BotoxIN Botulinum toxin serum for Botox hair

A modern Botox-based drug BotoxIN is a compound consisting of complex proteins. Due to a special formula, the drug quickly blocks the susceptibility of muscle tissue to nerve impulses. The muscles relax, leading to the disappearance of wrinkles. Due to these properties, Botulinum toxin is widely used for salon rejuvenating procedures. In addition, it can be successfully used to improve the condition of the hair.

Under the influence of Botox on the scalp, positive changes occur at the cellular level. The hairs get more nutrients, which strengthens their structure. As a result, the hair becomes lush, shiny, well-groomed. Hair no longer falls out, split ends no longer bother.

BotoxIN Botulinum toxin serum for Botox hair

In addition, the composition of BotoxIn is enriched with a vitamin complex and plant extracts, and this is also very useful for scalp and hair.

This drug belongs to professional hair care products. But every woman can afford the procedures today. The fact is that the drug is produced in the form of a concentrate, which must be heated and dissolved in water. And hair treatment requires a very small amount: 2 ml - for short, and 4 ml - for long.

Such a small expenditure of funds makes the cost of one session very low. And the result will be visible immediately - the hair will begin to shine, become dense, elastic and silky.

Where can I buy BotoxIN

In the pharmacy network and specialized stores, whey is not currently sold. Buy BotoxIN it is possible only through the Internet, placing an order on the manufacturer’s official website. Hurry to make a purchase now. The fact is that the price of BotoxIn reaches 6000 rubles.

But at this time there is a very profitable action, and the drug can be purchased at only half the price - up to 3000 rubles. Specify the price of serum and information on discounts in other states on the official page.

buy Botoxin for hair

What it consists of BotoxIN

The original BotoxIn serum contains several ingredients that contribute to the rapid restoration of lifeless faded curls. Effective hair care is possible due to the presence of such active ingredients:

  • Keratin. It is the main reconstructing element of serum. Promotes the rapid restoration of the damaged structure of each hair. It has the effect of air conditioning, is able to fill the voids of protein.
  • Natural collagen. It is this protein in our body that is responsible for tissue elasticity. Under its action, the hair is strengthened from the inside, gain vitality, become voluminous and thick.
  • Aragon oil. It does not allow premature aging of hair, makes curls shiny, helps to strengthen the cuticle.
  • Hyaluronic acid. It is an integral component of many professional cosmetics. Helps to restore tissue structure, struggling with age-related changes. Helps hair retain moisture, preventing dryness and brittleness. It normalizes protein balance, thereby strengthening the hair rods. Gives curls a pleasant shine.
  • The complex of vitamins. BotoxIn serum contains vitamins useful for hair like A, B, E, C.
  • Extract from aloe vera. Enriches the scalp and hair with useful minerals, amino acids and vitamins. It improves blood circulation, due to which more nutrients enter the hair follicles. Creates extra volume.
  • Green tea (extract). It is one of the strongest natural antioxidants, improves local metabolic processes, and promotes hair growth.

The mechanism of BotoxIn's effect on the scalp and hair is based on the unique Intra Silan compound, which forms a kind of framework providing hair support from the inside.

Instructions for BotoxIN and when to use

There are no clear prescriptions for the use of BotoxIn. The serum can be used by any woman who is unhappy with her hair and wants to improve their condition.

The aesthetic effect of BotoxIn becomes noticeable very quickly. Curls acquire shine, elasticity and strength. It is especially useful to carry out such procedures to restore colored hair.

The active ingredients of serum quickly penetrate the hair, enriching them with useful components and helping to restore their structure. That is why reviews about Botoxin for hair are left mostly positive.

It's important to know! It was noted that the components of the serum help to solve the problem of hair loss and baldness. Therefore, it can be recommended not only to women, but also to men.

BotoxIN Botulinum toxin serum for Botox hair

Rules of the procedure

To use Botox with the maximum benefit for hair, follow these instructions:

  • Rinse the strands thoroughly with a special shampoo.
  • Dry them with a towel or hairdryer (cold).
  • Apply serum to the hair, evenly distributing it along the entire length of the curls.
  • Wait about half an hour.
  • Treat the hair with a sealing compound that will slow the leaching of the active ingredients.
  • Wait 5 minutes and rinse the strands with water.
  • Apply an indelible mask that prolongs the effect. BotoxIN.

If the procedure is performed correctly, the curls acquire softness and shine, become voluminous, elastic. Hair treated with Botox lends itself to better styling, and the hairstyle keeps its shape for a long time. When combing, the strands are not electrified. The shade of dyed hair becomes more persistent, deep and rich.

The main advantage of whey is that its action is not limited to visual effects. Penetrating into the hair, it contributes to their restoration and forms a protection against damaging factors.

When does Botox help for hair?

Serum Hair Treatments BotoxIN recommended in such cases:

  • Fragility and dryness of hair;
  • Lack of shine;
  • Insufficient volume;
  • Thin hair;
  • Constantly split ends;
  • Slow growth;
  • Severe hair loss;
  • Damage to hair structure after dyeing or lightening.

The substances contained in the serum will strengthen and improve every hairline, and the clarified curls will give a pleasant shade without pronounced yellowness.

Restrictions in use

Side effects after using Botox for hair were not observed. But since serum is a potent drug, it is advisable to observe precautions. First, test BotoxIn on the skin of the elbow, to make sure that you are not intolerant.

If there is damage to the scalp, the procedure must be postponed. An absolute contraindication to the use of Botox are neoplasms, problems with neuromuscular transmission. In addition, do not use serum during pregnancy and lactation. During this period, it is better to care for your hair with the help of soft natural compounds. Also, serum is not recommended for older people.

How long does Botox last for hair?

The manufacturer guarantees that, if used correctly, the effect of the serum will last for a very long time - at least 5 months. The hair structure will be able to fully recover, split ends will disappear, volume will appear and there will be no problems with styling. Use serum BotoxINand your hair will always be well-groomed, healthy and attractive!

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