Dermacol Dermacol foundation with ultra masking effect

In the middle of the last century, a significant meeting of professional make-up artists with specialists working in the field of cosmetics in the medical field took place. The result of communication between doctors and cosmetologists was the creation of a brand popular today Dermacol, which has become a breakthrough in the field of cosmetology.

The historical event took place at the Barrandov film studio. It is not known for certain in what conditions the meeting took place, this moment began to be considered the time of birth of the now popular foundation. Beauticians in Poland and Czechoslovakia at 1966 created a well-known product - Dermacol cream. The cosmetic product is high quality and its cost today is quite high, but very affordable to a wide range of consumers.

The cream is endowed with unique cosmetic properties, which, according to the logic of things, can contradict each other, not combining sufficiently. But as a result of cooperation of specialists, the result was obtained and exceeded all expectations. The cosmetic product has become quite famous in certain artistic circles.

Three years later, Hollywood acquired a license for the production of cream, thanks to which movie stars have a unique appearance - the product perfectly smoothed the skin of the face, giving it a screen gloss and attractiveness, and the creators of it brought well-deserved luck.

Foundation Dermacol with masking effect

To date, the brand’s position Dermacol not only not lost in the cosmetic market, but also actively strengthened, gaining more and more popularity and popularity not only among stars and actors, but also among ordinary users of cosmetic products.

The product meets the standards of the European Community, having passed clinical testing at the Prague Institute of Health. Company Dermacol produces not only decorative cosmetics, but also other face and body skin care products.

The range of cosmetic products is diverse, which gives women of any age category the opportunity to choose the right product.

All branded products are very popular, especially with regard to foundation, which has become a brand name. Despite the cost, ladies willingly purchase it, wanting to see their skin smooth and even.

What properties does the cream have? Dermacol

With this tool you can hide even the largest skin defects. This property compares favorably. Dermacol from similar creams. Positive qualities of a cosmetic product:

  • Even the thinnest layer is enough to ensure that the face has the desired color with an even tone.
  • The special consistency of the cream allows you to hide the imperfections of the surface epidermis, while maintaining the natural color of the skin and facial texture.
  • Perfectly masked such flaws as: vitriol, acne and scars.
  • The skin of the face is perfectly aligned, it becomes perfectly clean and smooth.
  • There is a large gamut of colors, which allows you to choose the color that is most suitable for the natural.
  • Does not cause allergic reactions.

Dermacol cream, which has several functions, has a fairly affordable price. The product perfectly protects the skin from UV rays. The cream is especially useful for young ladies who have freckles. Sun glare will not affect its quality.

An agent suitable for any skin does not clog pores, allowing the skin to breathe freely. In addition, it can be perfectly combined with other cosmetics.

It is worth paying attention: with healthy and normal skin, but still having certain defects, the product should be used only for special cases.

The effect of the use of Dermacol

Where to buy cream Dermacol

It’s easy to get a popular foundation cream suitable for most women by placing an order on the official manufacturer’s website, delivery is very fast within 4-5 days to any city in Russia.

Cream price Dermacol it is quite democratic and amounts to 995 rubles, therefore it is recommended to buy Dermacol and a gift for friends, they will appreciate it! The cost for residents of other countries is indicated on the manufacturer’s website in the currency of the respective country.

Buy Dermacol foundation from the Czech Republic

Who is Dermacol recommended to?

Over time, a well-known cosmetic Dermacol strengthens its gained position, which is not surprising. Used for makeup, as a tonal layer, it has always been used by theater actors and movie stars, despite the cost, as it perfectly masked all skin flaws. Girls who have problem skin and want to hide it, just as willingly use it.

Today, an ideal, lasting cosmetic product for women perfectly masks dark circles under the eyes and provides an even coating of the epidermis.

After salon procedures: peeling and cleaning, the product serves as an excellent masking and protection of the skin from aggressive environmental influences.

For those who have pronounced deficiencies of the upper skin layer, a cream is extremely necessary.

It is worth knowing: a tonal remedy is suitable for any skin and for any of its visible problems.

What does the manufacturer guarantee?

