Botox Active Expert mask for quick skin tightening and rejuvenation

Botox Active Expert Is an elite premium cream-mask designed for quick tightening of sagging skin of the face, neck and décolleté, which, unlike most similar products, the first clear results become visible immediately after the first application, and with regular use, the lifting effect is fixed for a long time.

It is recommended to apply the cream once every 7 days to tighten the skin and almost completely eliminate wrinkles, Botox Active is rightfully considered a worthy replacement for expensive injection procedures in beauty salons.

Botox Active 3 to 1 cream mask for rejuvenation

Polluted air, food made in an industrial environment, chlorinated water, an insufficiently active lifestyle do not allow to maintain youthful skin for as long as we would like. With the onset of maturity, the processes of metabolism and cell regeneration begin to slow down, the skin becomes lethargic, sagging, and then sagging.

Slowing down metabolic processes entails a reduction in the amount of nutrients, the epidermis loses moisture and loses its ability to withstand harmful external influences. As a result, skin elasticity decreases and wrinkles are formed, first small, facial, and then deeper.

It is almost impossible to completely stop the process, however, to slow it down is quite real. Quality cosmetic product Botox Active Expert solves a whole range of problems: moisturizes the skin, saturates the epidermis cells with nutrients, prevents the appearance of wrinkles and helps to maintain youth much longer.

Cream mask Botox Active Expert differs in all the listed characteristics. Its effectiveness is based on the beneficial properties of natural components and substances that mature skin needs.

How much is a mask Botox Active Expert

Botox Active Expert gained popularity among women in many countries of the world, including in the CIS. Each country has its own rules, so the cost is slightly different. The following price is set for one package of Botox asset cream mask:

  • Russian Federation - 997 rubles;
  • Belarus - 32 rubles;
  • Kazakhstan - 5496 tenge;
  • Ukraine - 426 hryvnia;
  • Moldova - 397 leu.

Buy Botox Active Expert it is possible on the manufacturer’s website, while you are guaranteed to receive goods with delivery and a quality guarantee. Refund is possible within two weeks.

buy Botox Active Expert for skin tightening

Mask composition Botox Active Expert

Composition Botox Active Expert includes high-quality components that have a beneficial effect on sagging skin, relieve wrinkles and successfully resist the appearance of new ones, deliver nutrients to the deep layers of the epidermis. To better understand the principle of the mask, you need to understand its composition.

  • Peptides derived from the placenta of the killer whale that lives near the island of Borneo. It prevents the deepening of existing and the formation of new wrinkles due to the ability of the peptides to neutralize the flow of nerve impulses to the facial muscles. This leads to a decrease in facial expression and prevents the formation of wrinkles.
  • Skavalan. A component of natural origin, protects skin cells from the harmful effects of the environment. It creates an insulating barrier and increases the skin's ability to withstand the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, hard water, polluted air and toxins. Skavalan has a high degree of compatibility with the natural composition of skin cells, therefore it is able to penetrate deeper than other substances and effectively fulfill its mission.
  • Shea Butter. It belongs to the category of valuable vegetable oils due to the high content of a whole complex of useful components. Provides hydration, softens, promotes rapid cell repair and protects against the harmful effects of the environment. Upon contact with the skin, it neutralizes even strong coarsening and also removes peeling. It has the property of stimulating the production of collagen and elastin in the layers of the epidermis; therefore, it often finds application in anti-aging cosmetic preparations, improves complexion, improves skin elasticity and gives elasticity.
  • Peanut butter. Cosmetology has long been known as a source of nutrients: saturated fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Has a healing effect, accelerates regeneration processes, heals minor cell damage. After contact with peanut butter, the skin becomes smoother, and fine wrinkles disappear without a trace. Peanut oil is a reliable helper for aging, dehydrated skin prone to periodic or persistent flaking.
  • Reductin. A relatively new tool that began to be used in anti-aging cosmetology not so long ago. Helps to establish normal skin hydration, saturates with nutrients, stimulates the speedy regeneration of skin cells and thereby helps to restore youth.
  • Honey from Japanese sakura flowers. Like other honey, it has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties and stimulates metabolic processes in the skin. Its composition includes unique trace elements and a complex of vitamins. As part of the mask, sakura honey performs the following function: nourishes cells, saturates with moisture and helps to hold it for a long time, cleans pores, creates a lifting effect, tones, creates an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Hyaluronic acid. A constant attribute of modern anti-aging cosmetics. It does not cause allergic reactions, normalizes fluid balance, neutralizes the effect of free radicals. Especially recommended for women older than 40, due to their ability to restore elasticity.
  • Vitamins The cream mask contains a complex of antioxidant vitamins: A, B, C, E, as well as F and K. Thanks to their presence, the skin is able to withstand free radicals, the natural production of collagen is accelerated, minor damage heals in a shorter time, peeling stops .

