Farsali Rose Gold Elixir serum primer for skin rejuvenation

A group of American scientists has developed a unique cosmetic novelty - the elixir Farsali Rose Gold. This tool is intended for skin rejuvenation and its intensive hydration and can be applied to all types of dermis.

The moisturizing elixir oil allows you to achieve a pronounced anti-aging effect thanks to a unique formula with rosehip oil, vitamins A and C, 24K gold. All these components provide complete skin healing in the shortest possible time. Acting together, they have a powerful antioxidant effect, due to which aging processes in the skin slow down. Cell renewal improves, tissues become resilient, filled with vitality and health.

Farsali Rose Gold Elixir nourishes the skin, helps it retain moisture, helps restore the epidermis, improves local metabolism. In addition, the elixir has an additional property - it provides reliable protection against external factors.

Rosehip oil has a lot of medicinal properties, it is not for nothing that experts in traditional medicine call this product "liquid gold". It accelerates the processes of tissue regeneration, smoothes wrinkles, and makes hyperpigmented areas less visible. Under its action, the skin of the face is healed, refreshed and smoothed. Another active component of the elixir is 24K gold. It stops age-related changes, rejuvenates the dermis, improves complexion.

"Vitamin A" eliminates skin inflammation, regulates the sebaceous glands, activates metabolic processes in cells. Under the influence of this vitamin, collagen synthesis is improved, which is necessary to maintain tissue youth. Also, "vitamin A" helps to cope with increased pigmentation on the skin of the face. Vitamin C has a beneficial effect on the state of blood vessels, promotes collagen production, and has wound healing properties. In addition, vitamin C is very beneficial for sensitive skin.

Farsali Rose Gold Elixir skin primer

We also advise you to try Rose Gold Elixir Radiating Moisturizer. Use it in such cases:

  • As a basis before applying decorative cosmetics. Thanks to this tool, makeup lays down smoothly, looks natural and lasts longer.
  • To maintain sufficient moisture in the skin. A couple drops of Radiating Moisturizer should be mixed with a foundation and distributed in the usual way on the face. There is another option for moisturizing the skin with makeup. First, a foundation is applied to the face, and then drops of Radiating Moisturizer are dripped onto the 2-3 sponge and gently blend.
  • To moisturize dry skin near the eyes. To this end, a little Radiating Moisturizer is mixed into the concealer. You can also apply a concealer, and then a couple of drops of the humidifier, shading it with careful movements.

How much and how to buy Farsali Rose Gold

To avoid trade margins and reduce the risk of selling fakes, the manufacturer sells its products only through the official online store. Make a request on the site, and the order will be sent to you by mail in the near future. The value of Farsali during the period of holding the shares is usually 1280 Russian rubles. The price for Kyrgyzstan is 1700 soms, for Kazakhstan - 7000 tenge.

Important! Cosmetics manufacturer Farsali never requires prepayments from buyers. Purchase is paid upon receipt of the parcel. You simply fill out the form on the website, enter your data, the consultant contacts you and clarifies the delivery details.

Buy Farsali Rose Gold Elixir for rejuvenation

Serum composition Farsali Rose Gold Elixir

Rose Gold Anti-Aging Elixir for Skin has become a sensation in the cosmetic market due to its quick and noticeable effect. The anti-aging effect of Farsali serum is provided by a unique complex formula, which was developed on the basis of such components:

  • Pink seed oil. Not for nothing that professional cosmetologists highly value this product - it has many qualities that are beneficial to the skin. Rose oil is able to activate tissue regeneration processes, well softens the dermis and maintains its moisture, normalizes the function of fatty glands. This oil is of great benefit in case of irritations, it quickly soothes the skin, relieves inflammation and prevents peeling. In addition, rose seed oil effectively smoothes wrinkles, reduces scars and scars, and can be used to prevent stretch marks.
  • Lemongrass oil. It is a real natural medicine. It improves the condition of the vascular walls, relieves inflammation, heals wounds and microcracks, and prevents the formation of acne. In addition, lemongrass improves microcirculation, due to which the skin receives more nutrients. It is great for combination and oily skin. Its active components contribute to deep cleansing of the dermis and narrowing of pores, remove toxins and eliminate the extremely unpleasant phenomenon - comedones. Lemongrass also improves the flow of lymph, moisturizes the skin and makes them more elastic. And this is not the whole list of useful properties of lemongrass oil. It also has a pronounced deodorizing and disinfecting effect.
  • 24K Gold. This active element in Farsali accelerates cell division of the upper layer of the skin. Thanks to this, the tissues renew faster and become more elastic. And this is of great importance for aging skin. In addition, gold particles remove dead skin cells from the skin and trigger regeneration processes. As a result, the skin of the face is smoothed, younger, acquires elasticity and velvety. Another important property of gold is its ability to slow down the output of collagen, which also contributes to a noticeable rejuvenation of the dermis.
  • Pumpkin seed oil. Good for combination, dry and normal skin. Provides excellent care for sensitive and flaky mature skin. Among its useful qualities, first of all, it is worth noting the active hydration of skin tissues, due to which the skin becomes more fresh and elastic. If you regularly apply this oil to the skin, the condition of the skin capillaries will improve over time, and ugly spider veins will not appear on the skin.
  • "Vitamin C". Increases cellular activity, stimulates tissue regeneration and promotes enhanced production of collagen. Heals skin wounds, has a tonic effect, strengthens capillary walls.
  • Retinol (Vitamin A). This vitamin is very useful for dry and irritated skin. It soothes, relieves irritation and improves the function of the sebaceous glands. Retinol also activates collagen synthesis, which gives a good anti-aging effect.
  • "Vitamin E" is an essential component for healthy nutrition of all skin types.

