Ceramic Pro Light nanoceramic protective coating for car

In this review, we will consider tuning a car using a protective nanoceramic coating.  Ceramic Pro Light Ceramic Pro and what is it for. When moving from one point of space to another, sitting in a comfortable car, we are not exposed to harmful environmental factors. While in the cabin, we also cannot see how huge hordes of angry insects raid the surface of the car. It cannot do without periodic "bombing" from the side of birds, as if specially choosing a car as an object to improve their skills in hitting accuracy with their caustic "warheads". If you have to stop somewhere under the crowns of trees, the body will be sprinkled with sticky buds in minutes. Then there is only one way - to the sink. But even there, the body panels are subjected to barbaric treatment with thermonuclear chemicals, after which the varnish becomes cloudy and spots appear on it with a yellowish tint. Also, as a result of merciless rubbing with dirty rags and exposure to brushes, many scratches appear on the surface. No one is immune from a flurry of sand and mud flying from under the wheels, or brush branches scratching the side panels of the body. Sometimes the owners themselves, diligently waving the brush, manage to scratch the surface when inaccurately cleaning it from snow.

Ceramic Pro Light nanoceramic protective coating

Able to solve all these problems Ceramic Pro Light nanoceramic protective coating for a car!

Remediation is not always more effective and cheaper than prevention.

Nanoceramic protective coating "Ceramic Pro Light»- this is a reliable tool that allows you to ensure the maximum safety and perfect shine of the body of both a new car and a used one after refurbishing.

Cost issue: price and where to buy Ceramic Pro

One original bottle (capacity 50 ml) Ceramic Pro during the action on the manufacturer’s website costs 1990 rub, the price you agree is quite acceptable. Mail delivery is possible with payment after the fact of receipt either by courier, so it is not difficult to buy Pro Light ceramic.

buy cover ceramic Pro Light for auto

The principle of the impact of nanoceramics on the surface of a car

Due to the presence of compounds of quartz and silicon nanoparticles in the Ceramic Pro protective coating formula, this agent has such properties as hardness, strength and resistance to various kinds of aggressive influences. The result of the interaction of nanoceramic and paint coatings is the formation of a strong ceramic protection that occurs after the particles penetrate the pores of the varnish with their full filling.

About the benefits and characteristics of Ceramic Pro

Coating provides:

  • Reliability of protective properties against the appearance of small chips and scratches for a long period (at least three years). A multiple increase in the strength parameters of varnish due to the ingress of quartz particles into its structure after applying the protective layer.
  • Preservation of the maximum depth and brightness of color. The optical features of nanoceramic particles ensure the appearance of the treated surface is identical to that after polishing. Supplementing the composition with special additives makes it possible to protect the paint from fatal burnout.
  • Save time and money on caring for your body. After processing with a nanoceramic composition, the need for washing is significantly reduced (about two to three times). This is achieved due to the hydrophobicity of the coating, so that the body remains clean and dry after draining water, which carries away mud formations.

Cars that have previously been treated with a protective compound are able to captivate with shine and radiance. The body looks just wonderful regardless of age or brand of car.

The question is that, even after an insignificant period from the moment of operation of a new car, its body begins to fade under the influence of environmental factors. This is most clearly manifested on specimens painted in dark colors. It is not possible to avoid even small scratches that appear after washing or exposure to sand and dirt.

Elimination of deficiencies is possible through high-quality polishing cars. But this does not save from the appearance of tarnishing on the body after some time. Here, protection products come to the rescue, designed to maintain the body panels in a brilliant state.

Means proved to be the best: liquid glass and nanoceramics. Nanoceramic coating can protect both the body of a new car, and after restoration polishing work. The product not only penetrates the pores of the varnish, but also covers its surface with a layer of at least 5mkm. The strongest bonds at the molecular level form a strong ceramic film. The prefix nano-emphasizes the presence in the composition of the protective coating of quartz and silicon with a fraction of particles 10m, which is comparable with atoms.

A professional coating will provide a smooth surface and achieve an optical "lens" effect. When the light flux passes through the nanoceramic surface, it increases and is reflected multiple times, which gives the color a contrast and enhances the mirror effect. The hydrophobic and antistatic properties of the agent allow you to observe the "lotus" effect - when jets of water, escaping from the body panels, sweep away dirt and abrasive particles. This saves time due to faster cleaning and approximately threefold reduction in the need for this event. Also, the product is endowed with the ability to filter ultraviolet light, which prevents paintwork from burning out. The hardness of the coating will protect the body from scratches, and the chemical resistance will protect it from road-accompanying chemicals and bitumen.
Ceramic Pro Light it is excellent protection against UV and burnout, which is able to renew the color of the body, saturate it with shine and create a stable hydrophobic effect.

Nanoceramics is a progressive, durable coating that can withstand extreme ambient temperatures and chemical attack. Ceramic film is able to reflect solar streams and saturate the body color with a special shine. This coating is endowed with another significant advantage - antistatic and water-repellent features, which reduces the intensity of body contamination.

Advantages and Benefits of Ceramic Pro Coating

Among the main advantages of protective coatings are:

  • giving LCP significant hardness;
  • providing hydrophobic and antistatic capabilities;
  • giving body color maximum brilliance and saturation;
  • preventing burnout of the paintwork due to ultraviolet radiation;
  • providing protective properties against rains saturated with acidic impurities, chemicals and bitumen, insects, as well as products of active birds.

Are Silan Guard Liquid Glass and Nanoceramic identical

Not. Despite the detailed definition of properties liquid glass, this tool is another product. Many specialized companies offer liquid glass processing as a nanoceramic coating, however, qualified specialists explain the difference between these agents in a rather substantive way.

Ceramic Nanocover Testing Events

SGS has tested various parameters of the Ceramic Pro product. In 2011. the products passed the test for compliance with the requirements of the standards of such indicators as:

  • hardness;
  • resistance to reagents, alkaline and acid impurities.

In 2012. tested for safety and toxicity. Both success cases are confirmed by high quality indicators.

Ceramic Pro Reviews & Video Review

All users who used Ceramic Pro to process the bodies of their cars received positive feedback. The rapid disappearance of minor scratches and scuffs is noticed, cars cease to be “afraid” of sinks. Positive reviews are due to the fact that the car is perfectly protected from the negative manifestation of external factors and the impressive appearance of the body, gaining a unique sheen. Next, we suggest watching a video in which it is briefly shown what Ceramic Pro Light is a nanoceramic coating and how to apply it to a car body.

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