Gel Eyebrow Extension to simulate eyebrow hairs

Rare eyebrows are a common cosmetic flaw. To make the look expressive, one has to turn to professional eyebrow professionals who masterfully paint on the missing hairs. But not everyone can afford to use the services of a specialist all the time — neither time nor money is enough for this.

Fortunately, an alternative has now appeared. It's about the latest American development Eyebrow Extension from the famous company Ready to Wear. This tool helps fill in the missing gaps in the eyebrows, while preserving their external naturalness.

A special soft brush makes it possible to emphasize eyebrows, adjust their contour, and give color saturation. Cellulose particles present in the gel instantly adhere along the line of the eyebrows, making them denser, brighter and clearer.

Gel Eyebrow Extension to simulate eyebrow hairs

The product is based on an innovative pigmented formula enriched with marine minerals. Gel Eyebrow Extension easy to apply, durable and allows you to achieve a striking effect in minutes.

Among the features of this unique development are:

  • ease of use;
  • color fastness;
  • the ability to choose from 3 shades;
  • flawless eyebrow contour.

Gel description Eyebrow Extension

Cosmetic novelty Eyebrow Extension has such characteristics:

  • Volume - 7,1 g.
  • Shades - brown dark and light.
  • Purpose: corrector for eyebrows, giving density and a rich shade.
  • Features of application: the flat side of the applicator gel is distributed along the entire line of the eyebrow, starting from its base. Using the pointed side, you can correct the tip of the eyebrow.
  • Ingredients: sea sludge, spirulina, talc, algae, panthenol, cellulose, magnesium, citric acid, orange peel powder, phosphate salt.
  • Co-production of the USA and Korea.

Finally, a development appeared on the cosmetic market that makes it easy and quick to improve the eyebrow line, give it a thick and expressive shade. The gaps between the rarely growing hairs are filled with special microparticles, making it appear that the eyebrows have a natural density.

One of the main advantages of the new drug is its incredible ease of use. To achieve maximum results, you do not need to make almost any effort. Simply take the applicator and apply the composition with its flat side, moving the brush from the base of the eyebrow to the outside. To give a neat appearance to the outside of the eyebrow, you can use the sharp side of the applicator.

As part of Eyebrow Extension no harmful chemical impurities. The tool is made on the basis of Gossypium-Herbaceum. The fibers of this cotton plant are successfully used not only in cosmetology, but also in medicine. They have a special structure that gives them a resemblance to natural hair. Therefore, gel-treated eyebrows look attractive and absolutely natural.

It is important to note that the composition does not have any side effects. Its natural formula does not cause irritation on the skin, and the hairs of the eyebrows retain their normal structure.

Where can I buy Eyebrow Extension

Please note that in specialized cosmetic stores, eyebrow gel is not currently available. You can only purchase it via the Internet - on the manufacturer’s official website. For residents of Russia, the price Eyebrow Extension is 987 rubles, with information on the cost in other countries, you can familiarize yourself by visiting the manufacturer's website.

Making an application is very simple. It is enough to fill out the order form and wait for the consultant to call. An employee of the company will clarify all the points you are interested in and discuss the delivery details.

Important! The official website often has favorable discounts and promotions, so stay tuned for special offers that allow you to buy Eyebrow Extension much cheaper than intermediaries.

Rules for the use and storage of the gel

To achieve an attractive and clear eyebrow line, do this:

  • Dispense gel Eyebrow Extension on the eyebrow.
  • Gently comb the hairs in the desired direction.
  • Wait for the product to dry.

Be careful! Gel Eyebrow Extension designed exclusively for external use. It must be used strictly according to the instructions, preventing the ingress of microparticles into the eyes. If this does happen, immediately rinse your eyes with a little warm water.

Keep the product in a place inaccessible to children. Optimal conditions - no direct sunlight, low humidity, temperature from 5 to 25 degrees. After opening the package, the gel retains its cosmetic properties for a year.

Eyebrow correction - an integral part of makeup

Thick eyebrows with a clear contour give the face expression, make the look open and attractive. Unfortunately, not every woman is endowed with perfect eyebrows by nature. If the hairs rarely grow or have a light shade, the image seems faded. Often, eyebrows are too wide or have uneven contours, which makes the face look scruffy. You can solve these problems with the help of competent correction.

Performing the procedure correctly is not easy, because each human eyebrow has many hairs - up to 600 and more. Therefore, many women prefer to use the services of professionals. The correction wizard will select the right shade using Eyebrow Extension and shape the eyebrows according to the features of the face.

After a successful procedure, the eyebrows should be symmetrical, have clear contours and expressive natural color. With the right approach, the correction is completely painless and does not cause unpleasant sensations to the visitors of the salon.

Special care is taken by masters during staining. This must be done very carefully so that the coloring agents do not get into the eyes. The composition is distributed using a special stick, applying protective pads to the skin. Staining usually lasts no more than 8-10 minutes, but it allows you to completely transform the image. Eyelashes get extra volume and appear long, eyebrows become clear and beautiful. We recommend using eye shadow, which are applied using a stamp.

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