Why do facial wrinkles occur?

This annoying cosmetic defect appears not only on mature skin, it often spoils the mood even for very young women. The premature appearance of such wrinkles can be associated with several reasons:

  • Lack of moisture. At the same time, skin tightness is felt, peeling is constantly worrying.
  • The negative impact of ultraviolet radiation. It penetrates the skin's natural protective barriers and damages the lipid layer.
  • Inadequate collagen synthesis. Due to the lack of this substance, the skin becomes less elastic and sagging becomes noticeable.
  • Excess toxins. If harmful substances are poorly removed from the skin, local immunity worsens and age-related changes are accelerated.

Why wrinkles and their appearance

Some useful ideas for using Farsali Rose Gold Elixir:

  • Regular care The unique elixir enriched with 24K gold is recommended by cosmetologists for all skin types. It helps to heal the skin and cope with age-related changes. For maximum benefit, it is advisable to use the elixir every day. Golden particles fall into the deep layers of the skin, making it fresh, supple and radiant. It is important to note that Rose Gold not only rejuvenates the skin, but also helps restore damaged areas. Therefore, it is advised to use it for acne, stretch marks and scars.
  • Makeup base. To make the makeup easy to apply and look perfect, spread a few drops of serum on the skin of the face, and only then apply a foundation. As a result, you get an even matte tone, without unpleasant shine and visible flaws. Makeup will look natural, last all day, and the skin will be moisturized and saturated with beneficial substances. Also, a few drops of the elixir can be mixed with foundation or gently apply it with a sponge on top of the makeup.
  • Moisturizing areas near the eyes. The skin at the eyes is very thin and sensitive, therefore, it regularly needs additional care. For this purpose, cosmetologists advise adding Rose Gold to the concealer. In addition, you can first use a concealer, and apply a little serum on top and shade it with patting movements.
  • Moisturizing lips. The serum protects the delicate skin of the lips from drying out and does not interfere with the smooth application of lipstick. Spread Rose Gold on your lips, wait until it is completely absorbed, and then boldly use lipstick.
  • Restoration of dry cosmetics. If you notice that your favorite foundation has dried up, do not rush to throw it away. With Rose Gold, things can be quickly fixed. Add a couple drops of elixir to your favorite cosmetic product, and it will return to its previous consistency.

Rules for applying serum Farsali Rose Gold Elixir

  • If you decide to use Farsali Rose Gold as a standalone product, apply a couple of drops to a moistened sponge and evenly distribute it on the skin. The product is suitable for the care of lips and skin around the eyes.
  • To improve makeup, the elixir is used in this way. First, sponge is impregnated with a small amount of serum, and then tonal agent is applied with this sponge. As a result, you get a great smooth make-up.
  • In a similar way, you can do makeup with a brush. Treat it with serum (a couple of drops will be enough), and then use it to apply foundation or concealer.

Getting rid of wrinkles in the mouth

Folds in the mouth cause discomfort to many women. The reason is the regular work of the circular muscle, which is aimed at eating and in the expression of personal emotions. The skin in this area is highly vulnerable and constantly exposed to external factors. It contains a minimal amount of sebaceous glands. With constant care in this area, a sharp decrease in collagen occurs and elasticity is lost. However, there are other reasons that lead to wrinkles in the mouth. Basically, these include: instant weight loss, regular movement of the circular muscle, heredity and bad habits. The use of cosmetic procedures helps to quickly eliminate wrinkles:

  • Procedures in the salon. Specialists regularly use certain injections. Contouring is a popular anti-wrinkle technique. Botox eliminates muscle spasm, mesotherapy eliminates wrinkles up to 12 months. Lifting helps fight wrinkles effectively. There are also additional procedures that can be found in beauty salons.
  • Special exercises. Certain exercises at home with constant performance will help to cope with wrinkles in the mouth. First you need to fold the lips with a tube for a few seconds and then it is worth returning them to their original position. A regular method is to inflate the cheeks for 10 minutes. Repeat the procedure at 5-10 times every day. It is recommended to extend the lower jaw forward and then return it to its original position. Inhale deeply through the nose and exhale through the oral cavity. Exhalation should occur with slightly puffed cheeks. You must repeat the movement 10 times daily. The effect will be noticeable for 30 days.
  • Alternative methods help to effectively cope with unnecessary folds. First of all, you need to use a nourishing cream that contains all the necessary vitamins. Every day you need to rub apricot oil or sandalwood on your lips. You should combine the egg yolk with a few drops of olive oil and apply the mixture to the skin around the lips. You can make a decoction of oak bark or chamomile. Should they wipe all the skin around the lips. These methods will help to quickly eliminate wrinkles in the mouth.
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Anna Evgenievna Bazilevskaya is the author of many feature articles on cosmetology, rejuvenation, treatment of various skin diseases and detoxification of the body.

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