SlipStop: Spray SlipStop for anti-slip shoes

Uniqueness spray SlipStop lies in a double action. The sole protector does not only prevent slipping on smooth areas, but also helps to keep boots and boots attractive to the user and others. The popularity of the products is explained by the lack of similar products in the shoe care segment. Importantly, the manufacturer guarantees an anti-slip effect.

SlipStop slip shoe shoe SlipStop

Concern over the possible consequences of a failed fall is a thing of the past. The need to use improvised tools has also disappeared, in most cases delivering certain inconveniences and taking away time so precious to modern man. The efforts made by scientists are embodied in a tried-and-tested composition that allows you to forget about falls during the icy period. Non-slip shoe spray SlipStop people of all ages stop focusing on what's under their feet and begin to notice the beauty of the world around them. SlipStop is designed to become a reliable support, increasing self-confidence and contributing to maintaining mental balance.

SlipStop is an innovative development in the field of anti-ice series compositions, the relevance of which in winter is beyond doubt. The anti-slip spray is designed to protect the soles from several negative factors, including dirt, moisture and reagents used to treat paving and paving in the icy season.

Made SlipStop in accordance with patented technology. Production facilities are located in the UK. The product is dispensed in containers with a volume of 100 ml, equipped with a dispenser with a spray. Colorless liquid without a strong odor is suitable for shoes made of various materials. The absence of toxins and surface-corrosive ingredients excludes the possibility of damaging the health of consumers and spoiling your favorite shoes. Means SlipStop allowed to apply to any shoes. Samples made from suede, which are characterized by increased sensitivity to moisture, are no exception.

On the eve of cold winter days, which are characterized by frosty and windy weather, residents of small towns and large cities are storing light clothing and shoes for storage. The latter are replaced by warmer analogues. Unfortunately, even winter-oriented boots / boots can be equipped with a flat sole, which significantly increases the risk of falling on ice. Quite often, people who could not stay on the insidious surface get off with bruises and bruises. Cases of more serious injuries requiring a long recovery are not rare. To protect citizens of all ages from such troubles, SlipStop, a new shoe spray for our market, is called for.

Hundreds of buyers managed to verify the effectiveness of SlipStop, which was confirmed by many positive reviews. In favor of a unique tool, the presence of state-certified certificates also testifies. With this shoe polish, bruises and injuries are a thing of the past. Importantly, acquiring SlipStop consumers not only care about their own health and the health of their loved ones, but also extend the life of their beloved winter boots and boots that keep their feet warm in the cold season.

Composition of the spray SlipStop off slipping shoes

Useful properties of the spray SlipStop due to the presence in its composition of the following substances:

  • SiO2 and TiO2 nanoparticles (silicon dioxide and titanium dioxide), a characteristic feature of which is high strength;
  • natural pine rosin covering the surface with a thin film and representing a strong substance of the vitreous type;
  • impurity-free distilled water.

The absence of toxins and components of artificial origin indicates the safety of the product, as a result of which the composition can be involved in the processing of children's boots and boots. Do not encounter problems when using SlipStop and people with a tendency to allergic reactions. Also, the fact that SlipStop does not make shoes unusable, does not shorten its service life and is not a source of the formation of unpresentable stains and irreparable stains cannot but rejoice.

Among the advantages of this spray is the effect of prolonged action. One treatment guarantees shoe protection for 7 days. Persists for a week and anti-slip effect. Due to the above factors SlipStop confidently ahead of less practical counterparts. The list of advantages of the drug is supplemented by affordability. Many consumers characterize the cost of the drug as acceptable.

Useful properties and price SlipStop

Useful Properties SlipStop based on the mechanism of action of the spray. The composition sprayed onto the sole forms a thin abrasive layer, which is responsible for ensuring strong adhesion of the shoe to the surface of the road surface. This layer prevents gliding on the ice crust. In addition, SlipStop protects boots and boots from the negative effects of reagents used on Russian roads in the winter. The spray minimizes the likelihood of peeling off and cracking the sole, which helps to maintain a pleasant appearance for the shoe for the longest possible time.