Advantages of Botox Asset Expert mask

Any cosmetic product has pros and cons. Before Use Botox Active Expert it is worth finding out the nuances in more detail. Many women who dream of restoring elasticity and youthfulness of the skin choose this particular mask, because it has many advantages over other manufacturers of anti-aging cosmetics. Benefits of Botox Active Expert:

  • the process is completely painless and even pleasant, in contrast to beauty injections;
  • thanks to natural components, allergic reactions are eliminated;
  • after 3's treatment sessions, facial wrinkles disappear;
  • has no contraindications;
  • facial expressions are not disturbed after using the drug;
  • can be used in areas where lifting in other ways is traumatic and painful, for example, around the mouth;
  • effectively smoothes deep wrinkles;
  • stimulates the natural process of collagen production, which will stop with age;
  • It has a relatively low cost when compared to other anti-aging drugs.

Anti-aging treatments with a mask are also offered in beauty salons, however, the process is so simple that it can be carried out unhindered at home. This is an important advantage, as it significantly reduces the cost of the session and does not require special skills.

How does an anti-aging mask work?

Cream mask action algorithm Botox Active Expert consists of the following stages:

  • 1-7 day. After contact with the mask, the skin receives enhanced nutrition and hydration, metabolic processes accelerate and approach the pace characteristic of a younger age. The epidermal cells are supplied with the necessary materials for regeneration, cell membranes become denser, decay products are excreted in a shorter period, and overall resistance to the harmful effects of external factors improves. Already at the first stage, the complexion is leveled, age spots become lighter or completely go away. Hyaluronic acid promotes intensive hydration, making the capillary network less visible.
  • 8-14 day. The metabolic processes in the cells reach the desired level, the natural production of collagen and elastin is activated, the skin becomes noticeably smoother, the number of facial wrinkles steadily tends to zero, deep wrinkles are significantly smoothed. Peeling completely goes away.
  • 15-21 day. Cells are saturated with collagen and other nutritional components, the oval of the face is tightened, sagging pass. The peptide obtained from the placenta of the killer whale has a cumulative effect and intensively blocks the activity of muscle facial fibers, contributing to relaxation. Problem skin with acne becomes more even, redness significantly turns pale, inflammatory processes stop, and the healing process takes their place.
  • 22-28 day. The constant use of a cream mask leads to an almost complete removal of deep wrinkles. After applying for 28-30 days, the maximum visual effect is achieved: the skin is renewed and rejuvenated, the face begins to look 10-15 years younger.

