Redlock - Cream for depilation and hair growth retardation

Innovative cream Redlock It helps to remove hairs in a quality and painless manner without harming the skin. A unique tool can be used for depilation of various parts of the body: armpits, legs, bikini zone. The cream effectively fights excess vegetation on the body, gives the skin smoothness and moisturizes it. Due to the exclusively natural composition, the product has no contraindications for use, and when using it, side effects do not occur.

After each new application of the cream, the hair on the body will become lighter and thinner. Therefore, it will not be possible to remove them so often, and the epilation procedure itself will be greatly simplified. The skin will become smooth and soft as the cream has a complex caring effect on it. At the same time, the drug will become a wonderful alternative to laser hair removal, shugaring and other expensive salon procedures for getting rid of hair. Among other things, the tool will cost quite inexpensively and in fact will prove its effectiveness.

Modern cream Redlock Is a great way to get rid of hair from different parts of the body without pain or discomfort. The hair growth retardation product contains a combination of natural ingredients to slow hair growth and gently care for the skin. By efficiency Redlock can replace eight laser hair removal procedures!

The hairs on the human body have important functions. They are necessary for the protection of the skin, successful healing of scratches and abrasions, and thermoregulation. Nevertheless, in the realities of the modern world, it is indecent for women to show others around excess vegetation on the body, so the fair sex have come up with many ways to remove it. Undoubtedly, any woman would like this process to take the minimum amount of time and at the same time give the maximum result.

packaging and bottle Redlock

Cost and where to get Redlock

Today it is not easy to find and buy Redlock cream in ordinary stores, and therefore it is better to purchase it in the manufacturer's online store.

Be careful! On the Internet, you can now come across scammers selling substandard and fake products, especially advertised on social networks. You should buy the cream only on the official website of the manufacturer, otherwise you may lose your money and even harm your skin with unknown drugs.

It is not at all difficult to order a cream, the procedure will take no more than five to six minutes:

  • go to the supplier’s website;
  • fill out a short form, write the phone number and email address;
  • click on the “order” button;
  • We are waiting for the manager’s call, we clarify the details and confirm the order.

What about the price? Now there is a promotion on the site that allows you to save a lot on your purchase. At the moment the price of the cream Redlock is 975 rubles in Russia. A hair growth inhibitor is delivered throughout the CIS and Europe, and can also be bought in Asia.

The manufacturer does not require any prepayment on the site, you can pay for the parcel upon receipt. Hurry, because the validity period of promotional offers is limited, and there are already many who want to buy a product at a bargain price, and their number is only increasing.

buy depilation cream Redlock

What's happened Redlock and how does it work

It may seem that such a routine for any girl, such as eliminating excess hair, should not become something difficult, but why then does hair removal cause so many problems? Frequent use of a razor (because it is necessary to shave if not every day, then at least two to three times a week) changes the structure of the hair - it thickens and begins to grow much faster. In addition, an ordinary razor mercilessly injures the skin, causes irritation, itching, redness and even cuts, and as a result - the possibility of introducing an infection into the wound.

With depilation, the situation is similar, and for a satisfactory result it must be carried out several times, because the hair is not completely removed and unevenly. What can we say about hair removal, then such procedures should generally be equated with torture. Electric epilators inflict intense pain that few women can endure. In addition, after removal, unaesthetic red dots remain on the skin, which do not heal immediately.

The most effective and painless way to remove hair is photo- or laser hair removal, but because of its high cost, it still remains inaccessible to the vast majority of women. In addition, radiation is fraught with side effects and not everyone is allowed. It turns out that an affordable, effective and painless method does not exist? There is a solution: you can use a special cream.

Redlock is the latest development of leading cosmetologists and dermatologists, has already conquered more than one thousand beautiful women from around the world. Not so long ago, residents of the CIS countries also had the opportunity to purchase a unique product. So what is this cream and how does it work? In the production of the drug, only natural ingredients are used, which eliminates the risk of undesirable consequences.

The main purpose of the product is to facilitate the hair removal procedure and inhibit their growth. The effectiveness of the novelty has already been confirmed by repeated clinical studies, in which thousands of volunteers have already participated. After use, none of them were disappointed in the result.

Conclusion: Redlock cream is a powerful and versatile remedy for removing excess vegetation, which at the moment has no competitors with a few exceptions of paste Epilage.

Problems with simple shaving during hair removal

It so happened that girls always strive for beauty. Smooth, smooth and silky skin is an invariable part of any harmonious look. Therefore, you have to shave your legs regularly: not so often in winter, but daily in the summer, because already a day after shaving, a noticeable rough bristle appears.

Beauticians and doctors advise to do waxing or laser hair removal - this will help to forget about the vegetation for at least a few weeks. However, these methods are not suitable for everyone: the first - because of pain, the second - because of the high cost.

