Mr. Cap UG2 universal hydrophobic agent for a car

Mr. Cap UG2 This is a versatile hydrophobic vehicle that will keep your paintwork safe from water, dirt and snow! When a car is used for a long enough time, sooner or later its appearance loses its original shine and brightness. The reason is obvious - constant exposure to the body paintwork (LCP) of direct sunlight and mechanical damage from small rubble or tree branches.

As a result, small mechanical damages in the form of scratches and microcracks appear on a car that is not at all old. And although, these damages are not striking to anyone, it is for this reason that the body of the car loses its original appearance. Means Mr. Cap UG2 helps in solving this problem very easily.

It will be about the latest polymer composition FormulaU. How does it work? A unique polymer that does not have similarities was created and released by the company Mr. Cap UG2. It is an invisible protective barrier located between the paintwork of the car body and external conditions. As a result, any minor scratches can only touch the polymer layer, and not affect the paintwork.

Mr. Cap UG2 to protect the car

Where to buy and price Mr. Cap UG2

Buy a universal hydrophobic coating Mr. Cap UG2 it is possible only on the website of its manufacturer, the price of goods in these countries is as follows:

  • in Russia 990 rubles;
  • in Kazakhstan 11900 tenge;
  • in Kyrgyzstan 2400 som;
  • Ukraine 500 hryvnia. Also for Ukrainians who bought this tool, the kit includes Liquid glass Silane Guard For a present.

Selling online helps to avoid unnecessary mark-ups on a protective product and to protect the consumer from low-quality counterfeits. When placing an order through the website, the buyer receives an original product at an affordable cost, while all possible risks are reduced to zero. You do not need to make an advance payment, the order is paid at the time of receiving the parcel.

buy Mr. Cap UG2 oleophobic coating

How is the processing of the car body

You drive the car to our deteyling center, where our experts, for starters, clean the car body from dust, dirt and any other contaminants. Then, with special care products, without adding abrasives, they process the machine, preparing it for the upcoming application of the protective layer.

Then, FormulaU is applied to the car body, and this is done in at least two layers, each of which is separately dried. At the end of processing, the client receives full consultation on the operation of the new coating and a warranty card for 3 of the year.

In addition to body protection, Mr. CAP provides GlassShield hydrophobic coating service. This is the latest anti-rain effect, designed to be applied to the glass of a car. With it, you can effortlessly clean the windshield from ice and dirt, and also less often include wiper blades in the rain. In addition, this coating enhances the protective qualities of the glass.

Super-hydrophobic and oleophobic coating has the ability to "reject" absolutely any liquid substance!

Покрытие Mr. Cap UG2 Designed and implemented by specialists of the American company UltraTech. During application to the desired object, it forms a special air barrier on its plane. It is she who protects the object from the effects of liquid (water, oil, etc.) better than any other analog!

The main objectives and properties of the coating Mr. Cap UG2:

  • hydro and oleostability, i.e. repulsion of any liquid substances;
  • body protection against ice sticking;
  • corrosion protection;
  • self-cleaning of the treated area;
  • resistance to dirt and bacteria;
  • increase the service life of the processed object.

Property value - super-hydro and oleophobic coating

Due to these properties, the area (angle) of contact of the liquid with the protective layer is reduced. For example, for a coating without the "super" prefix, the contact angle of the liquid with the object will be up to 110 degrees. In this case, a drop of liquid on the surface is an incomplete sphere. A similar effect, for example, is possessed by "waterproof" means that are applied to the glass of the car.

Покрытие Mr. Cap UG2 with the Super prefix creates conditions under which the contact angle is 160-175 degrees, and a drop of liquid will look almost like a sphere.

This polymer composition is effective for any metals (including steel, aluminum, lead, zinc), concrete and its derivatives, natural and chemical fibers; a rock; wooden, leather and fabric products, etc.

Instructions for applying the product Mr. Cap UG2

To work with Mr. Cap requires a spray gun (spray), which can be ordered at the same time with the coating or purchased separately. It is imperative that the liquid anti-rain coating does not come into contact with skin or mucous surfaces as it may cause irritation or allergies. To avoid this, during work you need to use protective equipment - a mask, gloves and goggles.

To begin with, the surface is thoroughly cleaned of any contaminants, and then completely dried. Then, by several sprays, the first (lower) coating layer with a thickness of approximately 0,1 mm is applied to the object. In order to prevent the substance from settling during operation, stir it periodically. Before tackling the top coat, let the previous one dry completely for about 20-30 minutes. According to the developers, the coating begins to work half an hour after processing the second (upper) layer, but for better fixing it is worth waiting a couple more hours. If it becomes necessary to remove this coating, then this can be done using xylene.

Coating shades

An absolutely transparent coating option has not yet been developed, so most motorists use the standard - transparent white. There are different shades of coverage, their presence must be clarified.

Is this coating suitable for protecting the car body? Of course, it theoretically fits, but in practice - it is unlikely that you want to get a transparent-white body color. Therefore, for the most part, the coating is used in places where the appearance is not particularly important - units under the body and underbody.

Should it be used as a protective coating on the bottom of a boat? The company conducted test tests, which showed that this treatment does not have any effect on the parameters of the boat, namely it does not increase its speed and does not reduce fuel consumption, it only protects against excessive pollution.

At what temperature does it work Mr. Cap UG2? According to the recommendations of its developers, the interval is quite wide - from -34 to + 149 degrees Celsius.

Period of service and storage conditions Mr. Cap UG2

This coating can be stored at temperatures ranging from + 4 to + 40 degrees with a maximum service life of one year.

This time directly depends on the conditions in which the coating will be used. The main reason for shortening this period is mechanical friction. The constant abrasive effect on the treated surface significantly reduces the duration of the coating, as a result, it can be up to 2 months. In conditions close to ideal, in the absence of daily friction, the coating will serve 6-12 months in an open environment. In the building, of course, this period will be longer.

Possible restrictions on the use of coverage

It must be taken into account that operation under strong friction significantly reduces the working life of the coating. You also need to consider that the interaction with any solvent, including detergents, alcohol, soap, etc., has the same negative effect.

What can be done if coating productivity is reduced

What to do if the effect of the coating has decreased significantly over time? In this case, the only solution is to update the last layer. Nevertheless, despite significant mechanical wear Mr. Cap UG2 and a decrease in the "super" hydro- and oleophobic effect, moisture-repellent and anti-corrosion properties are preserved, as well as the ability to protect the treated surface from icing.

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