Fix it Pro и BodyCompound to remove scratches from the car body

One way or another, most drivers someday encounter one misfortune, like the appearance of scratches on a car paintwork. Their appearance can occur even if you drive carefully, because there are tree branches, stones and sand that come across in the way. Mostly drivers with little experience face this problem. Not everyone is able to take the time and spend money on constant visits to auto repair shops to eliminate these damages, and it is not always easy to cope with these shortcomings yourself.

To accurately remove scratches from the surface of the vehicle, you must use only reliable methods that will not harm the coating. Now on the market is popular Fix it Pro and Body Compound, which is used by both novice and experienced drivers. The paste makes it possible to remove not only scratches, but also other violations of the paintwork of varying complexity.

Fix it Pro и BodyCompound to remove scratches from the car body

What is Fix it Pro

According to the manufacturer, Fix it Pro is an innovative tool that was created to instantly remove scratches, scuffs and other irregularities on the paintwork. This paste can significantly reduce the costs that would be spent on painting. The composition of the product combines many microparticles, which provide uniform polishing to the car surface. After uniform processing of roughnesses, their initial appearance of paintwork can be restored.

The consumption of this product during use is quite modest, which makes its cost more affordable in relation to peers, while helping to remove dust and dirt, increasing the gloss of the paintwork.

Violations of the paintwork can be of a different nature. In some cases, scratches are formed only on the upper layer, but often they also affect the paint. Sometimes they are able to reach the primer applied under the bottom and even to the metal itself, making it visible. It is possible to remove scratches only if the depth does not reach the primer.

Fix it Pro и BodyCompound to remove scratches from the car body

To determine the severity of damage, it is advisable to carefully examine this place using a magnifying glass. The flashlight and lamp distort the display a little, not giving the opportunity to accurately determine the nature of the violations, therefore, it is necessary to carry out this procedure only in daylight.

With any polishing, regardless of the quality of the products used, the paint layer lends itself to thinning. In this regard, you should not often use FixIt Pro or similar means. When there is little damage or they are practically invisible, it is better to postpone the procedure.

The main thing is not to forget that even minor scratches can lead to significant consequences. With continued driving with noticeable violations of the paintwork surface, metal may decompose. Even avoiding the occurrence of corrosion, the life of the car decently decreases. So why expose your car to such a risk, if you can buy Fix it Pro right now either BodyCompound!

Cost of Body Compound and where to buy Fixit Pro

Buy product Fix it Pro it is possible only through an official resource, on which shares are constantly held. It is only required to visit the manufacturer's website BodyCompound at a specific time. This contributes to the fact that every new customer has the opportunity to get FixIt Pro for half the price. In this case, the paste will cost approximately the price of 1300 rubles. But the quantity of products at a discount is limited. Why postpone the acquisition if an unpleasant event can happen to the vehicle at any inopportune moment. In addition, at the present time, another action is taking place on the site, with a gift in the form of a folding card-knife, which comes with every order.

To place an order Fix it Pro you need to fill out an application on the site, the link to which is at the bottom of the page and consists of 2 mandatory points. Potential clients should write their full name and contact number. Within 10-15 minutes after the application, the operator will call you, who will specify the number of ordered packages and the details for sending the goods. Products are delivered within 3-8 days. It all depends on the location of the delivery location.

Some questionable online stores require prepayment when making a purchase, but this should not be done. There is a possibility that these are swindlers. When placing an order on this website of the company, payment occurs upon receipt. Only after checking the integrity of the goods, the client makes a settlement at the place of delivery This procedure reduces the likelihood of being deceived by fraudsters.

You can verify the effectiveness of this product by reading reviews on various sites and forums. Sometimes you can also see customers who are unhappy with the purchase, because in an effort to reduce costs, they ordered funds on an unofficial website where a fake was found. Having made a purchase in an official online store, you can return the goods after receipt within 2 weeks without giving any reason, at the buyer's will.

Buy Fix it Pro with a discount of 60%

You can buy Body Compound in Russia for 1 ruble by a special offer from the manufacturer of the product.

Features of scratch remover paste

Using a paste, you can quickly remove damage that not only looks not attractive, but also causes inconvenience to the car owner. Main features Fix it Pro It is:

  • the ability to use on the coating of any color;
  • removal of minor scratches on the surface;
  • the paste fills the necessary damage, which in the end is completely restored.

