Nanofilm Invinum to hide car numbers on traffic police cameras

You are not using Nanofilm yet Invinum to hide car numbers on DPS cameras? Today, a universal tool for protecting the surface of car numbers from unwanted video and photo recordings has appeared on the market. This method has long been implemented in many European countries and has established itself as an effective solution for protecting drivers. The technology of using special nanofilms "Invinum"Is a sticker made of ordinary numbers, which, when superimposed on a number, makes it invisible to cameras and camcorders. The use of such a film does not entail large financial costs.

Nanofilm Invinum to hide car numbers on traffic police cameras

The effect of using such a film is achieved due to the fact that the light from the camera flashes when it hits it is reflected, and it is simply impossible to consider the number under such conditions. In the images, the shooting area will be white. Under ordinary conditions, such a number will be perceived by the human eye quite normally. The film extends its action exclusively to cameras operating in the infrared spectrum. The Vizir and Trukum fixation systems that are mainly used in the traffic police today always work in this mode. The effectiveness of nanofilms "Invinum"Proved during testing both at any time of the day and under any climatic conditions.

The only condition for achieving the desired effect when implementing this method is clean rooms. Otherwise, the likelihood of their visibility is slightly increased. It is recommended to stick at least 2 characters on the vehicle number. This requirement is due to the fact that if the camera cannot recognize the number, the photo is sent for manual processing, where the machine can be identified by the remaining characters and its model. No traffic police infrared camera can recognize the sealed numbers, and bright flashes or dark spots will be displayed on the received photo in areas with a film.

Nanofilm Invinum to hide car numbers on traffic police cameras

Some types of films have characteristics that exclude the possibility of viewing the numbers even with ordinary human eyes, which means that there are no grounds for making any claims. Such a film does not require any special care. It is only necessary to exclude self-peeling of the film from the number, since then it will be impossible to glue it back. The film is absolutely resistant to the damaging effects of aggressive environments, so you can drive your car to the car wash without worries and worries.

Of interest is the fact that in Japan at the legislative level the use of such films for sticking a car number is prohibited, since such actions impede additional revenues to the country's budget. This means only one thing - the effectiveness of the film for hiding car numbers is proven at the highest level by the Japanese nation.

Where can I buy Invinum, structure and characteristics of nanofilms

Get a really high-quality film "Invinum»Can be guaranteed only on the website of the official manufacturer. Offers to sell such products can be found on various resources, in specialized car dealerships, but its quality often leaves much to be desired. Do not trust with doubtful intermediaries seeking to earn.

Buy a film to hide numbers from traffic police cameras

It is recommended to place an order on the manufacturer's official website, where you can buy high quality Invinum film at a low price without any markups. Film cost "Invinum"On the official website of the manufacturer is 1300 rubles in Russia, the price for residents of other countries is indicated there.

Nanofilm structure for hiding car numbers "Invinum»Consists of several layers:

  1. Base.
  2. A polymer designed to reflect light.
  3. Glass prism, the presence of which provides the refraction of light rays.
  4. The light filter holding a luminous flux. It is this element that contributes to the illumination of a dark background and its merging with a white background.
  5. The film, the presence of which creates the appearance of flashes.

The principle of action of nanofilms

The action of the film is as clear as possible. When shooting a room with cameras, the flash is reflected and only white spots are displayed on the pictures. Naturally, no computer will be able to recognize a car from such a frame. Under normal conditions, it is also impossible to detect the presence of such a film on a number with an ordinary human eye.

Legislative regulation

It is impossible to fine a car enthusiast for using a nanofilm even when revealing the fact of its presence in a room under applicable law. The provisions of the Administrative Code regarding the recognition of registration numbers as not complying with the requirements of the law as signs of violation indicate only their unreadability. The use of nanofilms does not fall under these signs, since car numbers in this case remain readable and clearly visible. Therefore, no claims can be made against motorists.

