Head & Hair - Oil complex for strengthening and hair growth

Head & Hair complex for the damaged hair, which restores the oil complex, strengthens the hair follicles and nourishes the curls along the entire length. A new organic-based product from the Zdorov brand has appeared on the cosmetic market after lengthy clinical trials. According to surveys of study participants, 85% of users of the complex observed an improvement in hair structure. Minor negative changes are noted only by 7% of respondents.

The brand Zdorov TM is known in the market of medical cosmetics for anti-aging cream - wax and propolis elixir to improve the digestive tract. This year, the company launched a line of products under the HeadHair brand.

Head & Hair oil stimulation oil complex is already available in private pharmacies and medical cosmetics stores. Due to the healing composition with a high content of propolis extracts and essential oils, the new product is in active demand.

The effectiveness of the hair-restoring product is due to the strong concentration of propolis and healing oils in its composition. As a rule, medical cosmetics contain a small fraction of organic oils that give only an external effect.

In the Head & Hair treatment complex to stimulate hair growth, essential oils have a pharmacopoeial concentration and are medicinal organic compounds.

In the communities of lovers of organic cosmetics and herbal medicine, numerous discussions of this product are open. According to forum participants, the regular use of a regenerating complex reduces dry skin, reduces irritation and promotes hair growth.

Head Hair complex to accelerate hair growth

The healing effect of the Head & Hair oil complex

The regenerative product is effective for any type of scalp, as it is based on hypoallergenic natural propolis. Also, the healing complex contains healing organic oils.

The production of a multi-component product takes place under industrial conditions from certified high quality raw materials.

The innovative difference between Head & Hair is a systematic approach to the treatment of hair and scalp problems. The multicomponent composition eliminates the cause of brittleness, dryness or hair loss, healing the disease from the inside.

The natural component strengthens the scalp in several stages:

  1. Stimulates the metabolic rate in the body.
  2. Saturates hair follicles with nutrients.
  3. Increases blood flow in the body.

One of the common problems of modern society is alopecia caused by potent drugs, protracted illnesses, or stress.

The restorative product Head & Hair comprehensively improves metabolic processes in the body, abundantly supplying the scalp with nutrients.

For example, if the circulatory system does not deliver the right amount of zinc to the scalp, then the hair cuticle becomes brittle and porous. Head & Hair based organic oils repair solution.

Clinical Trials of Head & Hair and Results

Therapeutic effect of the oil composition Head & Hair

Hair loss can have various causes: severe infectious diseases, disruption of the endocrine system or constant stress. Regardless of the reason, as a result, the hair roots die off, and the strands begin to actively “crumble”.

Natural active additives of the Head & Hair care complex act in several directions:

  • Supply of hair roots with nutritious components.
  • Cleansing of the scalp and “awakening” of dead hair follicles.
  • Stimulating active hair growth and tightening their texture.
  • Softening and protecting the scalp.

Well-groomed and healthy hair looks spectacular with any length and styling. To restore hair, you can try the expensive follicle transplant procedure or regularly carry out cosmetic procedures with a fleeting effect. However, the use of effective therapeutic cosmetics, verified by clinical trials, will bring a more noticeable effect.

Active ingredients for hair oil

The innovative Head & Hair formula for protecting and restoring weakened hair activates blood flow to sleeping follicles using 9 active ingredients

  1. Aminotein (R) - a protein shake based on the vitamins of groups A, B and E, nourishing the hair roots.
  2. Impulse 1000 (R) - a complex based on ginseng oil that stimulates the development and thickening of cannon hair. The effect of the use of the complex is noticeable after 10 - 15 days of use.
  3. Oil-based propolis extract saturates the scalp with flavonoids (quercetin and ramnetin). These components inhibit the growth of pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic fungi on the scalp. As a rule, inflammation of the scalp causing dandruff, itching and desquamation is caused by the active functioning of the fungi Pitirosporum orbiculare and Pitirosporum ovale, provoked by stress and hormonal disruptions.
    Medical studies have proven that it is the activity of pathogenic fungi that causes seborrheic dermatitis, thinning the hair structure.
    The regular use of the Head & Hair complex suppresses the growth of fungi, painful sensations, itching disappear soon and the amount of dandruff decreases.
  4. Refined olive oil. The oil obtained from olives by cold pressing is close in chemical composition to the sebum produced by human skin.
    Therefore, a combination of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids penetrates deep into skin cells without encountering the resistance of a protective barrier and is completely processed by the epidermis.
    Vitamins A and E, betaine and omega - acids contained in extra virgin olive oil slow down the aging process of the scalp. The components are actively absorbed, quickly integrating into metabolic processes and without violating the natural protective layer of the scalp.
    In addition, the oil structure gently moisturizes the skin without clogging the pores. Therefore, the Head & Hair complex has no gummy effect and is suitable for oily and combination skin.
  5. Burdock root oil extract. Burdock oil, obtained by processing burdock root, is used in many cosmetic formulas to restore the structure of hair and prevent their loss.
    The high concentration of this herbal component in the Head & Hair oil complex stimulates hair follicles and strengthens damaged tips. After prolonged use of the reducing product, the hair looks more dense and shiny, and also less prone to hair loss.

