Animal Grow stimulator to accelerate animal growth

The huge competition in the agricultural market has led to the understanding that it is necessary to increase the growth rate of domestic animals, a bioactive complex Animal Grow appeared on the market not so long ago, but has already established itself as an excellent animal growth accelerator. For the first time this trend was noted by farmers in Europe, they realized that adding various additives to the feed is a necessity.

Then the first drugs appeared that accelerated the growth of animals. Agrarians noted the fact that when using special additives, the mass gain of animals is accelerated, despite the fact that the amount of feed consumed is reduced.

Animal Grow packing

A modern, innovation-based development of our livestock scientists called Animal Grow can be applied to any animals: chickens, geese, ducks, rabbits, pigs or cattle. Enzymes and nucleopeptides, which are part of the preparation of Animal Grove, contribute to increasing immunity and eliminating various parasites from animals. All this leads to a significant reduction in the cost of medicines for treatment and services of specialists, and also reduces the possibility of developing animal diseases. On the other hand, this stimulant, added to animal feed, contributes to a more efficient absorption of nutrients and animal mass gain.

Growth stimulant Animal Grow allows you to increase the weight of animals in a relatively short time. Many livestock farmers are wary of new drugs to increase mass gain for animals, although their use reduces the feeding time of young animals and gives a positive, pronounced effect. We will try to understand the principle of the operation of the product Animal Gro, as well as make sure that they are safe for both animals and humans.

The use of biostimulant growth Animal Grow as an additive to feed gives the following result:

  • The possibility of the spread of various epidemics among animals, as well as the removal of parasites from their body, is sharply reduced;
  • Muscle mass gain in animals occurs without the use of anabolic and steroid agents;
  • The drug helps to accelerate the digestive processes, and is also a preventive measure against diseases of the digestive tract;
  • Promotes weight gain and ability to reproduce in the short term after calving;
  • Affects the birth and further physical development of the young generation;
  • Increases the productivity of animals in the form of egg production, milk yield or weight gain.

The presence of certain enzymes in the preparation improves the microflora in the gastrointestinal tract and the production of B vitamins. The stimulator promotes the production and assimilation of nutrients, various trace elements and vitamins from the feed. Animal Grow in practice reduces by 30-50% food costs per unit. products, and by the same percentage increases productivity in the form of milk yield and gain. In addition, the quality of milk, eggs, and animals improves.

All laboratory tests were carried out in 2017 on 32 livestock farms located in the Russian Federation. The number of test animals totaled 48 thousand heads.

Does it make sense to use a growth stimulator for animals?

Such a question cannot arise among current entrepreneurs. The income that the farmer receives will depend on the growth and maturation of the body. So that should be applied.

Farmers keep cows, goats, chickens, and pigs not only in order to obtain directly meat for slaughter, but also for products such as eggs, milk, and also to increase offspring. Therefore, the farmer is very interested in increasing the weight of the piglet, accelerating the maturation of chicken and cattle.

It is also important for an entrepreneur that donkeys and horses, which are used as labor, become strong, resilient and powerful early. Growth accelerators are also spontaneously consumed by dogs, cats and fish.

Possibilities for acquiring a stimulant and its cost

Stimulator for animal growth Animal Grow not sold in stores. Today, it is possible to purchase high-quality and guaranteed products through the manufacturer's online stores. Manufacturer's online stores offer to buy Animal Grow at the following price:

  • RF - 1 thousand rubles;
  • Belarus - 40 rubles .;
  • Kazakhstan - 6 thousand tenge;
  • Kyrgyzstan - 1,2 thousand soms;
  • Georgia - 56 GEL;
  • Ukraine - 400 hryvnia.

These prices are presented in order not to buy the drug at a reduced price on other sites that do not have the ability to guarantee the original product, and your purchase will not be a high-quality biostimulator of growth Animal Grow. Having ordered the drug on the manufacturer’s website, you can receive it at the nearest post office within 4-7 working days.

Only by placing an order in the online store of the manufacturer of the stimulator, you will receive a guaranteed high-quality product with all the declared characteristics!

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What is the basis of the growth stimulant Animal Grow

The effect of stimulation of animal growth Animal Grow based on the following views:

  • Acceleration of all biological processes responsible for the growth and development of the body of your pets;
  • Normalization of the hormonal background of the body, which is very important for males to increase productivity;
  • Improving the protective functions of the animal organism;
  • The condition of the animal’s external integument, such as the skin and coat, is improving (this is why dogs and cats need to be fed growth stimulants to provide a chic look for mating or speaking at an exhibition);
  • Faster weight gain for pets;
  • Reducing the rehabilitation period after illness - the growth stimulator Animal Grout helps the weakened body of the animal to catch up with the development of its peers.