Film Instructions Invinum

Film installation Invinum a car number does not require any special knowledge and skills, and any driver can easily perform this procedure. To stick nanofilms, you need to follow a simple algorithm of actions:

  • To clean a surface. Before gluing, the rooms must be thoroughly washed, wiped and treated with alcohol in order to remove grease.
  • Install film. It is important to precisely superimpose its sign and smooth it so that there are no air bubbles or wrinkles between the surface of the room and the film.
  • To fasten. After applying the film in order to firmly fix it, it is necessary to dry the glued area, for example, using a hairdryer. After such a procedure, the film will not exactly fall off the room, will withstand the effects of water during washing, low temperatures and other destructive factors. The film will hold until the motorist decides to replace the numbers.

There is nothing complicated in the procedure for installing nanofilms, and the final quality result will help car owners for many years from DPS fines!

Other ways to hide a license plate number

  1. Wind frame. The cost of this method is approximately commensurate with the price of nanofilms "Invinum". The principle of operation of the frame is based on the slope of the number under the influence of a headwind, which excludes the possibility of reading it. It would seem that the solution is quite effective, since the number is set in accordance with the requirements and there can be no complaints against the car owner. In addition, at any time, the number can be fixed as soon as possible. However, this option to hide the number has significant drawbacks. The main one is the inefficiency of the method at a low speed. So, many motorists say that such a frame is ineffective at speeds up to 100 km / h. In addition, in the near future it is planned to install cameras for reading back numbers, which will make wind frames an inefficient way of hiding signs. As a result, with all the non-obviousness of the effectiveness of such a solution, unpleasant consequences for car owners in the form of sanctions by the traffic police are also possible.
  2. Defective numbers. There are situations when motorists are given defective numbers, the paint from which peels off very quickly. No matter how strange it may be, but such numbers are a real success for car owners. Despite the fact that they can be replaced absolutely free, many drivers are in no hurry to get new analogues. This slowness is explained by the fact that IR cameras are not able to recognize numbers and letters that are not displayed with paint. Using this loophole, many car owners began to specifically erase paint from signs. This is usually done in two ways:
  • uniform heating of the paint with a blowtorch on both sides, which often leads to an implausible result;
  • gradual removal of paint with fine sandpaper. This option is much more real visually, because there is a feeling of the onset of such an effect from too long operation of the room in an aggressive environment.
  • If you do not abuse such tricks, then you can gain an understanding of police officers who do not dare to fine the driver for poor quality rooms. But it is possible that the driver will receive a fine for unreadable numbers, because the police officer has legal grounds for this. You can implement this method in practice on your own, and the imposition of sanctions in the form of a warning or a fine should not be surprising.
  1. Additional number. Surely this method will be effective in the formation of "letters of happiness" in automatic mode. The principle of operation of such a solution is simple: additional signs with reflective paint are installed under the bumper of the car. Anything can be written on such signs, and the fixation camera does not respond to the inscription on the sign, but to a layer of reflective paint. Given that there will be two visible spots, it will be impossible to fully identify them as a registration number. Information coming from cameras is processed manually today. This means that the operator has the ability to recognize the real sign. The advantage of this method can be considered the impossibility of applying sanctions for its implementation, since the Code of Administrative Offenses does not contain such an offense.
  2. The frame is a shape-shifter. This method is probably well known to many motorists. He was shown in action in the popular movie Taxi, where the hero, during a chase, presses one of the buttons and the registration number on his car flips over to the other side, displaying a funny inscription. For a rather bulky device that requires certain cosmetic actions with the front bumper during installation, they ask about 10 rubles on the Internet. The principle of operation of this method is simple: by turning the number over or hiding it, a set of letters and numbers becomes invisible to the fixation cameras. The disadvantage of this option is the possibility of imposing a punishment in the form of a rather large fine or even deprivation of rights for up to 000 months. In addition, the mechanism for hiding the number will be ineffective due to the formation of "letters of happiness" in manual mode. Disadvantages, as you can see, are quite a lot and they all entail serious troubles.
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