Biogrow - Fertilizer to stimulate the growth of all types of plants

Biogrow This is a special fertilizer, bio-activator of plant growth, which increases the yield of all crops. For normal growth and fruiting, plants need minerals and vitamins. They come from the soil, but their quantity is not always sufficient. Then fertilizers come to the rescue. It is desirable that they not only provide plants with nutritious compounds, but also do not harm the environment. One such environmentally friendly supplement is bioactivator. BiogrowIt promotes the growth of plants and increases their fruitfulness, while being completely safe.

All gardeners who have opted for Biogrow, note that they managed to get excellent results, see the video at the end of this article. In the magazine of amateur gardeners 7 Summer cottages, real positive reviews about Biogrow to the article on the effectiveness of bio-activator Biogrow in practice. We wish you a generous harvest this year too!

bank Biogrow 50 ml to improve plant growth

Where to order and buy a bioactivator Biogrow and how much does it cost

Buy Biogrow in specialized markets at the moment it is impossible, since a high-quality original product is sold exclusively by the manufacturer, through its own network of online stores.

Price Biogrow in Russia 1000 rubles, in Belarus 35 rubles, in Kazakhstan 6000 tenge, in Kyrgyzstan 1200 soms, in Georgia 56 lari, in Ukraine 300 hryvnia, you can order a bioactivator to accelerate plant growth in the official online store of the biofertilizer manufacturer Biogrow, delivery of goods is carried out in the nearest to your post office, within 4-7 working days.

Important! You should not buy Biogrow on dubious sites at a lower price, otherwise you risk buying a fake. Visit the manufacturer’s website and place your order there only.

Buy bio-fertilizer at a discount


For citizens of Russia there is a special favorable discount, but read more about this!

Why is top dressing necessary and how often is it done?

As you know, the soil contains a lot of components that plants use for nutrition. But due to various natural phenomena (drought, frequent torrential rains, wind), the earth is depleted, and plants begin to suffer from a lack of necessary substances. This leads to a slowdown in their growth, they cease to bear fruit, and the likelihood of developing diseases increases. With a pronounced lack of nutrients, the death of vegetation is not ruled out.

Periodic top dressing of the soil helps to cope with the deficiency of minerals and vitamins. For this purpose, it is advisable to use only high-quality eco-friendly additives, such as BioGrow. Proper use of this product in accordance with the instructions will bring great benefits to your plants.

Experienced gardeners recommend feeding regularly. It is advisable to do this once a month, and if necessary - two. More often it is not recommended to use the supplement, because an excess of minerals is also harmful to vegetation.

Why you should choose a bioactivator BioGrow

  • Biogrow biological supplement was appreciated by many gardeners. It acts quickly and gives a noticeable result.
  • This popular fertilizer has been tested in the laboratory and has successfully passed a number of clinical trials. Scientific studies have confirmed the enormous benefits of the supplement for plants and its environmental safety.
  • Fertilizer can be used to feed a wide variety of plants - flowers, shrubs, vegetables, fruit trees.
  • An important advantage of the Bio Grow supplement is the complete absence of harmful components in its composition. Fruits grown with Bio Grow are nitrate free and can be taken in large quantities without fear.
  • And another important point - BioGrow will help protect your crop from harmful insects parasitizing on garden and garden plants, this was stated by the agronomist in the video review of the fertilizer.

Composition Biogrow and component action

The high efficiency of Biogrow eco-supplement is explained by the action of such ingredients:

  • Humic acid concentrate. This substance is the source of many minerals that are easily absorbed by plants. As a result, their growth is accelerated, fruiting is significantly increased.
  • Bioactive water. Improves the structuring of the fertile layer. Favors the growth of beneficial microorganisms, regulates symbiosis with plant roots.
  • Selected blood flour (concentrate). Serves as a source of amino acids for plants, includes elements that enrich the root parts with oxygen.
  • Flao bacteria. Saturate the earth with useful substances, improve its mineral composition. The role of these organisms in increasing fruiting has been proven in the course of multiple scientific studies.
  • Ash of deciduous trees. Normalize the composition of the soil, enriching it with various minerals. They accelerate growth, activate protective mechanisms, neutralize the negative effects of various external factors, and increase fertility.

Additionally, BioGrow contains special compounds that help the soil retain more moisture. Therefore, the vegetation easily withstands dry weather, continues to grow and does not lose its fruitful qualities.

When the weather is too rainy, components useful for plants can be washed out of the soil. The developers of Biogrow also provided for this case - they added ingredients to the fertilizer that bind micronutrients to the soil and prevent their leaching.

Useful properties of bioadditives Biogrow

Eco-friendly Biogrow has such an effect:

  • Stimulates the growth and development of different types of plants.
  • It enriches the soil with minerals, vitamins and amino acids.
  • Improves fruiting.
  • Increases the resistance of plants to the influence of external factors, provides them with protection against many diseases.
  • Prevents leaching of beneficial components from the soil.
  • Provides reliable protection against insect pests.