The active components of burdock oil are proteins that accelerate the natural production of collagen, which gives the skin firmness and elasticity.
The light texture of burdock root oil freely penetrates the hair matrix, saturating its cells and stimulating active growth.

Regular use of concentrated burdock oil contained in Head & Hair strengthens the hair cuticle. The external effect of the "thickening" of the cuticle is accompanied by the appearance of a healthy shine.

If the hair is regularly dyed, then the long-term use of the Head & Hair restorative composition returns them a rich natural shade. Therefore, the oil complex is recommended for rapid treatment of multiple clarified curls and the subsequent growth of their length.

  • Jojoba oil. This organic component is a dense liquid texture similar to hot wax. The oil is extracted by squeezing the nuts of a Simmondsia shrub, native to Brazil, Mexico and other southern countries.

The chemical composition of liquid wax is close to sebum, so its application does not leave a greasy film on the surface of the skin.
Jojoba oil is rich in amino acids, in their structure resembling collagen, as well as proteins.

Deeply penetrating the scalp, the extract of Simmondsia nuts destroys the sebum deposits and awakens clogged hair follicles to growth.

Thus, the follicles get the protein and collagen necessary for hair growth, become smooth and shiny.

The regular use of Head & Hair restorative formula abundantly nourishes the hair length with the active components of jojoba oil, closing the hair scales and moisturizing the cuticle. Therefore, the hair becomes more dense and smooth, the damaged ends cease to be split or break off.

Regular intake of a dose of the proteins necessary for hair growth reduces hair loss and makes them more docile and smooth. The external effect is similar to keratin straightening: the structure of curls becomes more elastic, shiny and obedient, wavy hair becomes smoother.

Regular cleaning of the follicles from the sebum layer provides intensive gas exchange in the cells of the scalp, preventing its drying out and the formation of dandruff.

Refined Simmondsia nut oil has no pronounced color and odor, therefore it is used to restore thin blond hair.

  • Castor oil. The warming effect of castor oil accelerates blood flow, saturating the scalp with nutrients and stimulating metabolic processes.
    Thus, a healthy water - fat balance of the skin is maintained, and the light texture of castor oil does not clog the skin pores, supporting natural gas exchange.

The increased content of protein and triglyceride acids in castor oil accelerates the hair growth process, actively absorbing into the roots through the cuticle cells.

Long-term use of the Head & Hair complex restores the protective function of the epidermis, reducing its susceptibility to changes in temperature and humidity. Moreover, with regular lightening with aggressive compounds, the hair structure remains protected from overdrying.

The strengthening properties of castor oil help Head & Hair to heal the initial stages of hair loss, reduce their intense loss due to imbalance of the endocrine system (for example, after childbirth).

  • Wheat germ oil. The chemical composition of the germinated wheat oil extract contains a high concentration of zinc, iron and selenium.
    The protein components of the oil are close in structure to the stem cells of the human body. Therefore, protein components are quickly absorbed into the cuticle and hair roots, accelerating their growth and regeneration of dead skin cells.

Thus, the hairline is healed and its growth is accelerated. The increased zinc content stimulates the production of coloring hair pigments. Therefore, gray hair becomes less noticeable, and bleached hair quickly return to its rich natural color.

A thin fat film formed by wheat germ oil envelops the damaged hair cuticle, protecting it from mechanical and chemical influences. The scalp looks more docile, smooth and elastic. Damaged lightening strands acquire their natural color.

The high content of vitamins B, E and dissolved crystals of allantoin soothes and softens the epidermis, preventing acute inflammatory processes and focal irritations on the skin.

The chemical properties of wheat germ oil help protect hair from cross-section and mechanical damage, and the abundance of trace elements restores the natural color of the hair from the inside.

  • Mandarin essential oil. The aroma of citrus fruit essential oil stimulates the pituitary gland of the human brain to actively produce hormones. Their effect dilates blood vessels, stimulates blood flow and increases body temperature.

Clinical studies prove the effectiveness of the positive effects of essential oils on human hormones. Therefore, a high concentration of tangerine oil normalizes the endocrine system, regulating the production of collagen and sebum.

Due to the intense effect of essential oil on the emotional background of a person, anxiety and depression are smoothed out. Thus, hair loss caused by stress and overwork is reduced.

These properties allow you to use Head & Hair to treat senile baldness and reduce symptomatic hair loss (bald patches). In addition, psychosomatic muscle clamps gradually relax, increasing the intensity of blood flow to the scalp.

Mandarin essential oil is actively dissolved in skin sebum, deeply penetrating the hair roots and nourishing the bulbs with regenerating components.
Long-term use of a high concentration of essential oil speeds up the process of cell recovery and hair growth. In addition, minor damage to the scalp heals faster.

The antiseptic properties of mandarin oil cleanse the scalp and promote the intensive penetration of therapeutic components into the structure of the hair roots and reduce the possibility of irritation.