Animal Grow growth stimulant

What is included in the Animal Grow

The composition of the stimulator for the growth of animals includes innovative components that work together to complement and enhance each other. The drug includes the following components:

  • Acids of organic origin, such as propionic, formic, fumaric. They contribute to the establishment in the animal’s stomach of such an acid-base balance, which enhances the death of pathogenic flora at the cellular level, preserves and develops the growth of lactic acid bacteria, and helps speed up digestion.
  • Molasses. This component positively affects the quality and taste characteristics of the final livestock products. In addition, it feeds vitamins, sugar, potassium and sodium, and helps increase appetite.
  • Sapropel, this substance contains bio-substances that increase the reproductive ability of animals and protect them from various diseases.
  • Gurana affects the decrease in the feeling of fatigue in animals, increases their tone. This substance is also a prophylactic against dysentery, malaria, diarrhea and irritation of the inner walls of the stomach.
  • Artichoke leaf extract fills the stimulator with components such as bioflavonoids, quinic and chlorogenic acids, potassium-magnesium-phosphoric salts, sodium, iron and B1, B2 vitamins.
  • Multi-enzymes contribute to the destruction of the outer walls of plant cells, which contributes to a better entry and digestion of substances in them (sugar, protein, lipid). This leads to a decrease in feed weight and the cost of keeping animals.
  • Nucleopeptides affect the metabolism of the animal, accelerates it. This contributes to the growth and weight gain of animals, stimulates its reproduction.

What does it matter Animal Grow

Each breeder sets himself the economic task of raising, for example, young calves and at the same time getting more animals in the herd, which will meet all standards.

For the normal growth and development of the same calves, they must fully receive high-quality feed with the required amount of vitamins and minerals. At the same time, the breeder always wants to accelerate the growth of young animals in order to obtain the desired result in a shorter time. Animal Growth Stimulator Animal Grow will help solve this difficult problem. Its application will provide greater work efficiency, as well as improve profitability indicators in the production of meat and dairy products.

The stimulator of accelerating the growth of animals makes it possible to accelerate the growth of young animals, which allows to increase production indicators for milk and meat. Production growth is provided by the accelerated growth and development of the young generation of animals, which is possible with the use of a growth stimulator Animal Grow. This applies to all types of domestic animals that are raised to produce meat, lard, eggs and milk.

Growth Stimulator Principles

In order for the farmer to determine the feasibility of using growth stimulants, in particular for cows, it is necessary to imagine the principle of action of such preparations. All modern drugs of this kind, despite their diversity, are divided into two categories - internal and external use.

Stimulants of internal use act on the body of the animal from the inside. They contribute to the acceleration of processes occurring in the body of the calf, including growth, but do not distort the natural process itself. This can be compared with an antiviral medication that destroys the virus and strengthens the immune system, which fights the disease.

External action drugs aim at the final result. A young animal is gaining weight intensively, but the drug does not affect the processes inside the body. As a result of this, young growth remains unprepared for rapid changes. It should be recalled that there is a stimulant to accelerate plant growth Biogrow.

How do animals stimulate growth for animals?

The main concern with the use of growth preparations in animal husbandry is the question: is dairy and meat products safe for use safe for consumption? If this finds its, even a small confirmation, then all efforts and developments to accelerate the growth of animals will be reduced to zero.

To eliminate all adverse effects, it is necessary to use proven and original preparations, which include natural ingredients that have been fully tested and approved by expert veterinarians. Growth drug Animal Grow is such a tool. It does not harm animals, accelerates only those processes that are natural to the animal’s body, but do not change them.

Animal Grow stimulates an increase in the synthesis of thyroid and androgenic hormonal substances that accelerate the growth of animal mass. But these hormonal substances remain in the natural aisles if the drug is given to the animal according to the norms. Norms should in each case be agreed with a specialist.

How antibiotics act to accelerate the growth of young animals

Antibiotics such as penicillin, streptomycin or growth hormone are used to accelerate growth in cattle. Their use leads to weight gain in adult animals, but their effect on young animals leads to slightly different consequences. According to studies, they are as follows:

  • When using antibiotics, young cattle has a more intensive development;
  • There is a good appetite;
  • Those young animals that are somewhat behind in development, when taking antibiotics, catch up with peers in a short time.

The data presented indicate that the use of antibiotics in growing young cattle is justified and appropriate.

But antibiotics are a potent drug. Therefore, before using such medications, you should consult a specialist on their dosage and possibility of use.

Risks from using antibiotics

If such strong drugs as antibiotics are used without observing the norms and rules, then they can adversely affect the body of young animals and cause significant changes in their body. Therefore, the recommendations of veterinarians are so important. But even with all the rules, these medications may not have the desired result.

An antibiotic may not harm the calves, but it may also not help in their development. There are cases when calves were given medication, but this did not affect their development. They developed at the usual pace.

The fact that the drug does not work in some cases can be explained by several reasons. This may be an incorrectly selected diet, or during breaks in taking the drug, in underestimating the required dosage.

How do vitamin supplements affect the development of young animals

In addition to antibiotics, various vitamin supplements are used to accelerate the growth of young animals, which strengthen the body and contribute to the accelerated growth of calves. Vitamins help strengthen protective immunity and allow calves to grow strong and healthy.

You can start feeding young animals with vitamins already a field of three weeks from birth. Such complexes make bones and muscles strong, and the body can effectively fight diseases. Vitamin supplements are developed in large quantities. For their choice should consult with specialists.

Consumers should be warned that unscrupulous sellers are currently offering many fake drugs that mimic Animal Grow. These fakes not only do not have the declared effect on animals, but are also able to harm their body. Not infrequently, toxic components are included in their composition. They can cause allergies in animals and affect their health.

In order to get a useful and safe stimulator of animal growth for use, you need to purchase it only through the manufacturer’s online store Animal Grow LLC "Intertorg", whose address is indicated on the declaration of conformity with quality standards.

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