FisherGoMan self-tapping portable fishing rod spinning Fishergomen

Fishing rod FisherGoMan - This is a fishing device whose size when folded is comparable to a ballpoint pen. At the same time, the compact fishing rod proposed for consideration is equipped with a self-cutting mechanism, eliminating the possibility that at least one bite will be missed. If you choose FisherGoMan, then you will not need to carry out constant visual control of the fishing rod in the process of fishing and from time to time check for the presence of bait in its place. Spinning of this species is good in that its functionality provides the most effective fishing.

FisherGoMan self-tapping portable fishing rod spinning Fishergomen

Fishing rod FisherGoMan It is a good purchase for personal use and a great gift option. Such a present will be pleasant to many. With it, the fishing gathering process looks nowhere simpler: just put a miniature spinning in your pocket so that you are ready to go fishing.

Let us consider in more detail the characteristics of such a unique spinning and the nuances of its use.

Price FisherGoMan and where to buy a fishing rod

The order of the original spinning can be issued on the official website. For residents of Russia, the cost FisherGoMan is 2590 rubles, and Kazakhstan - 16000 tenge, you can also buy a self-landing rod in Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and Belarus - the price is indicated on the website. Sending a parcel is provided by postal services, cash on delivery. As a gift, a special bite activator is attached to the fishing rod, which is a very good bonus.

Fishing rod properties FisherGoMan

If we turn to the opinion of professional fishermen, we can conclude that spinning FisherGoMan according to its characteristics, it correlates with full-sized products of a similar type: high-quality manufacturing material and high productivity, demonstrated in the process of fishing. At the same time, this spinning has a number of tangible advantages, which include compactness, low weight and the presence of a self-cutting mechanism.

Otherwise, experts, including the manufacturer, say that spinning FisherGoMan - this is:

  • an excellent fixture for fishing regardless of the season;
  • the opportunity to save car luggage space;
  • speed of bringing the fishing rod into working condition;
  • ease of use from a pier, bridge or boat in terms of fishing;
  • functionality that provides large trophies;
  • equipped with a flexible fishing rod and a high-quality reel.

Instructions on how to use FisherGoMan

To fishing rod FisherGoMan pleased you for a long time, it should be operated in accordance with how it is prescribed in the instructions for use. As for the direct use of miniature spinning, this process includes the following simple steps:

  1. Bring the rod into working condition by pulling the tip and stretching out the constituent elements.
  2. Replace the coil.
  3. Check the operation of the mechanism and how correctly the fastening is made.

How does work FisherGoMan and principle of operation of the mechanism

You can always skip the bite, since it is difficult to focus on one object for a long time. Often a bite occurs when the fisherman is absent for a short while. This kind of fishing development becomes impossible if you use FisherGoMan. This compact fishing rod will independently control all bites and make a hook at a crucial moment without any participation on your part.

The fish captures the spinner, causing the fishing line to tension, which causes the activation of the hook mechanism. The spinning chopper will do everything on its own, and you just have to remove the trophy from the water.

Fisherman's fishing rod features

In the production of self-fishing rods in the form of a spinning rod FisherGoMan materials such as plastic, fiberglass and aluminum are used. When folded, this compact device has a length of 20 cm. Putting it into working condition allows you to get a rod with a length of 1 m. The weight of the spinning rod is 500 g.

Thanks to the plug-in design, it is possible to quickly replace a failed element. The handle is defined as one-handed in terms of type. The use of Fisher Go Man is not limited to any one season, which determines the versatility of this spinning.

spinning FisherGoMan unfolded

The nuances of the self-trimming mechanism

Mounted on fishing rod FisherGoMan The hooking mechanism is distinguished by a certain uniqueness, since it provides the ability to simulate the actions of a fisherman on a bite, which is achieved due to the presence of:

  • three-level control of bite stiffness;
  • wide variation in the tension of the spring trigger;
  • special holder for fishing rod.

self-supporting mechanism FisherGoMan

Pros and advantages of a self-fishing rod

Main advantage FisherGoMan formed due to the fact that this device is equipped with a self-cutting mechanism. At the same time, the fishing line used is highly durable, guaranteeing a successful end to the fight when there is any obstinacy fish on the hook. The miniature size of the spinning rod is in no way a minus of the design, since the rod has sufficient strength and flexibility, which allows you to pull large fish onto the shore.

If we compare Fishergoumen with similar products, which are full-sized, then such a plus as a more adequate price of the device in question comes out on top. To this can be added promotions carried out by the manufacturer, when the cost of a fishing rod is halved.

The main advantages of fishing rods FisherGoMan are as follows:

  • light weight;
  • compact size;
  • the presence of a hooking mechanism;
  • acceptable flexibility of the rod;
  • possibility of use throughout the year.

The result is a compact fishing rod FisherGoMan successfully replaces the standard spinning, and for its transportation there is enough capacity of the glove compartment of the car.

Expert opinion

Expert Opinions on Spinning FisherGoMan unanimous - the device is the best in its class, characterized by ease of use, suitable for use in any weather, made of quality materials. As a result, experts recommend the purchase of this spinning rod to everyone: amateurs and professionals.

Reviews of the operation of the Fisher Go Man confirm the maneuverability and convenience of this device. In particular, it is reported that the rod handle has an optimal configuration, since it takes into account the structural features of the human hand.

Self-trimming spinning efficiency FisherGoMan

Testing Proven Effective FisherGoMan, despite the extremely small size of this spinning. This fishing rod copes with the tasks assigned to it with no less efficiency, which is shown by heavy spinning rods, which differ in significant length.

If you like to fish from a boat, then a compact fishing rod will save you from problems with the placement of equipment. If you want to enjoy nature while fishing from the bridge, then Fishergomen will allow you to do this by taking on the job of controlling bites.

To the official website address FisherGoMan quite a lot of questions come from potential buyers who would like to know why the price of a compact fishing rod is so low, how delivery is carried out, and how the quality of the products being sent is ensured.

FisherGoMan self-tapping portable fishing rod spinning Fishergomen

As for the low cost, it is explained by the fact that the purchase of fishing rods is carried out directly at the factory, and this eliminates many costs: advertising, rent of commercial premises, etc. In turn, the collection of the parcel begins immediately after the order is received. All items shipped are checked for defects. If you receive a low-quality product, you can, at your choice, return the money or exchange the goods without giving any explanation.

Assembly and tuning instructions FisherGoMan

Each pack with FisherGoMan It is supplemented by instructions where the spinning assembly process is indicated:

  1. To straighten all the elements of the rod by pulling the tip of the device.
  2. Install the coil and check its serviceability.
  3. To embark on a pleasant pastime, which is fishing.

To make fishing unforgettable and really bring pleasure and a rich catch, it is recommended to use a special attractant to attract fish to the place of fishing, more about it in this article Fish XXL bite activator with pheromones attractant for fishing.

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