The cost and nuances of the acquisition of SlipStop

Buying the original spray SlipStop preceded by an application on the official website of the company that produces the specified means for shoes. More attractive offers should alert consumers. As a rule, low-quality fakes can boast of low cost. It should be understood that in such cases it makes no sense to hope for effectiveness similar to the original composition.

In order to buy SlipStop, you need to fill out an application form on the manufacturer’s website. The manager’s call will not take long. After clarifying the information, the company employees will send the parcel to the address indicated in the order.

Cost SlipStop is 1290 rubles, the price for residents of other countries is indicated on the manufacturer's website. Delivery time within the Russian Federation varies within 4-7 days. Residents of any region of Russia, including the most remote corners of the country, can place an order for SlipStop. Each client is guaranteed the delivery of the parcel as soon as possible. Payment is made after receiving the order, which also testifies in favor of buying a shoe composition SlipStop from an authorized supplier.

Buy SlipStop anti-slip spray for shoes

Instructions for use

The slip-resistant spray applied to the shoes SlipStop is valid for several days. One treatment (provided that it is carried out correctly) guarantees the protection of boots / boots for 7 days.

The composition must be sprayed onto cleanly washed and dried boots or boots. Dryness of the sole is a prerequisite for successful processing. Shake well before use. It is necessary to spray at a distance of 15-20 cm. For a successful procedure, 2-3 clicks on the dispenser are sufficient. Next spray SlipStop must be distributed on the surface of the shoe.

When performing this step, it is advisable to use a sponge. The above steps are repeated after 15 minutes. Shoes so treated should be dried throughout the day. A strict adherence to the recommendations set out guarantees a non-slip effect, fixed throughout the week.

Whether or not to slide is the question

On cold days, the predominant part of the roads is characterized by the presence of the thinnest ice crust. Many people say that walking on frozen water is quite problematic due to the need to maintain balance. In some cases, reducing the likelihood of injuries contributes to a confident gait. In fairness, it is worth noting that only unhurried people, meeting with whom these days are more likely than the rule, can move in this way. Haste leads to an increase in the speed of movement and, as a result, to unsuccessful falls.

Loss of balance is fraught with unpredictable damage. Bruises and bruises can not cause serious damage to health, which can not be said about the appearance. No one will argue that bluish spots and swelling look quite unpresentable, especially when they are located on the face. However, there are more serious consequences in the form of joint dislocations, muscle strain or fractures. In such situations, a person may need long-term treatment. What is important, at-risk children are also active, which encourages adults to solve the problem that is relevant for many families.

As practice shows, careful sliding on a slippery surface in most cases is ineffective. This method of movement erases the protruding sections of the sole, as a result of which it becomes smooth. Such consequences significantly complicate the movement. To call such actions correct would be fundamentally wrong.

Other anti-ice series products

Many people have heard about the effectiveness of attaching to the sole of sandpaper or adhesive tape. When using small pieces of material, this method does not help maintain equilibrium, while large fragments significantly complicate walking in areas devoid of an ice layer. In addition, the listed materials are not designed for long-term operation. They are prone to peeling, which indicates the unreliability of the method.

Not so long ago, special nozzles-ice drifts went on sale. They are made in the form of iron devices equipped with metal nails imprinted in ice. The inconvenience of this method is associated with the need for frequent removal or putting on assistive devices, which negatively affects the level of comfort of operation. Such nozzles do not look aesthetically pleasing, and the anti-slip effect is not too noticeable.

Every day, an increasing number of people make the choice in favor of an innovative shoe spray SlipStop. Traumatologists are also recommending it, concerned about the increase in the number of visits in the winter. The demand for this product is explained by several factors, including a decrease in the likelihood of falls, the possibility of professional shoe care at home and an affordable price policy. And to protect shoes from water and dirt, we recommend trying the Aquabron spray!

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