Dry Blooder attractant fish bait Dry blood with pheromones

Leading experts in the field of ichthyology have proposed a unique composition for attracting fish called Dry Blooder dry blood. Having a simple bait, you will no longer have to spend precious time on procuring maggots and worms, bread, cereals or flour "gifts" for the inhabitants of lakes and rivers. Just throw a fishing rod and another prey on your hook in the literal sense of the word!

It is known that fish is far from the most intelligent creation of nature, but there is no need to doubt its instinct for self-preservation. Every fisherman knows the feeling of annoyance when, after dancing for a while on the surface of the water, the float suddenly freezes - the bait did not work. With Dry Bloder, such "misfires" are excluded: neither carp, nor crucian carp, nor roach will pass by such a delicacy. No less interest in the mixture is shown by predators: pike, burbot, pike perch, catfish, perch, chub.

The nature of aquatic vertebrates is such that they are capable of absorbing 24 food 24 hours a day; they have no sense of satiety. This explains their instantaneous reaction to dry blood, which exudes biologically active components in water. The secret of the latter in exact accordance with the taste of natural feed. More than three percent of the total amount of the nutrient is made up of amino acids - the main components of the natural diet of fish.

Dry blood does not contain harmful impurities, therefore it is absolutely safe to use. Production technology Dry Blooder includes fractional drying and subsequent processing with ultraviolet radiation, due to which maximum sterility is achieved. At the next stage, special pheromones are added to the bait. They provide absolute efficiency. Dry Blooder, real reviews about which are published on the official website.

Dry Blood Attractant Packaging

Operating principle Dry Blooder

Remember the shark movies: toothy monsters instantly feel their prey at a great distance when blood appears in the water. This scientifically proven fact has become a decisive argument in the development of dry blood. Due to the components of the plasma, which has a specific “aroma”, a fish within a radius of several kilometers can easily determine the source of “smell”.

In contact with water, each grain Dry Blooder intensively releases additive elements: food components, synthesized pheromones and plasma enzymes. A kind of "cornucopia" is formed on the surface of the reservoir, which gradually increases in size due to the process of diffusion in water. The longer the components of Dry Blood spread, the more inhabitants of the underwater kingdom they attract.

Price Dry Blooder and where to buy dry blood

If you want to get the maximum satisfaction from fishing and are interested in buying dry blood, then you should know the following:

  • Advertising, which you have probably seen more than once on social networks and on questionable websites that play the role of online stores, offer the purchase of low concentration goods, or even fakes, do not forget that the avaricious pays twice!
  • You can buy the original attractant only on the manufacturer’s website, delivery by mail with payment upon receipt of the goods, the price of dry blood in Russia is 994 rubles, in Ukraine 400 hryvnias, in Belarus 35 rubles, in Kazakhstan 6600 tenge, in Georgia 56 GEL, buy Dry Blooder Recommended for winter and summer fishing.

buy dry blood Dry Blooder with delivery

Hope for luck, but don’t be fooled! What do fans of quiet pastime with a fishing rod in their hand usually complain about?

  • Lack of bite. Often, despite the presence of the most cunning devices and the best lures, the fish do not want to take bait in any way. The result of such fishing is obvious: wasted time and complete disappointment.
  • Bad luck. The real annoyance arises on the fisherman, located ten meters further along the reservoir, removing one "trophy" from the hook after another.
  • The additional time spent on the purchase of semolina, bread or flour and the manufacture of top dressing is inevitable.
  • Finance. Today, any specialized fishing shop offers customers a wide selection of ready-made kits for successful fishing. Their price varies from 2000 to 3000 rubles. At the same time, no one gives a guarantee that feeding will provide a truly rich "crop". As a result, it may turn out that the money has been thrown to the wind.

The old-fashioned bait! A wise saying goes: "Avaricious pays twice."

Often, fishermen, having spent a precious day off, return from fishing with a meager catch or without it at all. There may be several reasons for this.

  • The fish does not respond to the appearance of the bread (flour) crumb, it does not recognize it as food and does not even try to swim closer. The bait has become as commonplace as the aquatic plants around.
  • Saturation. The taste weakly exuded by the standard bait no longer attracts aquatic individuals and does not make them want to immediately swallow the proposed dessert. This happens in places where fishing occurs too often, and the type of bait is monotonous.
  • "Wrong" bait. It is impossible to attract a predator with a piece of sugar or a circle of banana. It is also pointless to wait for a shark to show interest in a bar of chocolate.

