Cellulite cream - composition, price, where to buy, instructions for use

Most women face an annoying cosmetic problem - cellulite. At first, small tubercles are visible only under the skin of the hips, and you can close your eyes to nuisance. But over time, cellulite progresses and captures new areas, and skin roughness becomes more pronounced, an ugly vascular pattern appears.

Because of this, even in summer you have to hide your legs under trousers or long dresses. The media are filled with advertisements for cosmetic products to get rid of cellulite, but most of them do not give a tangible result. One of the newest developments of specialists in the field of cosmetology - cream Extremewhich is highly efficient.

Extreme against cellulitis: truth or deception

Due to the fact that a lot of dubious products go on sale, women often have distrust of new cosmetics. But cream Extreme really gives amazing results. The formula of this tool is a unique combination of active ingredients. The cream helps improve blood circulation in the deeper layers of the skin, so cellulite disappears.

The main active ingredient of the cream is aminophylline, a substance developed by leading Russian scientists. It helps to normalize metabolic processes in tissues and skin cells. The volume of the tube is as much as 100 ml, which is enough for a very long time and even for joint use, in general, the manufacturer of Extreme Russia cream under the license of the German company Schwarzkopf, respectively, is sold both in the CIS countries and in the homeland of the manufacturer in Germany under the Cellufit brand tonic for cellulite and stretch marks.

Extreme cream price and discounts

The composition of the cream Extreme includes very rare and expensive components, for this reason its cost is slightly higher than that of pharmacy anti-cellulite products. One package of cream currently costs about 1300 Russian rubles. But at the same time there is always a chance to participate in the action or get a good discount. On promotional days, the cost of the drug can be reduced by more than 40%!

Place an order with a discount here and get a discount from the manufacturer from 25 to 40%!

Extreme from cellulite

Description of the benefits of anti-cellulite cream Extreme

Innovative cellulite treatment Extreme can be used by everyone, without exception, since he has no contraindications.

Cellulite is becoming an increasingly common problem these days. Indeed, in the modern world there are a lot of harmful factors that negatively affect the skin condition. The main causes of cellulite include:

  • Frequent stresses. Due to severe overstrain, the nervous system is depleted. This has a bad effect on blood circulation and metabolic processes in tissues. Therefore, the structure of the tissues is disturbed, and ugly tubercles begin to form.
  • Abuse of alcohol, caffeinated drinks, smoking. Bad habits cause problems with capillary gas exchange. This leads to an accelerated increase in body fat. In addition, alcohol upsets the water-salt balance in the body, fluid begins to linger in it, and swelling appears. These disorders are easily corrected with a cream. Extremewhose components have a tonic effect.
  • Lack of exercise. Lack of movement and sedentary office work adversely affect muscle tone and vascular status. Extra pounds appear, cellulite is formed.
  • Failure to comply with the principles of healthy eating. The regular use of fast food, convenience foods, fatty and fried foods disrupts metabolic processes and leads to an intensive increase in body fat. Another danger of an unbalanced diet is the formation of cholesterol plaques in the vessels.

The active ingredients of the cream will help neutralize the influence of all negative factors and defeat cellulite. With regular application Extreme in the body there are such positive changes:

  • Capillary gas exchange improves.
  • The walls of the vessels become strong and elastic.
  • Excess fat leaves the subcutaneous tissue.
  • The skin becomes smooth and healthy.
  • The metabolic processes in the cells are normal.

Due to this effect, the use of the cream gives good results even with running cellulite. The duration of the course varies depending on the degree of cellulite. The procedure for applying the product is very simple, since there is no need for any additional actions. You do not need to perform any wraps or massages, it is enough to treat problem areas with cream.

The composition of the anti-cellulite cream Extreme

Cream formula Extreme - This is a unique combination of active substances that are able to cope with cellulite in record time. The proportions of the composition are carefully thought out, thanks to which the cream acts effectively at the local level, without affecting the general condition of the body. The active ingredients of the cream include:

  • Aminophylline accelerates cellular metabolism, restores blood flow in the capillaries, reduces body fat.
  • Micellar concentrate. This substance is obtained from deer antlers. It helps get rid of edema and tightens the contours of the body. It has fat-burning properties.
  • Composition of healing oils: black cumin, amaranth, argan and even white mummy (stone). Thanks to this combination of oils, the skin becomes soft and supple, moisturized and enriched with beneficial components.
  • Natural extracts of medicinal herbs, obtained in a special way, preserve the maximum of active ingredients and remove toxic substances from tissues, moisturize and nourish the skin.
  • The micellar components of Goji Berries are famous for their beneficial effect on human metabolism and do not contain glucose, therefore they do not lead to the formation of excess fat. The active substances of these berries quickly improve the condition of problem areas.

Instructions for using the cream Extreme

Anti-cellulite cream Extreme very easy to use. Twice a day it is applied to clean skin of problem areas. To accelerate the penetration of cream components into the deeper layers of the skin, you can do a light massage.

Does the cream have contraindications

Formula Extreme carefully thought out, therefore, this cosmetic product does not pose a health hazard. Of the side effects, only an allergic reaction is possible (rarely). To check if you are allergic to the components of the cream, apply a little cream to your wrist skin. If after half an hour irritation and burning did not occur, then the tool can be safely used.

Cream Results Extreme Before and after

Cream Extreme Thousands of women have already taken advantage, and in most of them the results were noticeable after just a few applications. The problem areas began to smooth out, the skin became elastic, its color improved.

Cream Extreme helps women get rid of the ugly "orange peel" and return the body to an attractive fit look. The advantage of the cream is that it does not have any warming ingredients. And this means that it can be used even with vascular pathologies. Make your skin young and healthy in just a few cream reviews Extreme allow you to make positive conclusions, since it helps almost everyone at 96-99%.

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