to eliminate a variety of cosmetic defects. But due to the growing demand for such products, unscrupulous sellers are increasingly offering women fakes and low-quality goods. Moreover, fake cosmetics can even go to drugstore shelves and specialty stores.

That's why buy Magnetic Mask from acne is possible only on the website of the official representative. Ordering online is a guarantee that you purchase an original highly effective tool. In addition, online sales make it possible to avoid high trade margins on cosmetics.

Unfortunately, not all buyers know where to buy this product. Having bought something similar in an ordinary store, they can be very disappointed.

If you read the reviews of people who ordered the mask on the official website, then there will be no doubt about the effectiveness of this tool. The mask works and the result of its application is very pleasing to women. Magnetic Mask relieves inflammation, cleanses, quickly helps solve the problem of acne and black spots. Moreover, it moisturizes the skin well and can be used as a means to reduce wrinkles.

Where can I buy Magnetic Mask and how much does it cost?

On the official website of the distributor there is round-the-clock feedback. Therefore, buyers have the opportunity to buy Magnetic Mask at any convenient time. It is not difficult to place an order - you just need to fill out the form, indicating the name and contact phone number. Soon after the application is submitted, an employee of the company will call back, clarify all the points that interest you, and discuss the details of the order.

At certain times of the day, there are promotions on the site, which makes it possible to buy Magnetic Mask with a good discount. For example, at the moment, the price of a magnetic mask in Russia is only 1189 rubles per can of 50 grams, the terms of the promotion may be limited, so it is worth ordering several sets at once.

Important! The official representative of the manufacturer never requires an advance payment, the order is paid directly at the post office upon receipt of the parcel.

buy Magnetic Mask discounted site

The benefits of a magnetic mask Magnetic Mask

Comedone Remedy Magnetic Mask by Crystal Lab has several clear advantages over other beauty products. First of all, it provides a very fast result; it will take no more than 15 minutes to effectively cleanse your face. The second important advantage of the mask is its complete safety for the skin. The product works gently and completely removes without clogging the pores.

Procedures using this mask do not require any effort, the tool does not even need to be washed off. Magnetic Mask easily removed from the skin due to the presence of magnetic particles in its composition. After applying the mask, just take a napkin and wipe your face. Your skin will become soft and smooth, getting rid of comedones and other impurities.

The magnetic particles that make the mask formula unique are completely harmless to the body. In addition, the composition of the product includes natural oils and extracts of medicinal plants that do not cause irritation and allergies. Therefore, the tool is suitable for absolutely everyone, regardless of age and skin type.

Composition Magnetic Mask and description of components

That Magnetic Mask had a complex effect on the skin (cleansed, softened, rejuvenated), cosmetologists included many natural ingredients in its composition. We will tell you more about the properties of the main active substances:

  • Coconut oil is a good anti-inflammatory, relieves irritation, and removes fine wrinkles.
  • Pomace from palm kernels contains antioxidant components that slow down aging.
  • Shea butter improves metabolism in skin tissues, has a moisturizing and rejuvenating effect.
  • Almond oil improves the complexion and helps get rid of acne, makes age spots less visible. Gives the skin a fresh and healthy appearance.
  • Grape seeds (pomace) saturate the skin with useful minerals and vitamins.
  • Beeswax contains a whole complex of biologically active compounds. It improves blood circulation, stimulates metabolic processes, promotes tissue regeneration. The magnetic particles of the mask several times enhance the effect of beeswax, due to which there is a quick restoration of the skin after acne, acne and various injuries.
  • "Vitamin E" has been successfully used in cosmetology for many years and even earned the name "vitamin of beauty". It has a beneficial effect on the skin, making it smooth, supple and soft.composition Magnetic Mask by Crystal Lab

How the magnetic mask works

Action Magnetic Mask based on the presence in its composition of special magnetic particles. The product is applied to the face and, after some time, is removed using a magnet (it is included with the mask). At the same time, all contaminants are pulled out from the pores along with the mask, and the skin is cleaned of comedones.

When the mask is on the face, its plant components enter the deep layers of the skin and saturate the tissues with useful compounds. The magnet has a massage and relaxing effect, improves microcirculation and stimulates metabolic processes in the cells. Moreover, the substances that make up the mask perform a protective function, minimizing the negative effects of environmental factors.

