Bait Fish XXL bite activator with pheromones - attractant for fishing

A review of a unique attractant to bait all types of fish Fish XXL, using which fishing will always be successful and will bring pleasure from a rich catch. It is used by professional fishermen and amateurs all over Europe, which means that this bait works effectively, otherwise there would be no sales in all CIS countries and the European Union. So, why do you need a bite activator?

If after fishing you have nothing to brag about, for example, there is no catch at all or it is so small that there’s nothing to talk about, then you can blame the weather, the fishing place, equipment or feeding in everything. Meanwhile, the last of the above is least of all to blame for your failure, since standard top dressing ceases to work when the temperature reaches minus 10 and below degrees, since the fish ceases to pick up the smell under these conditions.

You can also run into scammers offering fishing hormones such as Fish Hungry, which, they assure, are able to lure any fish, even excessively fed. Many anglers believed this tale and were losers. Do not repeat this action, stay alert.

Now let's touch on modern retail chains. They offer a gigantic selection of everything you need for fishing. Attractants and dip in this case are no exception. How much do you need this variety? You should know that the fish is mainly satisfied with four smells, so you should not expect gourmand from it.

Spray Fish XXL pheromone bite activator

What is a bite activator attractant Fish XXL

All fishermen, and not only them, know that for a good bite, fish requires bait and effective bait. If the fish likes the bait, then it will fall on the hook, and if it is comfortable with bait, the catch will increase significantly. This is exactly what the attractant activator of biting provides - stimulating the fish, causing the instinct of the hunter in it.

This tool is particularly effective in cases where the purpose of fishing is large breeds of fish. Nibble activators Fish XXL contain components that guarantee coverage of large areas in terms of providing bite. The fish becomes so active that it is ready to absorb any food, regardless of the degree of satiety.

What should be understood as an attractant Fish XXL

This tool is a bite activator oriented to fishing at any time of the year. Visually represents a dense mass in a bottle of 30 milliliters. It provides a high level of comfort when fishing, when it is possible to catch faster and more both in terms of the total size of the catch, and individual specimens of fish. It does not matter what kind of fish you are going to catch.

With Fish XXL You can turn the most monotonous fishing into a fascinating activity. The agent in question stimulates the biting of fish, which prefers to stay where it is good, that is, on a well-fed area.

In the development of attractant Fish XXL not only scientists took part, but also ordinary fishermen, which explains the success of this bite activator. As a result of joint efforts, it was possible to obtain an aromatic mix, characterized by high performance. The time spent on creating the tool was 3 of the year. Painstaking work was carried out during this period: proportions changed and smells combined. The efforts spent paid off, as a unique aroma was developed that was attractive for any kind of fish.

What fish is Fish XXL designed for?

  1. Careful. Spray Fish XXLhaving a brownish tint, is focused on use in clean and cold water. Dark in color bait attracts frightened fish, which can be attributed, for example, rudd.
  2. Predatory. Thick mass of activator Fish XXL well held on the nozzle, while maintaining resistance to water. The smell of the bait spreads over a long distance, attracting large representatives of the fish.
  3. Peaceful. In the so-called wild ponds, fish have no experience with one or another artificially created bait. The smell of activator seduces her, and she swallows the bait with great satisfaction.

What the bait consists of Fish XXL

Attractant causes severe irritation of fish receptors associated with smell. Components Fish XXL the constituents, dissolving in water, act on the nerve endings when they enter the mucosa, which leads to stimulation of the corresponding brain activity.

The fish smells and floats on it. The composition of this activator Fish XXL eliminates the presence of chemical components, so the fish caught is completely harmless:

  • giant garlic - simplifies the process of catching pike and bream;
  • hempseed oil - causes a feeling of hunger in husters and river fish in the form of a sop;
  • kaffir lime - increases the chances of fishing for carp, tench and roach;
  • squid protein - will not leave indifferent perches, small catfish, burbots and rotans.


Is it for sale Fish XXL in stores how to buy

If you want to buy a real activator Fish XXL, you should refer exclusively to the manufacturer's Internet resource. The presence in retail outlets can only state that you will be offered a counterfeit product, such as Fish Hungry and the like. By contacting the manufacturer, you will ensure the purchase of a high-quality and effective attractant without any overpayments and risk to your wallet.

