Anti-Aging mask Kaprielle gold leaf Gold Mask 24K

Intensive mask for the face Kaprielle 24k Gold Mask in Gold Leaf Capriel for rejuvenation is a modern alternative to Botox, able to “tighten” the swollen oval of the face in a short time, improve skin tone, appearance and remove wrinkles.

High efficiency Kaprielle achieved through the action of its components - pure gold leaf and valuable essential oils of wild rose and rose. Essential rose oil is itself a biological contouring agent, and when combined with other ingredients, its effect is further enhanced.

The mask for rejuvenation begins to work after a single application: a pronounced lifting effect becomes noticeable, the skin acquires a fresh look, facial wrinkles are smoothed, age spots become less clear, and facial swelling is eliminated.

Mask application Kaprielle It does not require special skills and additional devices: it is applied, aged and removed almost in the same way as an ordinary mask. To achieve the desired effect and consolidate the result, it is enough to apply the mask twice a week. The cosmetic product has been tested and has the necessary quality certificates.

Real reviews about KAPRIELLE you can read in the comments of Hello magazine about the properties and results of the golden mask for rejuvenation with photos Before and After application.

kaprielle 24k gold mask gold leaf mask

Recruitment cost Kaprielle

Mask Kaprielle (Capriel kit) is 10 ml. serum, which contains valuable oils, and 35 thin plates of real gold leaf. The mask has a shelf life of 2 years due to the presence of natural ingredients and the absence of preservatives and stabilizers.

Do the expensive ingredients in the kit affect the final cost of the product? therefore, it will hardly be possible to buy such a mask in mass markets. Cosmetology products with precious metals are offered by elite cosmetics stores or specialized online stores. Kit price Kaprielle (serum + gold leaf plates) in different countries:

  • Russia - 1990 rubles.
  • Ukraine - 799 hryvnia.
  • Kazakhstan - 9990 tenge.
  • Moldova - 599 leu.

Capriel to buy

Characteristics and properties of the mask Capriel

Young skin does not need intensive care, because it itself is able to produce collagen and retain the right amount of moisture in the skin cells. But with age, this natural ability is lost, and the face acquires the first signs of aging: fine wrinkles, decreased tone, puffiness and dull color.

Over the years, a woman needs more and more thorough care for aging skin. Anti-aging cosmetic products, salon procedures, injections and even plastic surgery are used.

Facial plastic surgery is an extreme measure that should be taken deliberately and only after consultation with several specialists. After all, plastic surgery is a surgical intervention with associated risks and possible complications. Sometimes even the surgeon himself cannot predict the final result.

That's why the fight against the first signs of aging is better to start with conservative methods - high-quality premium skin care products.

What threatens a woman who has chosen the wrong cosmetic product for her? The maximum is an allergic reaction that will be easy to recognize after the first use, and subsequently easy to cure.  

Do not neglect a visit to a specialist for an initial consultation. A competent cosmetologist or dermatologist will help you navigate the variety of cosmetic products sold on the beauty market, and will recommend the best option out of all possible.

Cosmetology does not stand still: the latest developments of scientists in the field of production of external means for facial skin care will compete even with some surgical methods of rejuvenation.

For example, an innovative mask Kaprielle with soft gold leaf allows you to achieve a pronounced effect after several applications. The cosmetic effect of the mask is due to the rose and rosehip oils included in its composition - herbal remedies for facial contouring, which were also used by the famous Queen Cleopatra.

Gold leaf in the mask has an important role - it promotes the penetration of active substances into the deeper layers of the dermis and holds them for a long time.

Mask for rejuvenation applied to the face for 15-30 minutes: this time will be enough for the skin to absorb all the beneficial components present in the serum. The composition of the serum Kaprielle only natural ingredients are included, which allows you to not be afraid of toxic effects on the skin and internal organs.

Advantages over similar anti-aging agents

The development was clinically tested: 85% of women who experienced the effects of the mask on themselves noticed an improvement in their skin immediately after the first procedure. The face skin of all participants in the test test was noticeably rejuvenated: age wrinkles became less noticeable, overall tone increased, pigmentation decreased.

The number of procedures necessary to obtain a persistent pronounced effect of rejuvenation depends on the age of the woman and her individual characteristics. So, if you are more than 30 years old, but less than 40, the recommended course of "golden" rejuvenation will be 5-6 procedures with a frequency of once a week. The following course of application is recommended for older clients: two masks Kaprielle per week until a satisfactory result is obtained.

Set Kaprielle It doesn’t take up much space, it’s convenient to take it with you on the road: several weightless gold plates and a miniature bottle of oil will fit in the most compact handbag. This means that you do not have to interrupt the complex of anti-aging procedures if it becomes necessary to go on an unplanned trip or other spontaneous trip.