The regular use of mandarin essential oil speeds up metabolic processes and does not cause skin irritation.

The natural components in the Head & Hair complex help to effectively combat intense hair loss. The increased content of vitamins A, B, E and proteins stimulates the rapid regeneration of hair and strengthens the roots.

The abundance of components that accelerate blood flow in the area of ​​the hair roots, supplies them with all the necessary components to obtain long hair. Active gas exchange and the formation of a thin protective film reduces daily hair loss.

How to purchase a Head & Hair repairing composition

The product for hair care Head & Hair is available for order from authorized dealers of the Zdorov company.

Head & Hair - Oil complex for strengthening and hair growth

Because of the popularity of the therapeutic product on the market, there are fakes, therefore it is recommended to purchase the oil complex only from the manufacturer Head & Hair, you can buy it in Russia, Ukraine and other countries, the price of hair oil during the sale period is 995 rubles in the Russian Federation. Detailed pricing and discount information is available on the manufacturer’s website.

Methodology for using the Head & Hair restorative complex

In order to prevent problems with hair and scalp, it is enough to use a restorative composition twice a week.

An oil composition is applied every other day to treat scalp problems.

  • The restorative composition is applied in stages to areas of dry scalp.
  • The product must be distributed on the hair and scalp with massaging movements.
  • A thin layer of the product applied to the head is covered with polyethylene and a terry towel for up to 60 min.
  • After completing the procedure, the head must be thoroughly washed with shampoo.

Regular use of Head & Hair oil will help heal scalp from itching and dandruff. Hair will grow faster, become healthier and denser, hair loss will decrease.

Hair loss caused by serious malfunctions of the endocrine system of the body, mental disorders or metabolic disorders, must be treated with medications, in consultation with a doctor.

Instructions for use Head & Hair for hair

Reviews about the complex for hair growth

To obtain a stable positive result, the regenerating complex must be used regularly.

Before buying Head & Hair, you should consult your doctor, as certain components of the nutritional composition can cause allergic reactions.

Opinion of the doctor and cosmetologist about Head & Hair

This complex has a declaration of conformity and is approved for sale in the CIS, which confirms the high quality and effectiveness of the Head & Hair complex of “Zdorov trademark”.Declaration of oil complex for hair

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the drug for the treatment of alopecia, which has a similar effect, which is produced in the USA. Minoxidil to restore hair growth.

Secrets to accelerate hair growth

Today, long hair is a real luxury, which is quite a laborious process to grow, but still possible. Poor food, a polluted atmosphere, and other negative factors will certainly affect the state of hair growth. If the girl is determined to get beautiful long hair, then this article is for her. Below you will find the necessary tips in order to grow long hair.

First of all, you need to review your diet, fully analyze the menu. Compliance with all kinds of diets, dietary restrictions can adversely affect not only hair growth, but also on the general state of health. Therefore, it is worth eating fully, not skipping meals and not experiencing sharp bouts of hunger. In order for the food to be truly correct, this issue must be approached thoroughly. Based on your weight and height data, you need to calculate the daily calorie requirement and try to keep your diet in this framework. Under this condition, the body will function well, and have everything necessary to maintain all the functions of the body.

In order for the hair to be beautiful and not to stop its growth, fats must be present in the diet, they are necessary for the well development of the hair follicle. Of course, you do not need to eat fatty lard or similar products, meat of low-fat varieties is suitable. It is also necessary to include healthy carbohydrates in the diet, first of all, cereals, fruits, honey and other similar products. Vitamins are important for hair growth, you can scoop them not only from fruits, but also take special vitamin complexes.

If the girl’s hair is weakened, she will not be able to grow long hair without using Head & Hair. Based on this statement, the next step is to strengthen the hair follicles. It is necessary to approach this issue comprehensively, it is possible to strengthen hair even with genetic factors. In this situation, a contrast shower for hair, head massage, masks and other cosmetic procedures will help. As natural stimulants for hair growth, such products as red peppers, mustard, apple cider vinegar and a variety of oils can act. Sour milk products and eggs can also be used. Also, store masks will help stimulate hair growth, such products are best purchased at a pharmacy or specialty store.

Another important item of hair care is systematic. Hair should be monitored daily, they should receive adequate nutrition and hydration. For adequate nutrition, use masks. You can either purchase them in a store or cook them yourself. In addition to masks, you can use all kinds of oils that will keep your hair in good condition throughout the day. When applying funds to the hair, special attention should be paid to the roots.

In order to achieve a truly visible result, you need to learn how to properly handle hair. This concept includes combing, styling and other factors. The longer the hair becomes, the more care it needs. It is necessary to purchase a comb for long hair, it must be made of wood. You need to comb your hair exclusively in a dry state. Combing wet hair is very easy to damage. It is important to choose the right shampoo, it is best to get it at the pharmacy. Of course, such shampoos have a more expensive price, but the quality is consistent. Therefore, the girl should be especially careful when choosing such cosmetics.

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