Botox Asset Result

Instructions for use Botox Active Expert

You can conduct a rejuvenation session in the cosmetology room under the supervision of a cosmetologist, however, the process is so simple that it is not difficult to make a mask at home. In this case, you can save a significant amount and avoid unnecessary stress associated with visiting the salon. Instruction for use Botox Active Expert really simple:

  • Remove makeup, wash your skin with a soft cleanser.
  • Gather the hair at the back of your head, pin it securely, or put on a special cap.
  • Use a spatula or clean hands to evenly distribute the mask. Move strictly along the massage lines to stimulate blood circulation and help the drug penetrate. If desired, the product can be applied only to the skin of the face or distributed also on the neck, décolleté.
  • Hold the mask for 17-25 minutes, take a horizontal position and relax. Active components will begin to impact, penetrating deep into the epidermis and nourishing the cells.
  • After the indicated time, remove unabsorbed material residues with a cotton pad, and then rinse your face with water.
  • Applying a mask more than once a day is strictly not recommended.
  • After a home rejuvenating session, apply your usual moisturizer.
  • The best time to use is in the evening.Botox Active Expert mask for quick skin tightening and rejuvenation

Impressions of the cream mask Botox Asset and reviews

Positive impressions of customers who have already experienced the anti-aging effects of the mask Botox Active Expert - this is a more convincing recommendation than the manufacturer's promises, since it most fully and frankly reveals the effect of anti-aging components. Here are the impressions of several customers:

  • Oksana, 43 of the year. When you are behind 40, it is no longer possible to preserve natural beauty without special methods, and I am no exception to this rule. I am an active, emotional person, often smiling, but also often frowning. As a result, expression lines began to appear quite a long time ago. The state of finances makes it impossible to attend expensive procedures, so I was in search of an effective, but inexpensive remedy for hated wrinkles. And then I discovered it: this is a cream mask Botox Active Expert! Describing the tool in a few words, I will say this: inexpensive, effective and convenient. In my situation, the result did not come as soon as the instructions said, but the result was admired: the skin became noticeably tightened, dryness and peeling completely disappeared, facial wrinkles disappeared, as if they were not there at all, and foundation creams began to lie perfectly perfectly even without any preparation. My verdict: a great tool!
  • Elena, 48 years. Thanks Botox Active Expert I managed to get rid of wrinkles, restore my former self-confidence and beauty. What else does a woman need! I heard a lot of negative reviews, so I refused Botox injections right away, I was afraid of an unsuccessful result, and the price was straining. A cream mask is absolutely safe. I think I will use it again to consolidate the effect.
  • Tatiana, 45 years old. There are too many ads for anti-aging products today, so it is so difficult to stop at one thing! For me, the main factors were low cost, safety and efficiency. I have chosen Botox Active Expert and have never regretted it. The result was not long in coming: after the first or second use, the complexion became more even, small pigment spots brightened, the "relief" leveled off. The cost of the mask is only 1900 rubles. for a bag, and if you manage to catch some share, then even less. It is important to buy such funds only from a trusted seller so as not to become a victim of scammers.
  • Olga, 52 of the year. Many have politely hinted that I look older than my peers. I rarely used creams all my life, probably, therefore, I accumulated a lot of wrinkles. The skin color was grayish, pigmented spots on the cheeks and temples began to disturb. When I bought, I didn’t really believe in performance, but I decided to try it, the price is not high. After the 6 procedure, the skin was clearly freshened up, slightly tightened, wrinkles became smaller. I even began to smile more often. Friends began to ask if she had fallen in love with old age, or something was too young. This is the best compliment for me!
  • Marina, 42 years old. After 40 years, the reflection in the mirror has ceased to please, but I probably would never have agreed to radical measures. The Botox mask became a real salvation: I applied it, sat for 20 minutes, washed it off - and you're done. The result was a pleasant surprise!

It is believed that beauty certainly requires sacrifice, but a rejuvenating mask Botox Active Expert completely refutes such a statement. It painlessly eliminates wrinkles, is applied simply and quickly, can be used at home, costs very little, and the result is obvious!

What does a fake look like?

