Bez nazvaniya 3 - Dr. Derm for the treatment of psoriasis: instructions, reviews, price

Dr. Derm is intended for the treatment of psoriasis without the use of surgical methods, by counteracting the accumulation of leukocytes. The drug inhibits the secretion of lysosomal enzymes, inflammatory mediators, promotes elimination of edema and suppression of phagocytosis. With intensive rubbing of Dr. Derm into the skin, it rapidly affects the inflamed area, smoothes the manifestations
zenidol 3 - Cream Zenidol to eliminate fungus on nails and skin

Cream Zenidol is a universal remedy for eliminating the effects of mycosis on the feet and nails, developed on the basis of herbal ingredients. Natural antimicrobial compounds included in the cream Zenidol help get rid of the fungus without damaging the healthy microflora of the skin. The universal formula of the cream allows you to fight more than
removio 6 - REMOVIO for removal of warts and papillomas

REMOVIO is a homemade wart and papilloma removal gel that contains ingredients that kill the human papillomavirus. Now you do not need to use laser surgery, because Removio will get rid of warts much faster and cheaper than other modern technologies. Papillomas, condylomas or
bacteoff protiv parazitov i glistov - BacteOFF - a drug to cleanse the body of parasites

BacteOff is a complex made from plant extracts that have a negative effect on the vital activity of viruses and parasites (sometimes found under the brand name Bactefort). In the process of stimulating the secretion of the gallbladder and the formation of urine, this product eliminates harmful microorganisms even in hard-to-reach places. Due to the slight laxative effect, BacteOff detoxifies the body
wormin antiparazitarnyy preparat - Wormin to protect the body from worms and parasites

Wormin is an antiparasitic drug. It is used to treat a variety of diseases caused by infection with parasitic worms and infectious viruses. This drug is commonly used for conditions such as neurocysticercosis (which affects the brain, muscles, and other tissues) and giardiasis. It also treats hydatid disease, pinworm disease, ascariasis (gastrointestinal infection), filariasis (lesion
keraderm krem dlya lecheniya psoriaza - Keraderm for the treatment of psoriasis: description of the cream, instructions

Keraderm Is a product that fights the unpleasant symptoms of psoriasis. With its strong action, the cream relieves inflammation and itching and repairs damaged skin. With regular use Keraderm, psoriatic plaques dissolve, dead cells are removed, and the skin becomes soft and elastic again. Psoriasis is a chronic condition that causes
laminor gel - Lymph gel Ламинор for proper lymph cleansing: review and reviews

With the participation of the lymphatic system, toxins and toxins are removed from the body. It protects the human body from pathogenic bacteria and viruses. The slightest failure in the system leads to a decrease in the body's defenses. How lymph gel works Ламинор Lymph gel Ламинор designed for deep and gentle cleansing of the intestines and lymph. He
342 single default - Alkotox with alcohol dependence: features and application

Preparation Alkotox - an innovative remedy for chronic alcoholism. The drug is made in the form of drops, easy to use, safe even with prolonged therapy. The success of treatment depends on the patient's desire to get rid of the pathological attraction. Alcoholism is a complex problem that requires patience and the involvement of friends or loved ones. Modern
detoxic - Detoxic for cleaning the body of worms, worms, parasites and toxins

Formula Detoxic based on herbal ingredients, so it acts very gently, without causing harm to health. The drug is intended for oral administration, the release form is capsules. You do not need a prescription from a doctor when buying one. Can be used not only for the treatment of diagnosed helminthiasis, but also as a remedy
biorecin original scaled - Biorecin - cream for skin rejuvenation from wrinkles

Cream Remedy Biorecin Is an amino acid sequence in terms of composition that facilitates protein transport with subsequent cleavage of the signal peptide. Such a serious formulation of the cream's action can be explained much more simply: rejuvenating the skin and fighting its aging. At the same time, the manufacturer guarantees the safety of his product.
tipologija kozhnogo dermatita - Types of dermatitis and recommendations for its treatment

Dermatitis is an inflammatory process characterized by pronounced skin diseases. Interaction with the skin of chemical, biological and physical substances leads to an inevitable allergic reaction. It is not an infectious disease, which means that it is not dangerous to others. Skin lesions, dermatitis, due to allergies or inflammation appear due to genetic, acquired or provoked
lechenie gribkovyh zabolevaniy - Treatment of fungal diseases: medicines and folk remedies

If the fungus has developed and causes complications, then the treatment of this problem should be carried out under the strict supervision of a specialist. It is important to conduct a full course of treatment here, since if the infection is not completely eliminated, there is a high probability of the disease reappearing, and in a more severe form. Competent treatment of fungal
pack wh - Micinorm for the treatment of fungus of the nail plate and skin of the feet

In this review, we will detail what cream is Micinorm for the treatment of fungus of the nail plate and skin of the feet. In other words, Micinorm This is a micellar cream for combating fungal infections and peeling of the skin on the legs and other cosmetic defects. For example, candidiasis, mycosis and onychomycosis are diagnoses
lechenie psoriaza gelem psorilax - Gel Psorilax for the treatment of psoriasis

Psorilax This is a gel for the treatment of psoriasis, which not only relieves pain, but also helps to eliminate the cause of the disease. This pharmacological preparation is characterized by an affordable price, ease of use and natural composition. Numerous clinical studies have proven its effectiveness, and ratings of ordinary consumers confirm the most daring statements of experts and dermatologists.
highlight and contour - Facial concealers and how to save money on cosmetics

Are you having a date with your dream boyfriend or an important business meeting in a couple of hours, and your whole face is covered with big red pimples? Tortured by redness and rashes? Dreaming of perfectly smooth skin? The fastest way to achieve what you want is tinting cosmetics! How to choose a foundation? Before buying, please
Types of Psoriasis

Psoriasis is an inherited skin disorder that appears as scaly reddish-purple plaques on the wearer's skin. When diagnosing psoriasis, the following signs are distinguished: the surface layer of the plaque is separated in the form of a kind of shavings, pinpoint micro wounds open, the area of ​​the plaque is covered with a terminal film. Although the course of the disease depends on psoriasis
Logo obzoroff 2 - Skin care: removing makeup and cleansing blackheads

Our skin is a barrier that separates the body from the aggressive external environment. Dust, chemicals and other contaminants “settle” on it every day. Not to mention the fact that we ourselves apply decorative cosmetics to our skin every morning. In order to preserve health, youth and beauty of the skin in such conditions,
Dermatologist Bazilevskaya (Genina) Anna Evgenievna, a certified trainer in laser technology, has more than 13 years of practical experience in the specialty of a dermatologist. Practical experience of the doctor allows her to easily remove warts and perform "facial contouring". Also, having the experience of a cosmetologist, she can correct any age-related changes in her patient and perform surgery to rejuvenate her face. Anna Evgenievna Bazilevskaya is the author of many feature articles on cosmetology, rejuvenation, treatment of various skin diseases and detoxification of the body.