Renumax to get rid of scratches and chips on the car body

Renumax This is a special solution designed to eliminate scratches on the car. The car body may lose its aesthetics due to the appearance of small chips and small scratches, which is commonplace. Such damage to the paintwork (LKP) is not a big problem, as it is enough to visit a car service station to return the vehicle to its previous form. The disadvantage of such a visit to the service station is the loss of a significant amount of banknotes that will have to be laid out for the corresponding repair. Hence, quite logically, there is a desire to somehow save on the procedure for returning the attractiveness of a car and how to remove scratches.

Finding solutions to the problem can be long, but it’s much better to immediately use such a tool as Renumax. With the help of this product, you can easily and for reasonable money get rid of external defects that have appeared on the surface of the car body. The manufacturer guarantees that the tool removes scratches almost instantly, eliminating the need for body painting, and this leads to savings.

Description renumax to hide scratches on the body

Where can I buy Renumax and price of paint regent

If you decide to go to a car shop to buy Renumaxthen waste your time. This tool is not available in retail and its purchase is available exclusively on the Internet resource of the official manufacturer.

To order scratch repair fluid Renumax You will need to visit the manufacturer’s website and fill out a special form in which you will need to enter personal data. After that, you will receive a call from the operator to agree on the terms of delivery. Advance payment in this case is not required, and the delivery time usually does not exceed 5-7 days, the price of ReniuMax in Russia is 1295 rubles, in Ukraine 500 hryvnia, in Kazakhstan 13000 tenge.

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Pros and cons of the tool Renumax from scratches

The main positive point of use Renumax lies in the fact that its initial application does not lead to the appearance of bulges, depressions or other irregularities. The remaining pluses of the “reducing agent" include:

  • saving money spent on repairs of this kind;
  • getting a quick result when a few minutes after the start of application Renumax it is possible to achieve the desired effect;
  • universality of application in terms of the absence of the need to create some special conditions and conduct preparatory work;
  • the possibility of using the product for allergy sufferers or other persons who have problems with the respiratory system, since it does not have an odor;
  • the duration of the effect;
  • profitability from the point of view of a small expense of means for eliminating the appeared defects of the car body

As for the shortcomings, consumers note only minor flaws when using Renumax:

  • the inability to use the product in inclement weather (rain, snow);
  • the need to apply the product again after the car has been repeatedly washed (hundreds of sinks) or as a result of prolonged exposure to rain.

The listed cons in no way plead with dignity Renumax, since against the background of the effectiveness of this tool, they are simply invisible. Many people realized that it was better to buy this drug than to look with longing at the check issued at a car service.

The principle of action of the product Renumax

Visually Renumax - This is a liquid with a gel consistency with a whitish tint. The composition of Paint regent is determined by components, characterized in that they have a water base. Their application leads to thinning of the paint and mixing with paint. As a result, such components are painted in the required color and fill the problem area of ​​the body. Compared to similar products used in car services, this preparation dries out within minutes, which eliminates unjustified downtime of the car.

The basis of RenewMax is polishing particles that interact with paintwork. In this case, the resulting mixture eliminates the need for any additional manipulations on the part of the car owner. It removes scratches and chips by itself.

Renumax not dangerous for humans, since there are no synthetic substances in its composition, which eliminates allergic reactions. As a result, there is no need to use rubber gloves, including a respirator, as is usually the case in a car service. If the solution gets on the skin, then it is enough to wash it off using soap and warm water. If you do not do this right away, then nothing bad will happen.

Paint regent scratch remover is versatile: suitable for paintwork of any color. You cannot determine exactly where the previously received defect was located. The car owner does not need to worry that the integrity of the coating will be impaired as a result of car wash procedures or exposure to rain or snow.

application results Renumax

Instructions for use

Practical application Renumax To a certain extent, it is similar to using means intended for washing windows, excluding rubbing manipulations:

  • the area intended for processing is cleaned of dirt and particles as a result of contact with the source of damage;
  • the body is washed with water, then time is given so that it can dry out;
  • after this, degreasing is performed and again time is given for the body to dry;
  • bottle with Renumax shakes well to achieve uniformity of the solution;
  • the cap is removed and the bottle is presented with a scratch. There is a sponge on the neck, which should be pressed with minimal effort. Next, you should walk along the cultivated area, observing the smoothness of movements. Constant pressure allows the gel to flow through the sponge, which ensures its uniform application;
  • processing stops, and the body is left alone for a period of 10 minutes;
  • waiting for the mixture Renumax crystallizes completely, processing continues through the use of a soft, dry cloth.

The implementation of these actions allows you to get rid of damage without a trace. In some cases, the restored area can shine more strongly in comparison with the rest of the body surface. To restore the integrity of the visual perception of the car body, it should be washed and then general polished.

Cost of car paintwork restoration

Before contacting a car service about the restoration of paintwork, you should understand the structure of such a coating, consisting of several layers:

  • priming;
  • main layer;
  • a layer of varnish, characterized by transparency.

Using the second layer, it is possible to achieve the desired body color. While the third layer gives the car shine. Regardless of which layer is damaged: first or second, the drug Renumax able to restore any of them. If the integrity of the layer of transparent varnish is violated, then the proposed liquid can easily restore its former shine. When the destruction of the main layer due to Renumax unable to restore the previous color.

The total thickness of the coatings is from 150 to 200 microns. For their full recovery through car service, you will have to pay out an amount of about 50 000 rubles. If you have free money in such a volume, then it may be more convenient for you to use this option to solve the problem. Otherwise, it’s better to appreciate the merits Renumax in relation to its price and draw appropriate conclusions.

The proposed tool is available for purchase in two packaging options. The first should be understood as a bottle having a capacity of 100 ml, the cost of which starts from the mark 1 300 rub. Under the second - two bottles, supplemented with a small size vacuum cleaner and a tool that provides the ability to polish the paintwork. Such a kit will cost much more - about 7 000 rubles.

Mostly potential consumers Renumax prefer to buy a complete set from one bottle, since its cost is much lower compared to the second version of this tool. The understanding that such a choice is wrong usually comes later when it comes to the practical application of this “reducing agent”.

If for some reason you yourself damaged the car body or the paintwork was violated due to third-party exposure, then you should not immediately go to a car service. Take advantage of the alternative in the form of Renumax. With it, you can eliminate the scratch in a few minutes so that in the next few hours you completely forget about it.

If you are too susceptible to chemicals, then with Renumax you will not have a problem. This tool does not contain components that are toxic. His accidental contact with the skin will not cause any complications, which applies to the respiratory system to the same extent.

This new product can not be found in the car shop. A car service will not offer it either, since it is unprofitable. Avoid cheating, it is possible that car repair shops use cheap tools to eliminate paintwork defects, while receiving huge profits from customers.

Are you a person who values ​​his time, money and takes care of his own car? If so, then choose Renumax. Demand for this product is constantly growing. While you can buy Paint regent at a bargain price, but will not last so long. The massive popularity of almost any product leads to an increase in its price.

It is recommended to use liquid glass to protect the car, then you will not have to use Renumaxbecause there will be no scratches on the back of your car!

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