Producing a cosmetic product Dermacol, Prague developers are making efforts to maximize the count so that the cream becomes generally available to the masses of consumers. The composition of the formula, they claim, includes organic extracts. Natural ingredients help relieve skin inflammation. In addition to all these advantages, the cream perfectly masks tattoos.

The manufacturer promises:

  • masking freckles and age spots;
  • high water resistance;
  • lack of allergies.

Need to know: The product has passed a dermatological test, but without the participation of animals. In order to hide all skin imperfections, the foundation should be applied correctly.

Foundation color scheme

A distinctive feature (in comparison with other tonal creams) of the presented cosmetic product is a diverse color palette of shades, allowing you to select the most suitable tone. You can choose a shade that perfectly matches the color of the face and neck.

Choosing a product with a color that is most appropriate for skin tone will not be difficult. The gamma is huge, starting from the lightest shades, ending with dark ones. For women with normal fair skin, the most suitable range is with beige or pink tones. In this case, any shade will not be pronounced.

Any color of the cream is in perfect harmony with the complexion given by nature. Universal tones are recommended for girls with tanned skin. The main attention, when choosing the main shade, should be paid to the correspondence of the desired color - to the skin type, for this you can undergo testing to determine the skin type, which is a little higher in this article.

The color scheme of Dermacol cream

The main advantage of this cosmetic product is the exact identity of the color of the skin. With the right choice of tone, the applied layer of cream becomes almost invisible on the face. Only thirty percent of all women using tonal creams have this opportunity. Those who are not so lucky have to use, mixing in two tones. In some particularly difficult cases, women with several skin tones or increased heterogeneous pigmentation have to mix three tones.

Brand foundation Dermacol It is a tonic that provides excellent color to the skin of the face and neck. It is successfully used not only in make-up imposed by professionals, but also in the ordinary life of women, helping the skin hide all obvious flaws and look like stars from the screen.

Makeup Removal Rules

In order for the facial skin to have a fresh look for a long time and smartness it will be necessary not only to skillfully set up makeup, but also to correctly remove it.

These days, fashion does not provide for thick and heavy makeup. Even the Dermacol foundation cream clogs the pores and prevents the skin from breathing. Good Dermacol rarely used mainly in the winter and then, for special events. But now the make-up for the evening has found naturalness, which has ceased to make a brilliant and unnatural mask out of the face. This is no longer considered attractive, and artificial smoothness is short enough.

Nowadays, cosmetologists advise lipstick, which is close to the natural color of the lips, slightly summed up eyes and a barely noticeable blush. A cream powder is replaced with a day cream and a powder competently chosen to match the skin tone.

In the summer, the decoration is the presence of an even tan. This season, it is better to give rest to the skin of the face, and enjoy the sun and air.

Before going to bed, you need to remove makeup from the face, even if it is completely light. Then the skin needs to be cleaned and gently massage. During the day, a lot of dust and dirt is deposited on the skin. It is necessary to make sure that your face rests perfectly during sleep.

And even if the eyes were not made up, it is definitely always necessary to start, it is with them. A cotton swab dipped in advance with a special milk or cream is taken and the eyelids are wiped. It should be carried out in the opposite direction to that in which wrinkles appear.

Mascara is removed from the upper eyelashes with a swab dipped in milk starting from the base and moving up. From the lower eyelids, the mascara is removed by moving towards the eye.

And now you can proceed to the skin of the face. Cleansing cream should be applied to the forehead, cheeks and neck. Distribute it in a circular motion from the middle of the frontal zone, moving to the temples. And on the cheeks, start from the corners of the mouth to the outer corners of the eyes. The neck is the place where you need to massage from top to bottom from the chin.

The rules that should be followed by any woman:

  • Do not sleep with makeup on your face;
  • Apply cream on face with clean hands;
  • Do not wash with soap and do not use hard water;
  • Hair is removed with a bandage so as not to interfere during the procedures;
  • Do not leave a cleansing cream or milk on the face. They are washed off with warm water;
  • Do massage and clean your neck;
  • Do not try to clean your skin with a dry cotton swab;
  • When cleaning the face, do not stretch the skin;
  • Without a beautician, do not squeeze acne and blackheads.
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