Split Ender split end hair removal device Split Ender

Split Ender This is an American-made electric appliance designed to remove split ends. Split Ender runs on finger batteries.

Most women dream of having long and beautiful hair, but many face one very annoying problem. When the curls reach a certain length, their tips are damaged, and the hair loses attractiveness. This fact is explained very simply. Each hair is covered with a thin protective shell called a cuticle. Under the influence of negative weather factors, as a result of styling, drying or painting, the cuticle is inevitably damaged, which leads to a violation of the integrity of the hair.

The hair begins to break down from the end, because this site is the most distant from the root and, therefore, does not receive all the necessary nutrients. In addition, the ends of the hair are not sufficiently saturated with sebum.

First, the cuticle breaks down, exposing the inner layers of the hairs. Left without natural protection, they crumble to pieces. The problem is visible to the naked eye. The tips look untidy, not well-groomed, become brittle and dry. In addition, their shade differs sharply - they begin to resemble straw. And this gives women a lot of grief.

Moreover, the cross section of the hair is often not limited to just one tip. When using ironing, plaques, metal combs and other traumatic accessories, the hair can exfoliate along its entire length. Hairstyle in such cases looks unattractive. Thin “antennas” stick out in all directions on the head, which is why even the most well-groomed and fashionably dressed beauty loses its external gloss. Moreover, such a problem is characteristic even for short curls.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to glue stratified hair. Therefore, the effect of all care products is aimed at preventing this problem, and not at its immediate correction. That is, you can only change the situation with a haircut. But many girls do not want to go with a short haircut, even if only temporarily. They want to keep beautiful long hair and always be attractive. It was for them that a special comb was developed called Split Ender. With its help, you can easily give the hairstyle a neat appearance, getting rid of ugly split ends.

This effect cannot be achieved even in professional hairdressing salons. Now your hair will look well-groomed without unnecessary effort and financial costs. Device Split Ender very easy to use, and to obtain the desired result does not require special knowledge and skills.

Typewriter Split Ender for trimming hair

Where to buy and how much it costs Split Ender

Original device Split Ender only available in official stores online. Beware of dubious resources to protect yourself from low-quality fakes.

The cost of the Split Ender electric comb in Russia is 2990 rubles, the price in Ukraine is 900 hryvnia, 17000 tenge in Kazakhstan, do not postpone the purchase of the product until later - right now there is a very advantageous offer minus 50% of the usual price, so it is better to buy Split Ender now than after a while when the cost rises.

Of course, some might think that the price of the device is quite high. On the other hand in the future Split Ender will save significant money. After all, you don’t have to go to the hairdresser every month to cut the untidy ends.

Just a few minutes of use Split Ender and your hair will be perfect!

Device description Split Ender

Comb Split Ender is a compact electrical appliance, the body of which is made of high-quality high-strength plastic. The lower part of the comb is made in the form of a convenient handle with inserts that prevent slipping in the hands. Batteries are located inside the handle, on the outside there is a power off and on button.

At the top of the device there is a special clamp, the processed curls are inserted into it. The clip is equipped with cloves for proper combing of hair. Hidden rotating blades are located above it, with the help of which damaged hairs are cut off. A little higher is the transparent compartment where the cut fragments fall.

The device provides comfortable, quick and effective hair care. Split ends are removed along the entire length of the curls, so that there is no longer a need to visit expensive beauty salons. In addition, the device is so compact that it can be carried in a small handbag. Surprising others with a perfect haircut is now possible in any situation!

The device is manufactured in the United States, which is a guarantee of reliability and one hundred percent quality.

How Split Ender Works

A carefully thought-out mechanism of the device allows you to trim the hair selectively. Device Split Ender cuts off only exfoliated fragments, leaving healthy hair intact. When processing curls with a Split Ender comb, the strand passes through the chamber in which the rotating blade is located. This blade detects damaged branches and cuts them very carefully, without affecting the bulk of the hair.

Reaching the ends of the curl, the blade makes an even cut and completely eliminates split ends (total 5 mm). As a result, the hair remains long, but at the same time gets rid of damaged brittle hairs that spoil its appearance.

With regular use of the device, the hair becomes smooth, silky, healthy. They begin to grow faster, and the split ends problem is a thing of the past.

For work Split Ender need 4 AAA batteries. Using such a device is much more convenient than typewriters on wires, which are constantly twisted and prevent from making the necessary movements.

Before starting the procedure, make sure that the batteries are in place and that they are not discharged. Device Split Ender hold with one hand, and with the other hand separate a small lock of hair. They drive the machine by pressing the “direction switch” button.

The processing procedure is very simple. You just need to drive the machine in smooth movements from top to bottom. So you need to work out the entire mass of hair. Note that during the procedure, a slight vibration is felt. But compared to other devices, it is very small. When the procedure is over, be sure to clean the hair collection chamber. A special brush is provided for this.

Principle of operation Split Ender Real Results Split Ender

Key Features and Features

Innovative Hair Care Product Split Ender possesses such functional features:

  • Effective cutting of split ends.
  • High-quality polishing of strands. Sticking out sloppy curls after processing will look even.
  • Straightening naughty hair. Now there is no need to use hair straighteners that are dangerous for hair.
  • Trimming split ends by just a few millimeters. The device performs this function thanks to the latest STSTM technology.

Advantages of the machine Split Ender

More and more women are opting for a device. Split Ender. Its popularity is explained by such advantages:

  • Ease of use.
  • Light weight and compact.
  • The ability to quickly put your hair in order.
  • Доступная цена.