Stimulator Research Results Biogrow

Responses of scientists about organic bio-fertilizer Biogrow only positive. The supplement passed all the necessary tests and tests, which confirmed its high effectiveness and absolute safety for the environment and human health.

In the course of research, various types of vegetable and garden vegetation were fertilized. In all cases, an impressive result was obtained. The plants developed vigorously, bloomed well and gave a good harvest. Moreover, the indicators continued to increase every year. Plant and Seedling Booster Mix BioGrow has the corresponding certificate, which is issued on the basis of the protocol of laboratory tests.

Instructions for use Biogrow

There are several ways to use Biogrow:

  • Watering plants. A teaspoon (2 grams) of fertilizer is diluted in a bucket of water and watered. The procedure is repeated no more than twice a season.
  • Soaking seeds. Each type of plant has its own dosage and time. Therefore, before soaking, you must carefully read the instructions.
  • Spraying. This method is used to process fruit trees. Fertilizer is diluted in the dosages indicated in the instructions. Then spray the solution onto the trees. This is done during flowering and fruit growth, in the evening during sunset.

Eco Fertilizer Benefits Biogrow

Unique in its composition eco supplement Biogrow has many benefits. It does not contain toxic chemicals and significantly improves fruiting. The growth and flowering of plants is activated, they become resistant to many dangerous diseases. Another undoubted plus of biofertilizers is an affordable price that will not harm your wallet. 

fertilizer efficiency and result Biogrow

Comparison Biogrow with other fertilizers: Test drive for germination speed

As a result of the tests, it was found that the bioactivator also contributes to an earlier germination of crops, as well as germination: no fertilizers were used on the experimental bed 1, the second was applied BioGrow, the third used traditional fertilizers, vermicompost and manure. As can be seen from the results in the photo in the experimental greenhouse, this Biogrow stimulant leads at times. It is believed that it can also be used in the cultivation of mushrooms and rare crops requiring special care. During the comparative analysis of biofertilizers, edition found that the most important competitor Biogrow is comfort Agroplant, which is more economical to use in garden areas.

comparison Biogrow with other fertilizers

Video reviews of summer residents and farmers experienced at their site BioGrow and practical results confirming the effectiveness of this fertilizer based on bio-bacteria that enrich the soil, as well as comments by agronomists and what Biogrow says in the news on television. Despite the ban from the Ministry of Agriculture, the implementation of biofertilizer Biogrow continues and is even gaining momentum: already every third farmer knows about its existence and is trying to use it in order to increase productivity.

Expert commentary and recommendations

Eco-fertilizer Biogrow has proven itself in horticultural practice. It protects plants from diseases and pests, increases yields, while being completely safe. Ideal for most of the flora and does not harm the environment. And yet, for some reason, few people know about this, but in the spring of 2017, a new federal program "To help farmers 2017" was launched in Russia. Under this program, everyone who has their own site (and in practice, anyone, since the site is not checked), can purchase the innovative Russian biofertilizer BioGrow at a minimum price - only 990 rubles, details about this advantageous offer are written on the manufacturer's website Biogrow and on the news page of the Ministry of Agriculture.

The program is part of the course on import substitution and improving food security, which was chosen by the government after the introduction of Western sanctions. It was then that the task was set to produce a new unique fertilizer, which scientists had only talked about before.

Next, photo No. 1 shows the appearance of the original bottle Biogrow, and in the second image is a fake of biofertilizer, we note that the counterfeit is also sold in paper bags and in liter plastic bottles and looks doubtful even at first glance at the packaging, so we recommend that you purchase a biostimulator only on the official website! Thus, you will save not only money, but also the valuable time that is needed in agriculture!

original bio-activator Biogrow


The producer of the miracle of fertilizer Biogrow is the Russian company Intertorg, which produces concentrate in packages of 50 grams, depending on the area of ​​your backyard farm, you may need from one to four jars Biogrow, only the manager can provide accurate information on the required quantity.

To do this, visit the manufacturer’s website and leave a request: name and phone number, after which the consultant will call you back within 10-15 minutes and answer all your questions, of course it's free!

Caution Do Not Confuse Biofertilizer Biogrow with liquid fertilizers BioBloom, BioBizz, Nuriss and Bio Grow coconut substrate! Detailed information about an equally effective analogue of eco-fertilizer can be found in the article on the four-component bioactivator 4K Biofertilizer to increase yield and plant nutrition.

General rules for the application of organic fertilizers

Organic fertilizers are represented by fresh or rotted animal manure, chicken droppings and leaf humus. And although all these environmentally friendly and natural products can not be thoughtlessly used, unlike Biogrow biofertilizer.