Only natural components of dry blood can cause natural instincts in fish, and the addition of special pheromones to Dry Blooder will speed up this process.

The composition and effectiveness of the pheromone product Dry blood

One of the main elements Dry Blooder - protein, an organic compound consisting of amino acids. 95% albumin (dry blood) is an amino acid that is the main source of nutrition for all aquatic vertebrates, from fry to adults.

The rest of the "Dry Blood" bait contains synthesized pheromones, the purpose of which is to activate the acute feeling of hunger in swimmers and awaken the instinct to immediately grab the bait. The fish, moving "by smell", gathers in numerous flocks and all that remains to be done is to intensively cast a spinning rod or a fishing rod and carefully monitor the float.

Advantages Dry Blooder

According to numerous reviews of people who have experienced Dry Blooder in fact, it becomes apparent that Dry Blood is the first among analogues. Anglers note that the bait works even on “dead” sections of lakes and rivers. Easy to use, it is used in any water: salty and fresh.

Main advantages Dry Blooder:

  • developed by leading experts in ichthyology together with scientists in the field of zoology, biology
  • simplicity and ease of use
  • contains pheromones that activate the natural instincts of fish
  • optimal product price (1 packaging is designed for 3 fishing)
  • due to its unique composition attracts fish in whole schools
  • designed for catching most types of river, lake fish (tench, crucian carp, perch, bream, carp, pike and others)
  • unlike standard types of bait, it is not addictive in vertebrates. Every day, like the first time!

To confirm the unique properties of dry blood Dry Blooder in the field of fishing, in 2016 special studies of the drug were carried out. One of the hunting and fishing complexes of the Moscow region was chosen as the place of study. The experiment was carried out in 2 stages:

  1. At the first stage, which lasted for several hours, the usual bait was used without the use of a bite activator. The recorded result - 3 attempts to grab the bait and 1 caught fry as a catch.
  2. In the second stage, using Dry Blood, the result exceeded all expectations: about 30 attempts to bite and 11 caught individuals for the same period of time. Conclusion: the effectiveness of the drug is proven. Using the tool Dry Blooder fishing promises to be not only interesting, but also successful!

Dry Blood Results

To summarize and outline all the pluses in the direction of choosing dry blood Dry Blooder.

  1. Guaranteed effectiveness of fishing with the Dry Blood bait. Returning home empty-handed is ruled out!
  2. Spending money on useless standard baits is no longer necessary. Having tried once Dry blood while fishing, you can never refuse it!
  3. The finale of each camping trip with a fishing rod in hand will be a vat filled to the top with fish of various species and weight categories - from fry to large individuals.
  4. The money spent on the purchase of one set of the drug will pay off for the first fishing trip. Remember: one set of dry blood Dry Blooder enough for 3 times.

Terms of Use Dry Blooder

Depending on the type of intended catch Dry blood Dry Blooder used in the following order:

  • for peaceful fish: mix one bag of the product with one kilogram of any top dressing;
  • for predatory species: add the drug to all available baits;
  • for “active” bait: dissolve two packets of the drug in 500 ml of water.

Good fishing and rich catch!

dry blood packaging and powder dry blooder

Beach pike hunting in shallow places with a sandy bottom

Perhaps every experienced spinning player will confirm that in large bodies of water, including reservoirs, pike is more active in places with various depth differences, channel edges, ridges, shell rock and other anomalies. Often such places are accessible only to fishermen on boats. How to be a beginner for whom a personal swimming tool is a distant prospect. Of course, you can find areas with pike ambushes in the coastal zone. But these are usually busy. The following non-standard solution can help out - fishing in a hopeless corner of a reservoir, for example, in a bathing place. Naturally, in the summertime, the fisherman has nothing to do here. We must wait for the sunset, when the place is free from vacationers.

Site Selection

It is advisable to come to the beach before dark. In this case, you can swim and accurately determine the spots of the hard bottom, shell colonies or minimal drops in depth. By the way, a tactile study of the water area is more effective than any marker tackle. In addition, in a new reservoir, it is likely to detect deep places bordering shallow water.