Constant shaving will give your skin the smoothness you want, but the result will not last long. And the disadvantages of this procedure are very significant:

  • irritation, redness and roughness of the skin;
  • risk of cuts;
  • thickening of hairs and acceleration of their growth;
  • coarse stubble.

Advantages Redlock and its properties

This modern drug has many advantages. As already mentioned, no harmful or toxic components were used to make it, so there will be no side effects from its use. The cream has a delicate silky texture, is well absorbed, moisturizes the skin and does not cause allergies.

The tool is suitable for all women, without exception, because during its manufacture the manufacturer took into account the nuances of all skin types. And undoubtedly, its main advantage is efficiency. Redlock, as already mentioned, will replace eight trips to the salon for laser hair removal.

Keep in mind that an innovative product provides a long result, and in addition, provides comprehensive care and therapeutic effect, which will help to cope with many skin problems.

How does cream work? Redlock for depilation

When applying the cream to the skin, the active ingredients penetrate deep into the hair follicle and inhibit hair growth. The natural ingredients that make up the product gently moisturize rough skin and eliminate the occurrence of irritation.

Thanks to the thinning of the bulb, the hairs become softer and lighter. The stiff bristles transform into thin liquid rods.

It is worth emphasizing that the cream Redlock - This is not an ordinary depilatory cream, and this drug is not sold in pharmacies. But you can easily buy it on the official resource of the supplier.

Cream Composition Redlock

All ingredients of the product were carefully tested and selected in the optimal ratio. They not only have an effective effect independently, but also successfully enhance each other's action. Part Redlock Extracts of the following unique plants were included:

  1. Gamalelis. It nourishes the skin, removing harmful substances from it, cleans clogged pores, prevents epidermal irritation, and relieves pain and discomfort from hair removal.
  2. Aloe juice. Moisturizes the skin, giving it elasticity and velvety, accelerates the regeneration process, heals small wounds.
  3. Fibaurea. It is she who makes the bulbs “fall asleep”, thereby inhibiting the growth of undesirable vegetation. In addition, this plant prevents the appearance of ingrown hairs, which causes so many inconveniences.
  4. Bacopa Monnieri. Her product owes its effect of softening, bleaching and thinning hair. 

The principle of operation and action of the cream Redlock for depilation

How does the cream still work? Redlock? Its active components penetrate directly into the hair follicles and soften them, due to which the hair structure changes - it becomes brittle, soft and inhibits its growth. Among other things, the drug has anti-inflammatory, soothing, healing and disinfecting effects.

It speeds up the healing of cuts, moisturizes the epidermis and kills bacteria. Use Redlock regularly after hair removal, and your skin will become smooth to the touch, healthy and silky. Just one tiny tube, and how much is useful:

  • You no longer need to kill a certain amount of time for frequent shaving of hairs: earlier you had to use the machine at least 2 once a week, but now you can do it much less often;
  • You will avoid itching, redness and peeling of the skin;
  • You will get rid of the problem of ingrown hairs, and hence the inflammation that accompanies them;
  • If you use an epilator to remove vegetation, now you will endure these painful procedures much less often (after several sessions it will become noticeable that the hairs now grow more slowly);
  • You do not have complexes about pimples and red spots after epilation, you can safely naked on the beach or put on open things;
  • Your smooth legs attract male attention;
  • You look great and shine with confidence.

How to use Redlock and instructions for use

Before applying the cream to slow hair growth, you should carefully read the instructions from the manufacturer:

  • remove hair with any method suitable for you;
  • thoroughly rinse the skin from the remnants of hair;
  • steam the skin well to expand the pores - this way the cream will act faster.
  • squeeze some cream from a tube into the palm of your hand;
  • apply to areas of hair that have undergone hair removal and rub in with light movements (it is necessary to wash off).

The manufacturer does not give recommendations and restrictions regarding the period of use; use the cream as necessary. Keep in mind that using Redlock You can remove hairs not only on the legs, but also on more sensitive areas of the skin - armpits, arms and bikini area.

Clinical studies of depilation cream

The tests were carried out by the World Organization of Dermatology and Cosmetology. The experiments lasted a little less than a year, involving more than 13000 women, who were divided into three groups. The first group used a shaving razor, the second depilated their hair, and the third applied Redlock cream according to the manufacturer's instructions.

As a result, the most significant effect was observed in girls from the third group. Hair growth has slowed down fivefold when compared with pre-experiment performance. For those women who used the razor, an anti-record was recorded - hair began to grow five times faster. Thanks to these indicators, experts have concluded that the new development is effective. There were no side effects in the subjects, which once again confirms the safety of the product.