Unfortunately, aggressive advertising is being conducted on social networks offering to buy people various medical products, among which there are a lot of fakes on various cosmetics. The photo shows a can of cream mask Botox Active Expert, it's a fake. Let's reason logically:

  • An expensive drug can not be cheaper than on the manufacturer's website;
  • The original Botox Active is available in the form of packages for one-time procedures, dosed in volume;
  • A fake issued at banks is cheaper and does not give the desired effect;
  • The price of a real cream mask, if it were produced in jars, would be 10-12 times more expensive;
  • Not taking into account the foregoing, persons issuing a fake made a big mistake by making falsified goods in larger containers.

counterfeit Botox Active Expert

Rate how attractive you are. This test, based on your answers, will help determine how much others consider you attractive, as well as what factors to focus on in order to always remain beautiful!

How to prolong a woman’s youth

At present, when the growth of life expectancy with each year becomes not only a desired achievement, but also a well-established fact, it can be said with confidence that 50 years is not at all the period of the beginning of old age, but only average age. The successes of modern medicine and the growing popularity of a healthy lifestyle allow a woman older than 50 years to be attractive, maintain vigor and activity. Mask application Botox Active Expert in combination with these recommendations will help you keep youthful and get rid of wrinkles.

However, it is worth recognizing that, unfortunately, there is no escape from the emerging hormonal changes - the body after 50 years begins to rebuild and live in a new way. Therefore, it is so important at this time to arm yourself with some useful tips that with a high degree of effectiveness will help in the fight against aging.

Exercises to build muscle mass. It's no secret that after 50 years, the porosity and fragility of bones increases significantly. This is due to hormonal changes. To protect yourself from fractures, you can, of course, start taking the appropriate medications, but this method also has a number of disadvantages in the form of unwanted side effects.

According to sports doctors, muscle strengthening becomes much safer and more useful, according to sports doctors. This fact is very simple to explain - the inflated muscle frame protects and supports bones and joints, reduces the load on them. In addition, strength training, as it turned out, perform another important function - they prevent brain aging.

When choosing exercises to strengthen muscles, it is advisable to consult a trainer. A specialist will help you choose the appropriate load, given the state of health, weight and body structure, and other features.

Walking briskly. Another common problem after age 50 is an increased likelihood of cardiovascular disease. Due to a decrease in the production of hormones in a woman, the level of blood viscosity and cholesterol levels rise. At the same time, there is a deterioration in the general condition of the body, frequent weakness and fatigue.

Strengthening blood vessels, increasing their tone and rejuvenating the heart will help simple walking. Regular walks should last at least half an hour. It is advisable to spend them in the evening, before bedtime. For maximum effectiveness, cardiologists advise walking at a fast pace, as fast as breathing allows, until shortness of breath occurs.

Proper nutrition. Slowing down with age, the metabolic rate in the body becomes the cause of gaining excess body weight and, as a result, poor health and appearance. Therefore, women over the age of 50 need to adjust their diet.

First of all, anti-aging experts advise reducing the intake of fatty and sugary foods, i.e. lower calorie intake. In addition, it is recommended to limit the consumption of red meat (beef, lamb), a large amount of which in the diet helps not only accelerate senile changes in the body, but also increases the risk of cancer. The use of vegetable dishes and unsweetened fruits, by contrast, is only welcome.

By the way, scientists refer various types of cabbage (cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, kohlrabi), tomatoes, avocados, berries (grapes, blueberries, cranberries), soy, flax oil, seafood, beekeeping masks to the so-called anti-age products (anti-aging cosmetics). Is healthy and others.

Good mood. Hormonal background inevitably affects the mood. And not only external attractiveness, but also well-being sometimes depends on the mood. The production of endorphins and seratonin (hormones of joy and happiness) is promoted by feasible physical activity, walks in the fresh air and the use of certain foods, such as almonds, bananas, cottage cheese, cheese.

Full sleep. A good rest is necessary for the body at any age, so it is so important to get enough sleep properly and fully in order to maintain strength and energy for the coming day. It is known that during sleep, melatonin is formed in the body - a hormone that slows down aging and prolongs life. The peak of its production occurs from midnight to 4 hours of the morning, so you need to go to bed no later than 24-00 and spend at least 480 minutes in bed.

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