Let's start with leafy humus. It is prepared by laying in compost pits or heaps of leaves of any fruit trees. The exception is the leaves of any walnut - walnut, hazel, etc. And although some summer residents claim that they have been successfully used on their plots for many years, this should not be done - the leaves of the walnut contain tannins that inhibit the plants. Leaf humus is the most versatile, albeit the weakest, fertilizer. They mulch plantings for the winter, with its help they increase the water and air permeability of the soil, feed the wild species that have settled in our gardens.

Before fertilizing ornamental plants with organic fertilizers, consult a qualified gardener or landscape designer - not all of them love manure. Roses adore them, but certain types of conifers and the lawn, when applied, can get sick and even die.

The most commonly used cow dung. Pig waste is not suitable at all, and horse manure is applicable only for ornamental plants, since many vegetables, fruits and berries, when consumed, acquire an unpleasant taste.

The overripe dry mullein in the garden is best used by introducing it in the fall for digging (1 bucket of manure per 1 square meter of land). Fruit trees and shrubs will also favor late autumn manure application in combination with a bioactivator Biogrow. Such a mixture of manure and the above biofertilizer can be embedded in the ground, or can be left as mulch. In spring and early summer, when transplanting seedlings, you can add a mixture of 1 grams of Biogrow fertilizer and a handful of mullein directly into the hole. It is better not to fertilize plants with dry bird droppings, since there is a very high concentration of nitrogen and you can easily “burn” the plant.

In liquid form, the plants are fertilized with infusion of mullein or chicken droppings (ratio with water 1: 4 or 1: 10). The solution is allowed to ferment, periodically stirring for 2 weeks, diluted with 1: 5 and 1: 10, respectively, and feed the plants by watering under the root.

A combination of the following mixture gives a good effect: floo bacteria plus green fertilizers - fill the barrel with weeds, fill it with water, let it ferment, dilute 1: 2 or 1: 5 (depends on the ratio of weeds and water) and water the plants.

Take care of your plants, they will thank you with a rich harvest and lush flowering.

Errors most commonly made by gardeners

A huge number of people irrigate the beds with cold water, just recruited from the source. This is an unforgivable mistake and can lead to damage to the roots and the plant itself. Warm water should be used for this process. The best option is to install some large capacity next to the beds, in which the water will heat up to the required temperature.

Yes, bioactivator Biogrow successfully fights against parasites and pathogenic bacteria, but in order to avoid plant diseases and deterioration of crop performance, it is necessary to change the beds for growing crops as often as possible. This will help to avoid soil depletion and pests will not accumulate as much. Every year it is necessary to change the place where this or that crop will be grown. Returning to the so-called old place should be carried out only after three or four years.

The proper development of plants directly depends on the introduction of fertilizers in them, but not everyone does it right. Do not make them at the beginning of spring, when the earth has not warmed up enough. During this period, they will be useless. Mineral fertilizers should be applied only with proper heating of the soil, namely at least 10 degrees Celsius. Fertilizers that are in liquid form are applied to the moistened soil, otherwise there is a risk of burning the roots. At the end of this procedure, it is necessary to rinse the plant with water, because drops of fertilizer could get on them, which is an unacceptable phenomenon. Organic fertilizers should be laid deep underground to avoid surface pests that are contained in them.

A common mistake gardening lovers have is their excessive pursuit of the crop. Wanting to get the largest possible yield, they overdo it with the amount of fertilizer, even an excess of Biogrow will not give more than 200% of the yield. This has a negative effect. Plants, increasing in size, begin to displace each other and therefore begin to tolerate external modifications in the form of deformation. Or vice versa, in cultivated cultures an excessive dose of fruit-forming substances is formed due to which the outer shell of the fetus bursts. Therefore, it is necessary to observe the correct proportions for each individual culture. We recommend that you test the new fertilizer Agroplant, which is produced in the form of granules, at your site.

Caution is worth approaching the choice of variety. It must be borne in mind that not every one of them will grow well in a particular region. Without understanding this question in advance, there is a chance of disappointment when harvesting. You need to select such varieties and hybrids that will feel comfortable in the climate characteristic of the territory where it will grow.

Real reviews about using Biogrow in the comments

We hope our review of eco-fertilizer will be useful to you in the management of your household, and we, in turn, are waiting for your feedback and comments on the results of the application BioGrow!

Remember the manufacturer’s recommendations: if after applying Biogrow in the autumn there are surpluses of fertilizer at your summer cottage, do not use it completely, as it will come in handy in the next season in spring to soak the seeds and prepare for seedling germination: this will save you a budget for the next year and prevent bioactivator overruns.

A rich harvest to you, send photos and video reports of your harvest and we will publish them in the continuation of this article and on our Obzoroff channel in YouTube.

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