 Before selling the car, it is necessary to bring it in proper condition, and FixIt Pro will contribute to this.

The principle of operation Fix it Pro and Badi compound

As part of the product Fix it Pro there are small particles whose purpose is to fill cracks in use. After application, the paint softens, and the damage disappears, and special hardeners from among the components contribute to quick drying.

Pros and Cons of Body Compound Paste

The paste is completely harmless, odorless and free of dangerous toxins. There is no need to wear protective gloves or a respirator during use. The composition consists of components that are resistant to water, which provide the initial appearance of the paint layers of the vehicle after the past snow or rain. The effect after using the paste will last for a long time.

The tool is suitable for all cars, regardless of their brand and color. It is easy and economical to apply and needs little space. One application is enough Fix it Pro or BodyCompound, to eliminate the need for repainting the necessary components of the body.

Also, pasta has disadvantages, which buyers write about in the comments. There are no Russian-language instructions in the kit, but everything is very clearly shown in the pictures. They show all the necessary procedures for which the tool is intended. When considering them, consumers do not have any questions or difficulties.

The tool is not able to remove the deep damage that came to the primer, or rust. When used for these violations, the effect will not last long, only slightly hiding the defect, and completely eliminate these problem areas Fix it Pro will fail. With a high severity of damage, it will be possible to contact the masters who will re-paint.

Instructions on how to apply Fix it Pro

Inside each pack of FixIt Pro lies a tube with a tool and a sponge. Application is easy enough. It is only necessary to squeeze out a little paste and cover it with the necessary damage. Strong rubbing is not required, just lightly polish with a sponge. It is advisable to wash the car before the procedure. Thanks to this, it will be possible to avoid the occurrence of divorces. It is still not recommended to do the application on a day when the wind, because dust can affect performance, so it is better to cover on a calm sunny day.

After perfect polishing, the coating must be wiped with a clean cloth. Using Fix it Pro will help to return the paintwork layers to almost their original form. The tool is spent quite economically and will last several times. The addition of water is contraindicated in the paste, because it can significantly reduce the effect! After applying, the tube should be firmly closed, and the washcloth should be placed in a clean bag. Storage is preferably carried out in a dry and dark place.

Effectiveness of using Body Compound

After the procedure, even a professional craftsman will not be able to find places where they were before the damage. The coating of the car will be plain and smooth. You no longer need to look for a suitable color of correcting pencils that will be combined with the shade of the surface. Means Fix it Pro makes it possible to overhaul the machine with any color. Having done the application, polishing is not required, because the paste combines polishing components that smooth the coating and add shine to it.


After use Fix it Pro or BodyCompound the covered place will look as if it has been painted the other day. Without deep damage and rust, the product can fully restore the color of the paintwork and its natural shine, and rain or snow will not be able to reduce its effectiveness.

The best option is to use a paste on newly formed light scratches. 10 minutes after the application is done, the effect will be noticeable. Now you don’t need to spend a lot of money and time on the restoration of the paintwork, because there is an opportunity to do the repair yourself in any convenient place, not visiting various services. Pasta is perfect for people who take care of their free time. It will be useful to travelers, too, allowing you not to stop on your way over trifles. The Body Compound tool saves you a significant amount of finance and time that you can spend on other useful things.

Damage Repair Paste Reviews

 Alexey, 43 of the year, Voronezh, Russia.

“Working as a taxi driver, I come across different people, there were those who scratched the body of my car. Sometimes I myself caused damage by negligence. I was tired of constantly observing the exhausted condition of the car, and was almost going to turn in for repainting, as friends recommended Fix it Pro. After the first application, the car shone. I am constantly taking it with me now. I use it myself and advise all my friends. ”

 Nestor, 29 years, St. Petersburg, Russia.

 “I drive to my place of work in a personal car. At times, his wife takes him, and her driving is not quite accurate, new scratches often appear. On the Internet, I found a paste to remove them BodyCompound, with many positive reviews, and I ordered it. After the first application on the paintwork, the result exceeded all expectations. "

Anatoly, 40 years, Moscow, Russia.

“I inherited the car, already in a rather poor state. Repainting was carried out at first, as he got behind her wheel. But over time, scratches still began to appear, and the paint surface began to fade. I didn’t have extra money for the next painting, but accidentally stumbled upon an advertisement for Body Compound, carried out his order. Pasta managed to transform my car beyond recognition. I am very glad that I got it. "

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