Removable reusable car tinting M-Tonic

Reusable tinting is not only an element of tuning, thanks to the M-Tonic coating, tinted windows protect the interior of the car from direct sunlight, while maintaining a cool air temperature in it. This is a great solution for those who are not used to the regular use of air conditioning. Owners of respectable cars equipped with expensive covers, as well as modern gadgets and devices, often become victims of robbers.

That tinting can solve the painful question: how to hide access to the interior review as much as possible? Car drivers have long known that classic tinting is prohibited by law, but the removable tinting M-tonic is an exception to this rule. It is legal and easy to use. Such tinting can be set and removed at any time of the day or night, without making special efforts for this.

Removable reusable car tinting M-Tonic

Most motorists tend to darken the windows, as this gives a lot of advantages compared to a conventional “aquarium”. The new law on the prohibition of tinting took away the opportunity to hide themselves and the interior of the car from the eyes of inquisitive passersby. Some drivers continue to use this element of tuning, despite the updated standards, thereby creating problems for themselves at the first paragraph of the traffic police. In this regard, the question of finding an alternative option for protecting glass arose. And the solution really was found. Recently, removable tinting film, which is not an integral part of glass, is gaining more and more popularity. The driver has the opportunity to quickly get rid of her at any necessary time - sanctions of law enforcement agencies in this case do not threaten.

Statistics indicate that most cars undergo tuning today. Many motorists have already managed to appreciate all the advantages that a removable tinting film M-tonic has. Its production is actively engaged in the United States.

The main advantages of removable tinting

  • Legality. M-tonic is not considered an integral part of auto glass and is easily removed from its surface. This allows you to avoid conflicts when communicating with traffic police officers;
  • Keeps excellent visibility for the driver;
  • Does not distort the road surface;
  • Installs in a few minutes;
  • Instantly removed;
  • Not afraid of cold and heat;
  • It does not leave marks on the glass surface;
  • The material is not afraid of creases. Removable tinting can be folded as you like;
  • The location of the tint is easily adjusted;
  • Does not crack from frost, does not fade in the sun.

How does removable tinting work?

The removable tint film is attached to the glass due to the static effect. The strength of the material allows you to reinstall tinting countless times. It is noteworthy that she is absolutely not afraid of precipitation and temperature fluctuations.

M-tonic film is made and high quality durable material. Removable reusable tinting is resistant to various external factors and weather conditions. The material retains its shape and integrity with regular use and heavy loads. Removable tinting is a worthy choice for your car!

Where to buy M-Tonic and the price of removable tinting

You can purchase a removable tinting film in the official online store. The official dealer offers wholesale and retail options for purchasing goods. Delivery of the order is carried out on the territory of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, the price of tinting M-Tonic, respectively, 1700 rubles, 11000 tenge and 895 hryvnia.

It is worth noting that the purchase of M-tonic film can significantly save - standard tinting will cost much more. Along with this, the buyer receives full-fledged glass protection for his car. The tinting film is highly durable and compact. It is enough to remove it and twist it into a small roll, completely not worrying about the fact that the material may crack on the folds.

How to set tint

Installation instructions for tinting is simple:

  1. Wet the glass with water.
  2. Fit the tint film to the edge of the glass.
  3. Drive out excess air and moisture using a special plastic spatula. A fixture is included.
  4. Insert the bottom of the film under the lower seal on the glass.

It is recommended to pay special attention to item No. 3 in this manual.

M-tonic film acquires the necessary transparency only if a minimal amount of water and air remains between the tint and the glass. Removing the tint film is much easier than installing. To do this, just grab it around the corner and gently pull it towards you. Removable tinting can be set an infinite number of times.

The main functions of removable tinting

The main purpose of tinting is to protect the glass of the car from the sun and excessive attention from passers-by, as well as to create a comfortable environment for the driver and passengers. With all the above functions, the M-tonic copes perfectly.

The tinting film is easily attached to the glass due to static, it can be constantly reinstalled. M-tonic additionally protects the car glass from various kinds of mechanical damage, since it has sufficient rigidity for this. Removing the film, you can not worry about its integrity - it does not deform, does not tear, does not crack. Such tinting is removed in a matter of seconds.

Toning M-tonic is available in various variations. You can individually select a film with a certain light transmission for your car. Typically, drivers prefer to install different types of tinting on the front and rear windows with distinctive light transmission.

After reading customer reviews about the tinting film M-tonic, you will once again make sure that it is easy to use. It can be installed independently without any help from anyone. This process does not take more than 2-3 minutes.

Before the first installation of tinting, it is recommended to carefully clean the car windows from dust, dirt and stains. For this purpose, it is recommended to use special car shampoos.

The instruction for the use of a protective film is quite simple and understandable. However, on the official seller’s website, you can watch a detailed video about installing removable tinting. After reading this material, you definitely will not have any questions!

Why it is worth buying a tint, and not contact the service

Do you still choose between contacting a car service and buying an M-tonic film on your own? Do not forget that the service will install illegal protection for the glass of your car, while calling a high price. With ordinary tinting, you violate the current law banning this type of car tuning, you risk it every day. After the first stop near the traffic police station, you will lose tinting and pay a fine. In addition, you will have to pay extra service workers to dismantle the tinted glass.

Having bought a removable tinting M-tonic, you are not afraid of these problems. Instead, you get solid benefits: savings, practicality, comfort, quick installation and easy web adjustments. M-tonic perfectly copes with all the basic requirements for tinting.

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