Undoubtedly a nice bonus from Kaprielle - the magic scent of the mask. The smell of roses is a noble aroma, in the old days accessible only to kings. With mask Kaprielle you will additionally take a course of aromatherapy: rose oil calms, improves performance, activates the emotional sphere, attracts luck.

Serum composition Kaprielle

Anti-Aging Serum Foundation Kaprielle - A mixture of rose oils with exceptional properties and a luxurious aroma. The rejuvenating mask contains the following components:

  1. Jojoba oil.
  2. Rosehip essential oil.
  3. Egyptian rose essential oil.
  4. Moroccan rose extract.
  5. Bay essential oil.
  6. Vitamin E.

The unique balanced complex of oils effectively eliminates age-related changes: it increases the overall turgor of the skin, “tightens” the blown oval of the face, smoothes expression lines and senile wrinkles, has a moderate whitening property, and eliminates excessive dryness of the skin.

Included Set Kaprielle the thinnest plates of soft gold leaf are used for better penetration of nutrients into the dermis and long-term retention of moisture in the deep layers of the skin. Gold does not darken, does not cause allergic reactions and does not have a harmful effect on the skin.

Detailed instructions for use

Mask Kaprielle It is recommended to use as a complement to everyday care for appearance.

Depending on the age and condition of the skin, use a “golden” mask once or twice a week. It can also be used as a means of "instant response" in cases where it is necessary to quickly return the skin to a fresh and rested look.

Detailed instructions for use are supplied with the kit. Kaprielle. General recommendations for using the mask are as follows:

  • Before using the product, thoroughly cleanse your face from cosmetics and skin secretions.
  • Apply a few drops of serum to your face and neck with gentle massage movements.
  • Wash and dry your hands very well (this item is important because all further steps should be carried out with clean, dry hands).
  • Gently lay a few leaves of gold leaf on your face, trying to distribute them evenly, without leaving gaps between them. Do not place plates on the eye area!
  • 20-30 minutes lie in silence, enjoying luxurious floral aroma.
  • Apply a little oil serum on the fingertips and begin to massage the face and neck, moving from the hairline down to the decollete, until the whole mask crumbles into tiny golden grains.

Effect from use Kaprielle

Mask Kaprielle - A powerful tool for aging skin care, so the result will be noticeable immediately after the first procedure. To consolidate the achieved effect, turn on the “golden” mask from Kaprielle in your daily appearance care and enjoy the result:

  • Fresh, rested skin.
  • A chiseled contour of the face.
  • The absence of wrinkles and age spots.
  • The beneficial effects of rose oils on the psyche and emotional background.

Be irresistible with a golden mask Kaprielle, and we also recommend watching a video clip describing the composition and configuration of the kit, find out the expiration dates and rules of use.

Common mistakes of women when taking care of themselves

The desire to look after yourself is commendable. But not all actions that women perform with their appearance lead to a positive result. At the same time, girls forget about some good habits or do not know at all:

  • Moisturizing neck, ears and décolleté. Usually women moisturize only the visible part of the face, forgetting about the neck, upper chest and especially about the ears. For delicate skin on the neck, eye care products are perfect.
  • The mask is a time of relaxation. A typical mistake: apply a mask to the face and continue to do their own thing. Tightened and weakened skin undergoes stretching, which contributes to the formation of wrinkles.
  • Clean brushes and hair brushes. Remains of cosmetics, varnishes, grease and dust accumulate on these items. Hair gets dirty faster, acne can occur on the skin. Brushes, sponges and hair brushes should be washed at least once a week using antibacterial agents.
  • Powder your face with oily sheen. When a layer of powder is applied to the skin moist from sweating secretions, the pores are clogged. As a result, the skin cannot breathe, and under it form black spots.
  • Combing wet hair. If the hair is brittle and split, then the habit of combing them immediately after washing may well be the reason. Wet hair should be dampened with a towel, dried with a hairdryer or allowed to dry on its own, and only then gently comb, starting from the very tips. In this case, it is advisable to use a comb with rare teeth.
  • Frequent use of scrubs. After “scrubbing” the skin becomes really clean and fresh. However, even the most gentle scrub is undesirable to use more than twice a week.
  • Do not forget about night cream. While the brain is resting, processes of cell regeneration and renewal take place in the layers of the epidermis. Night creams and masks enhance this effect, as well as nourish and moisturize the skin. The product must be applied one and a half to two hours before going to bed.
  • Frequent experiments with care products. Experienced well-groomed women have been using products of the same brands for years and look amazing. Finding one suitable product and using it for years is much easier than changing cosmetics all the time, exposing the skin to unnecessary stress.
  • The right foundation. The fact that different skin types require different care products is obvious. With tonal means a similar situation.
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