Instructions on how to use the device Split Ender

Hair appliance Split Ender very easy to use. For quick and high-quality processing, you need to follow this instruction:

  • Carefully comb the hair of a usually comb.
  • Using the same comb, separate a small curl.
  • After opening the clip, place the top of the curl in it.
  • Close the device.
  • While holding the Split Ender by the handle, lead it from above to the bottom of the strand (in the same movements as when using the iron).
  • Handle one lock several times.
  • Separate it with a clamp and start processing the next one.
  • Thus treat the entire mass of hair.
  • Turn off the appliance.
  • Free the compartment from the cut hairs.
  • Using a special brush, completely clean the device.
  • Do not forget to change the batteries in a timely manner.

Important! Handle device Split Ender You can only completely dry and carefully combed curls. The procedure is recommended to be carried out regularly, approximately once every 30 days.

What does the original look like Split Ender and fake how to distinguish

To distinguish a real appliance Split Ender from a fake, you need to pay attention to the appearance of the package: a professional device looks like the photo No. 1 and the package contains a bar code 01 USA:

original appliance Split Ender to remove split ends

The Chinese cheap fake Split Ender looks like in the image No.2 in the tube:

Chinese fake split ender

How to cure dry and split ends of hair

Dry split ends is a problem faced by many women with long hair. Appliance haircut Split Ender is the easiest way to fix the problem. However, not all girls are ready to say goodbye to their curls. With the help of traditional medicine, you can solve this problem with a little effort.

When used improperly, hair becomes brittle, dry and cut. To a greater extent, this is reflected at the tips. These factors have a negative effect on the external condition of the tips and the structure of the hair:

  • Staining;
  • The use of thermal devices (hair dryer, curling iron, ironing, etc.);
  • Lack of vitamins and minerals;
  • Inadequate fluid intake daily;
  • Ignoring hats in the winter season;
  • Daily braiding of tight tails, braids, as well as other hairstyles.

First of all, the cut ends must be trimmed, since they can no longer be restored. For this, the most effective method is to polish the hair using a special device Split Ender or cutting the cutting tips with sharp scissors along the entire length.

  • The most popular care products for restoring hair ends are natural oils. They restore hair not only from the outside, but also from the inside, for example oil complex Head & Hair Healthy series;
  • Proper hair washing is an equally important factor, since at high or low temperatures the hair is injured;
  • After washing, you need to use an air conditioner to make it easier to comb without damaging the ends of the hair;
  • The use of home masks 1-2 once a week will relieve brittleness and dryness;
  • At the time of treatment, you should not use tools and devices for styling hair, since when using a hair dryer, curling iron, varnish and mousse, the hair loses a healthy appearance;
  • In the winter season, hair should be completely removed under a hat and use additional moisturizers;
  • It is advisable to use complex vitamins;
  • Vegetables, seafood, fruits, cereals and dairy products should be added to the diet. Fried and spicy products, confectionery, flour products should be excluded.

For best results, regular hair care is required. Adhering to these rules, the ends of the hair will acquire a beautiful and healthy appearance. These tips for hair treatment not only restore damaged tips, but also give a natural shine, smoothness and silkiness.

The mythology of hair care

On the Internet today you can find a huge number of various false allegations of self-care. And the myths about hair are simply so ridiculous at times that many experts are generally surprised at their existence. Nevertheless, there is such a thing today, myths about hair care often spoil the hair itself to many girls. The article debunked some popular myths and gave tips that will help restore damaged hair or, at least, keep existing ones. Appliance use Split Ender helps you always look great, but do not forget about the proper use of hair shampoos!

Many girls for some reason believe that sulfate shampoos are more dangerous for hair than improper care. This is a myth that was most likely invented by competitors to similar large firms and distributed among ordinary people. The fact is that many people associate sulfates with industry, but if you think logically, it is unlikely that bona fide manufacturers will add this nuclear mixture to shampoos. For cosmetics, special types of sulfates from herbs and certain plants are used. When choosing such a shampoo, it is more rational to pay attention to the pH level, the largest range of which should not exceed the mark in 5,5. Otherwise, a bonus in the form of brittle and split ends is possible.

Myths about the dangers of hair dye come most likely from the past generation. In those days, paints were much worse quality and mothers and grandmothers probably experienced the beauty of low-quality coloring on themselves. But it is worth remembering that today the technology for manufacturing such products has gone very far and conscientious manufacturers pay great attention not only to the quality of the product, but also its safety for health. Therefore, choosing a hair dye, it is not worth saving and it is better to purchase a brand of a well-known and high-quality brand than trusting health to little-known companies.

Some girls are so used to believing in stereotyped social thinking that they save money even on themselves. Indeed, many "experienced" mothers or grandmothers have persistently insisted since childhood that balms and other additional hair care products are rubbish and banal money divorce. Maybe in their time it was already due to the low quality of such products. But modern technology, as well as with paints, has reached tremendous heights in the production of such funds. Therefore, do not save on yourself. After all, the balm sometimes heals the scalp, the conditioner makes the hair softer and more pleasant to the touch, and masks help to replenish the vitamin balance. You can, of course, pamper your hair with homemade masks, however, some modern firms can compete in the number of nutrients with the famous kefir or eggs.

This information is provided by the editors. obzoroff.info will help to make hair care more rational and wean you to believe in various myths.

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