Facial concealers and how to save on cosmetics

Do you have a date with a guy of your dreams in a couple of hours or an important business meeting, and your whole face is strewn with big red acne? Tortured redness and rashes? Dreaming of perfectly smooth skin? The fastest way to achieve what you want is tinting makeup!

Face mask

How to choose a foundation? Before buying, you should carefully study the typology of tinting agents:

Foundation. This so-called "heavy artillery", which will help hide even the most acute inflammation due to its dense texture. An irreplaceable thing in the most advanced situations. But be careful! The foundation strongly clogs the pores, due to which the pores are inevitably clogged and black dots form. And the high content of oils in the composition provokes the production of sebum, and after a couple of hours the face begins to shine unpleasantly. Therefore, the use of such a cream is highly not recommended for owners of oily and oily skin.

A special masking agent was developed specifically for them: tinting gel Crystaline to eliminate acne. It has a “gentle” composition and gives the skin a matte effect. In combination with an affordable price and ease of use, the tinting gel becomes a must-have in any cosmetic bag. However, its overlapping ability is small: severe forms of acne are too tough for this fighter.

Kristalin for acne

Concealer is an excellent tool to combat age spots, moles, "bags" under the eyes, small scars and small acne. The light texture makes it almost invisible to the skin. In addition, concealers have a large color palette - from classic skin tones to purple and green, helping to neutralize yellowness and redness as efficiently as possible.

Do not confuse corrector-stick with concealer. The first is intended to mask pores and especially large pigment spots. In addition, to narrow and hide the pores, you can use a special colorless "grout" on a silicone basis as a base for makeup. With the naked eye, it is completely invisible, but apply and feel how the skin becomes velvety, and tonal products lay down easily without much effort. Try it yourself!

Recently, the highlighter has gained particular popularity in the makeup industry. And this is no accident! This little thing helps to create a light shine on the face, highlighting its individual zones. This makes the skin visually more toned, healthy and rested.
A separate layer of masking agents is well-known powder. Today in stores there are a huge number of types of this product.

So, the powder in the balls helps to independently adjust the shade and is convenient to use. Transparent powder is invisible on the face and perfectly absorbs sebum, making the skin matte and porcelain, like a doll. A crumbly slightly whitened face, giving it an aristocratic pallor. If you are a girl with dark skin - do not worry, cosmetics manufacturers have taken care of you by creating a special bronzing powder. We buy wisely.

3 simple rules for a successful purchase of cosmetics

  1. Before you buy a particular tonal product, you must carefully study its composition and inscriptions on the tube. Remember that it should be right for your skin type.
  2. Check the tone of the corrective. Contrary to the stereotype, it is necessary to apply the product not on the wrist and not on the back of the palm, but on the border of the face and neck. Does color blend in with your natural skin tone and is almost invisible? Then feel free to buy!
  3. A tube with a dispenser is preferable to a retractable applicator. Do not forget that from contact with the skin on the second, bacteria and particles of sebum will remain on the skin, which can increase inflammation and “spread” it throughout the face.

Secrets of even makeup

Concealers are applied to the face in the first place, pointwise using an applicator in order to avoid the so-called lump under the eyes and peeling on the face. Then comes the foundation. It is recommended to apply it with a damp sponge - this way you can more evenly distribute the product on the skin and avoid the unpleasant “mask effect”. Yes, and it will last several times longer.

The final touch is powder. It is recommended to apply it with a wide dense brush with light movements. Remember that you need to apply makeup only with clean hands so as not to turn your face into a hotbed of bacteria. It is important to know one more rule: tonal products not only even out the tone, but also smooth the texture of the skin. Therefore, it is important to apply corrective products not only to the face itself, but also to the neck, as well as the décolleté. This will help to avoid “spotting” and create the illusion of a natural skin color.

Another small life hack: so that makeup always looks fresh, use matting napkins as you select sebum. This will help you look irresistible all day long.

10 ways to save on cosmetics

You can look attractive even with cheap makeup. Many - beauty products are available at each of us at home, the main thing is to understand how to use them correctly:

  1. Coconut oil. The best remedy for restoring damaged hair. With its regular use, you will quickly get rid of split ends.
  2. Wet wipe. It will remove static stress from the hair, just walk it through your hair slightly and the water quickly neutralizes the static.
  3. Yogurt. Soothes the skin after a sunburn, and also restores hair after hot styling.
  4. Apple vinegar. Eliminates oily sheen on the skin, so it is used instead of tonic.
  5. Olive oil. This product is easy to remove makeup, and the skin after it becomes velvety.
  6. Tea bags. Caffeine, which is part of tea, relieves puffiness. Dip them in cool water and then apply them to your eyes for ten minutes.
  7. Hair conditioner. It can be used instead of shaving cream. Thanks to its delicate texture, the razor glides easily and the skin is moisturized.
  8. Brown sugar. It is used instead of body scrub. It removes old cells well, quickly melts in water and does not remain on the skin. Sugar is mixed with shower gel and applied to the skin.
  9. Vaseline. To keep the perfume on your wrist for a long time, first apply a little Vaseline. Thanks to its greasy base, the fragrance lasts all day.
  10. Toothbrush and whitening paste will help get rid of yellowed nails simply. Brush them with a whitening toothpaste. The composition of this paste includes hydrogen peroxide, which copes with any changes in the color of the nails.
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