In autumn, when it’s cold, you cannot do without marker gear. In this case, the bottom topography is studied by means of a weight and a marker float. A portable abandoned fishfinder will be very useful.


Since pike in shallow places (in principle, like other fish) is very careful, even a slight surge in the feeder can frighten it. In order to prevent such an unpleasant moment, you can resort to one of three feeding tactics:

  1. First, a volumetric feeder with vegetable bait is used, then a point feed of animal additives.
  2. Fishing after starting feeding.
  3. Using bait mixture in the form of balls that are delivered to the right place by swimming. This option of feeding is most suitable for situations when you have to carry out very long casts - up to 80 m.

It’s better to start feeding at sunset. Starting bait, introduced earlier than this time, will instantly destroy roach, bleak, bream and other trifles.

Tip: use bait, the color of which matches the bottom as much as possible. Against the background of sand, yellow or brown bait is least visible. If the mixture is several tones lighter than the bottom, it will cut off the trifle.

Fishing tactics

Fishing before dusk, as a rule, is not happy with the results. A stable bite often begins at midnight, when feeding a bream puzzles itself. The pike activates for a couple of hours, then calms down and again makes itself felt closer to dawn.

After sunrise, you can forget about the pike nibble, as the predator leaves for the day in the pits of the reservoir.

The prospects will be slightly different after discovering a hole near shallow water with a depth of 2 m. In this case, the fish are caught at a shallow depth at night, and in the afternoon in a deep place that is accessible to the fisherman on the shore.

Nozzles and bait

You can get by with the traditional “bream” set in the form of maggot, bloodworm and worm. The latter, if necessary, will help cut off the trifle. This problem is also solved with steamed pearl barley. For more or less large roaches, which often peck in the morning, you can take canned corn with you. At first glance, fishing on shallow beaches may seem dull and uninteresting. However, do not underestimate such places: it is at night that the beaches are able to give such fishing, which you will remember for a long time!

Tips for collecting fishing: what you need to have and in which container

Many people are interested in fishing, but not all of them make thorough preparations for it. First, you should decide on the stopping place where the gear will be thrown. Typically, this place is outside the city. Then check whether the equipment is suitable for weather and climatic conditions of the selected place.

When leaving your car you need to take a minimum of the most necessary things. In the absence of a car, the weight of the backpack should not exceed 20 kilograms.

Fishing for a long time will require the solution of housing problems and determination with a set of food. The tent or house of friends determines the volume of the backpack. Before fishing, the car must be checked through the service station, and also refuel with gas, if necessary, take a can of gasoline.

The correct collection of gear guarantees fishing pleasure. Tackles securely pack for any fishing, despite the time of year. Landing pins, stakes, fishing rods should be in separate cases with fixed mechanisms, this will do without trouble.

Small gear contained in boxes with special compartments. Such boxes of plastic material are sold in specialized shops for fishermen, in ordinary hardware stores you can look at wooden and metal boxes with special compartments.

For a fisherman, it is better to use two boxes - the first with a large capacity with compartments for all the attributes of fishing, the second of a small volume, will allow you to store the most necessary set of tackle. It is important to understand that there is a perfect order in the boxes, any thing is found faster and the replacement of the tackle is quick, which is important for the catch.

As a container for caught fish - serves as a simple bucket. Packages are used for storage and transportation, but it is better to use a canvas bag, the atmosphere of a reservoir will be created for catch.

When choosing food, it is worth using a thermal bag. It is better to take with you the maximum range of products based on your own taste. By tradition, the set is important for the presence of salt, several canned goods, bread, potatoes and boiled eggs. As a drink - not carbonated water.

Any fisherman should have a small first-aid kit with him, you can buy it ready-made. With self-replenishment of the first-aid kit, it is necessary to have without fail: anti-allergenic and painkillers, cotton wool and bandage, a patch and a tourniquet - this is the minimum set. In any case, the first-aid kit should help in all possible health problems.

Among the arsenal of a real fisherman is often present Bait Fish XXL pheromone bite activator is an attractant for fishing, which has no less useful characteristics than dry blood Dry Bluder, intended mainly for catching predatory fish.

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