Contraindications for use

Do not worry about side effects, because the cream Redlock completely harmless. If you have sensitive skin prone to allergies, you can do a little test. Lightly lubricate your wrist with the cream and wait a little. If no redness or itching is found within 1-2 hours, feel free to use the product. The only prohibition is burns or open damage to skin areas. It should be noted that during the testing process and after its completion, there were no complaints of side effects from volunteers.

Tired of shaving often? Tired of the constant struggle with excess vegetation? Does epilation cause severe pain, irritation or redness of the skin? Did the hair grow faster, become stiff and thick? Enough tolerating this! All these problems can be solved very quickly. Use Redlock Cream and enjoy smooth skin without pain and discomfort!

Reviews about cream Redlockto slow hair growth

Polina Yurievna, Dermatologist, Novosibirsk, Russia.

“A few days ago, one of my patients asked me whether it is safe to use Redlock cream after hair removal. I had to carefully study the composition and use, now I can say that the drug is completely safe. There are no artificial ingredients in the composition, and herbal components only contribute to the healing of the epidermis. However, I do not recommend using the product for women with skin lesions such as eczema or psoriasis. ”

Alina, 22 of the year, St. Petersburg, Russia.

“It seemed to me that slowing down hair growth is something from the category of science fiction, so, competent advertising, no more. Then a friend recommended this cream, and I believed and ordered. And not disappointed! Indeed, the hair on the legs began to grow not so fast. Previously, I had to shave every 2-3 day, now the effect lasts a week, and the hairs are softer. ”

Tatyana, 32 of the year, Krasnoyarsk, Russia.

“Not so long ago I bought Redlock cream and began to use it. Well, what can I say, I am satisfied, the cream has something to praise. The manufacturer promises that the hair will grow more slowly, and I really noticed this effect. And the best part is that after the cream, the skin is delicate, and there is no rash after shaving either. In general, do not be afraid, buy, I recommend! ”

Shugaring - sweet hair removal at home

Sugaring (sugar), which is translated from English as sugar, is a type of hair removal that, after a thousand years, is at the pinnacle of success. Without harm, you can easily remove excess vegetation from the body.

Shugaring It has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • economy;
  • painlessness (grasps delicately without injuring you);
  • hypoallergenicity;
  • getting rid of ingrown hairs;
  • durability (the period between the procedures is three weeks).

Preparation for the depilation procedure

Bioepilation can be done independently, at home. For this manipulation, caramel balls will be required. Cook the pasta in advance according to a very simple recipe:

  • sugar 10 tablespoons;
  • lemon juice and running water in one tablespoon.

We cook the means for depilation ourselves:

  1. We mix the ingredients in a saucepan with a thick bottom, which is put on medium heat.
  2. Constantly stirring, we achieve melting.
  3. When the contents boil, reduce the temperature and cook for 7 -8 minutes.
  4. The syrup acquires the smell of caramel, bring to an amber color.
  5. To check readiness, drip the mixture into cold water, if the drop retains its shape, remove and try to mash.
  6. To leave the bubbles, stop stirring a minute before the end.
  7. Cool to 30-40 degrees (not allowing to harden), this mass is for one-time consumption.
  8. A water bath or microwave can be used to mitigate.

Ready-made pasta can also be bought at the store. Fabric strips are included or sold separately. To use it, you need to separate a small portion and melt by steam. Apply the emulsion with a spatula, attach the fabric, after the product hardens, quickly tear off. This procedure is more painful.

Depilation session

Carefully relate to the process of organizing the procedure, the result obtained depends on this:

  1. Before starting, the surface must be cleaned and degreased (soap, tonic).
  2. Disinfect (vodka, alcohol), you can apply anesthetic cream.
  3. Before work, blot a part of the body with a napkin, sprinkle with talcum powder, hands should also be dry, gloves can be used.
  4. Form a small ball to the size of a walnut and knead until it acquires a pearly shade, the consistency should be like that of plasticine.
  5. Apply (pressing and stretching) to the area against hair growth, feel a light grasp, holding the skin, with precise and sharp movements, remove the growth of the hairline. 2 mm hair is pulled out together with the bulb without damaging the skin. This piece is suitable until it is dirty, then you should take another.

Skin Care after Hair Removal

It is important to follow the rules of hygiene, use bactericidal drugs, when signs of inflammation appear, antiseptics are necessary. For cleansing, infusions of herbs, essential oils are suitable. There are lotions that help care after depilation.

After the session, the day is prohibited:

  • any water procedures;
  • weight lifting and physical education;
  • prolonged exposure to the sun;
  • use of cosmetics that clog pores (deodorants, powders).

Despite the attractiveness and accessibility, there are a number of contraindications:

  • pregnancy;
  • coronary heart disease, hypertension;
  • varicosity;
  • infection of the skin;
  • injuries, cracks;
  • fresh tan;
  • diabetes.

In order to stay healthy and well-groomed, follow all safety precautions. Sweet shugaring has its own nuances, considering which we get the expected result.

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