Instructions for use Magnetic Mask

Magnetic Mask Available in tubes with special magnetic sticks. Using the tool is very simple. The mask is neatly spread over the skin of the face (for convenience, you can use a brush) and leave for about 15 minutes. At this time, it is advisable to lie down to rest, so that the active substances are absorbed faster. The mask should be applied to problem areas with a denser layer - this will enhance its effect.

The tool is removed using a magnet. To do this, wrap the stick in a napkin and drive it over the skin at a distance of several millimeters. The remnants of the mask and all substances polluting the skin will be attracted to the napkin. After applying the mask, it is recommended to perform a light facial massage for better absorption of beneficial components.

Do not forget that the procedure requires preliminary preparation. The face needs to be cleaned from makeup with a soft lotion or tonic.

Restrictions on use and contraindications

Formula Magnetic Mask based on herbal ingredients that act gently without causing any harm to the skin. Therefore, she has practically no contraindications. The mask can be used by women and men of any age with different skin types, without fear of side effects.

Caution should be shown only to those who have an individual intolerance to any plant ingredients. Then irritation may appear on the skin, and you will have to refuse to use the mask. But such problems, fortunately, are very rare. Also, do not use a mask if the skin has wounds, scratches or other damage. In this case, you must wait until they heal.

Included Magnetic Mask magnetic particles easily attract and remove all contaminants from the pores. They free the tissues from excess fat, dust and dead cells. As a result, blackheads disappear without a trace, the epidermis is saturated with useful compounds and restores its structure. With regular use of the mask, the skin becomes smooth and the complexion is healthy. Wrinkles disappear, acne stops popping up.

Use Magnetic Mask for a month, and you will forget about cosmetic problems for a long time. Acne, blackheads and black spots will no longer spoil your mood. Your face will look fresh and well-groomed even without applying makeup.

The mask not only has a cleansing effect, but also helps to slow down the aging process. It contains natural vegetable oils that stimulate the synthesis of compounds important for the body - elastin and collagen. Thanks to this, the skin stops flaking, becomes more elastic, wrinkles disappear, and the contours of the face improve. The active ingredients of the mask are able to penetrate deeply into the tissues. The skin is saturated with oxygen, receives more nutrients and takes on a youthful blooming appearance.

Unfavorable ecology, poor sleep negatively affect human health. And the first thing the body signals, appears on the skin in the form of spots or rashes and therefore many female representatives tend to properly care for their skin, but for this you need to correctly determine your skin type.

The first thing that spoils the appearance is the black dots on the face that appear due to contaminated pores. Get rid of them with a simple wash, will not work. There are other ways that can help girls in solving this problem:

Steaming skin to clean face

It will not be possible to free the skin from black dots without steaming. This procedure increases the width of the passage, which greatly facilitates cleaning. First you need to prepare any convenient container with very hot water and a towel. Choose a comfortable position for yourself and place your face so that it is above the steam, covering your head with a towel. If you have essential oils or herbs on hand, add them to the water. During steaming the skin to clean the face, they will contribute to the toning of the dermis. The most common means are:

  • St. John's wort;
  • Pharmaceutical camomile;
  • Oil of orange, lavender and eucalyptus;
  • Melissa.

To expand the pores, you can use hot masks based on white and blue clay. You can get great results if you regularly visit baths and saunas. Indeed, frequent steaming of the skin miraculously gives it elasticity and prevents any rashes on it.

Manual Acne Cleansing

From black dots, sometimes you can fight manually. Hands should be clean, it is best to sanitize them. You need to carefully try to squeeze out the contents of the coma don. Applying strong pressure is contraindicated, since with such an effect you can get an unexpected reaction in the form of acne or pimples. Upon completion of the manipulations, grease the skin with a tonic.

Skin lightening

For owners with sensitive skin, it is better to abandon manual exposure to it. Here, whitening procedures will be an excellent tool. In any container you need to mix a soap solution with soda (10 g) and fine salt (10 g). The resulting product needs to be rubbed on the skin for 4 minutes, then the face must be rinsed with water.

Black dots that are difficult to remove need to be bleached with juice squeezed out of lemon or hydrogen peroxide, but it is more suitable for oily skin. It is enough to carry out procedures once every seven days. More effective skin whitening is carried out by cream Miracle Glow against skin pigmentation.

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