Antiage Cream Healthy from Antiage Wrinkles: Composition and Description

Review of the healing cosmetic product for face skin care "Cream Healthy from Wrinkles", reviews of which are grateful to the manufacturer. And as it turns out it is not in vain!

This tool really revolutionized the world of cosmetology! It is created on the basis of beekeeping derivatives and extracts of medicinal plants. Effective for wrinkles, has a general anti-aging effect. It can be used at any age at any age and for solving such problems as, for example: correction of dermal defects (pimples, various skin irritations and excessive peeling).

It is completely safe and easy to use, and most importantly, it has passed a number of clinical trials and is certified. The course of improving the skin of the face with Zdorov's cream-wax will allow you to get rid of without any problems:

  • any mimic wrinkles - from the smallest to age, deeper;
  • increased dryness;
  • acne rash and sweating;
  • peeling of the dermis;
  • puffiness of the face and bags under the eyes;
  • excessive skin pigmentation.

In the program Live Healthy, Elena Malysheva talked about a cosmetic novelty for rejuvenation and how to get rid of wrinkles in 14 days using a cream of wax from the Healthy series, and real reviews confirmed this fact.the cream is healthy from wrinkles

Where to buy wrinkle cream

Now the cream wax Healthy from wrinkles can be bought only in the manufacturer’s online store, which sends the goods to the buyer by mail. The good news is that you do not need to make any prepayment. All upon receipt. In order to fill out an application you just need to fill out a form on the manufacturer’s website: phone number and name. After that, the representative will call back and specify the delivery address.

How much is this wonderful balm? The price is indicated on the site based on 1 full course of application.

Official site cream healthy

The product is certified and available for sale in most countries of Europe and the CIS.

Composition of cream-wax Healthy from wrinkles

  • Propolis extract is a well-known safe antioxidant! Includes the process of skin regeneration, relieves it from puffiness and protects from ultraviolet radiation, produces a rejuvenating effect;
  • Beeswax - launches the function of smoothing the skin making it more elastic and firm;
  • Siberian cedar resin - normalizes the natural function of cell division by saturating them with oxygen, thereby prolonging the life of cells. This process noticeably leads to skin rejuvenation, as a result, its appearance is noticeably improved;
  • Olive oil - rich in vitamins and rich in beneficial minerals, which in turn stimulates normal blood circulation;
  • Bee moth - has a beneficial effect on the restoration of the skin;
  • Bee venom - promotes the production of collagen, which protects the skin surface from external factors and ensures its elasticity;
  • Horse chestnut extract - reduces the permeability of the capillary walls, thereby contributing to the restoration of the skin!

The ingredients of the cream are specially selected, so that each of them enhances and helps the action of the other, thereby achieving the maximum effect from application.

Rejuvenating effect in 28 days of use

Healthy anti-wrinkle

The positive effect after applying Zdorov's cream will become noticeable almost immediately, that is, after two applications. The manufacturer strongly recommends a 28-day course according to the results of which:

  • Wrinkles will be smoothed out by 95%, the so-called face rejuvenation effect;
  • The so-called "peeling" of the skin will disappear;
  • Complete healing of microcracks will come;
  • Brown spots and small scars will leave the face;
  • The skin will regain its natural healthy color and become young and elastic again!

facial skin regeneration

Instructions for the use of anti-wrinkle cream Zdorov

  • Before use, it is necessary to wash your face and get rid of all kinds of cosmetics, then wipe it;
  • Apply the cream evenly to the skin surface, the layer should not exceed half a millimeter !;
  • Wait until the cream is completely absorbed;
  • Repeat the procedure daily only before bedtime!

Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream

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