Buy Fish XXL fishing activator

During the sale you can order an activator Fish XXL at a discount to 50% of its cost. Do not miss this opportunity to always be with the catch. To do this, you only need to enter the required information into the form on the site.

After a short time, the operator will contact you, which is necessary in order to clarify the delivery details of the order. Depending on the region, delivery is carried out from 2 to 8 days. There is no need to pay in advance.

Buy Fish XXL at a discount it is possible in the countries of the European Union. On the territory of each country, delivery from an official distributor is valid, links to sites for placing an order are listed as a list:

  • Hungary;
  • Germany;
  • Greece;
  • Spain;
  • Italy;
  • Latvia;
  • Lithuania;
  • Poland;
  • Portugal;
  • Romania;
  • Slovenia;
  • Croatia;
  • Estonia.

How to distinguish a fake Fish XXL

True activator Fish XXL has been tested in various bodies of water. The compact size of the activator makes it easy to carry. The bait is versatile, that is, suitable for catching any fish. To use it is not necessary to remove the mittens.

If you bought Fish XXL, and the fish ignores the bait, then perhaps a fake was acquired. Do not trust unknown sellers. The drug is sold only on the portal of the manufacturer LLC AVEN, Moscow, where there is detailed information on it.

To identify a fake, first of all, you need to study the appearance of the package. It must be performed qualitatively and distinguished by the presence of the information in the form of a release date, logo, registration mark and expiration date. Fakes can lead to allergic reactions and can not guarantee that you will be provided with a successful bite. Exclude the possibility of acquiring Fish XXL cool activator from scammers.

How to distinguish an attractant from a fake

Instructions on how to use the attractant

To apply the activator, you can use any bait, for example, the same bread. Catching peaceful fish will be successful when spraying the bait order 3 times. If your goal is a careful fish, then the amount of bait processing should be increased to 8 times. Having caught 2 – 3 fish, it is advisable to repeat the above procedure. The onset of biting occurs after a few minutes from the moment you use the bait Fish XXL.

Important information about complementary feeding and complementary feeding

Each fisherman has his own approach to feeding. Someone feeds a lot, pouring about 5 kilograms of bait into the water during the afternoon session. When fishing for many days, the score for fishermen sometimes goes to tens of kilograms. Someone does not feed at all. Which group to join?

Here are two key questions to ask yourself before preparing for complementary foods:

  1. How long is fishing;
  2. How much in this place the fish got used to find food.

In general, feeding fish while fishing is good anyway. But in what volumes? Is there a danger of overfeeding the fish, discourage her appetite? We will talk about this further.

Is it possible to overfeed the fish? As the practice of fishing competitions shows, no one has yet succeeded in overfeeding the fish. It is athletes who always use a huge amount of bait mixture together with Fish XXL, leaving amateur fishermen far behind in this matter. To understand why this is so, you need to understand the purpose of feeding and the tasks of bait mixtures and programs.

Why do you need feeding at all? There are two purposes for feeding:

  • attracting fish to a specific fishing point;
  • keeping the fish in the place of fishing throughout the session.

At the same time, positive and negative factors act on the fish:

  • The key positive is the food reflex, which encourages the fish to feed and look for the food itself.
  • The key negative factor is the fear or anxiety factor that arises from nearby relatives, equipment, and individuals of other fish species.

How does feeding work with Fish XXL? The meaning of the process is the creation of a place of forage attraction for fish and conditions in which the fish begins to sail to the point necessary for the fisherman. Even if you frighten off the fish, it will not go far and will soon return - roughly speaking, a “habit” will develop.

The key point of feeding is to create conditions for attracting fish, and not to feed it. Therefore, you can pour mixtures of kilograms - they attract, but do not saturate the fish. Most of them are usually clay and sand.

What is included in the composition of complementary foods?

The fish is attracted to the finely ground fraction of those ingredients that it considers to be its food in combination with an activator Fish XXL. Most often it is crushed grain, cut worm, insect larvae (bloodworms and maggot), small aquatic crustaceans. The volume of such ingredients is minimal, often they are added odor and taste enhancers (attractants and DIPs). The rest is put “for volume” and taking into account the fact that complementary foods should release the digestive tract of fish as quickly as possible.

An important aspect - what is used by the fisherman as bait should be in good contact with the feed additives used by him in the mixture. This approach is called a feed program.

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